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Eurovision News Review:

* Eurovision stars help out homeless AIDS victims
* Andrea Bocelli – Cieli Di Toscana
* Knorkator Presets For Mercury-1 Softsynth
* Will broadband take off? | Netnews | Guardian Unlimited
* Turner Prize: Your views
* Chelsea six deserve the wrath of fans
* Joyous Abba show lifts New York gloom
* The Definitive Collection

Eurovision stars help out homeless AIDS victimsIrish Independent
Johnny Logan, Linda Martin and Maxi turned out in Dublin to announce a gala night of Eurovision songs on the weekend of World AIDS Day on December 2. Past winners Niamh Kavanagh, Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan and Linda Martin will sing contest favourites at the show. And other celebrity performers at Dublin’s Temple Theatre will include Twink, Brendan O’Carroll, Red Hurley and Reba McIntyre.

Andrea Bocelli – Cieli Di –
His latest release, ‘Cieli Di Toscana’ (Tuscan Skies), continues Bocelli’s tradition of ploughing both classical and contemporary musical terrains. A soothing, romantic record of lush ballads wrapped in sweeping orchestral arrangements, this will effortlessly please Bocelli’s many worldwide fans. ‘Mille Lune Mille Onde’, ‘L’Incontro’ and ‘L’Ultimo Re’ are the pick of the bunch, while only ‘Si Volt?’ (Julio Iglesias-ish) and ‘L’Abitudine’ (Eurovision?) call for the skip button. Advertisement Purists will inevitably scoff, but Bocelli’s voice in any genre is always a treat. Tom GrealisTracklisting: Melodramma – Mille Lune Mille Onde – E Sara’ A Settembre (Someone Like You) – Chiara – Mascagni – Resta Qui – Il Mistero Dell’Amore – Se La Gente Usasse Il Cuore – Si Volt? – L’Abitudine – L’Incontro – E Mi Manchi Tu – Il Diavolo E L’Angelo – L’Ultimo Re.

ME & MY CAR by PAUL HARRINGTONIrish Independent
PAUL HARRINGTON, music maestro, Eurovision Song Contest winner, and now a presenter of Music from the Movies every Monday night on Lite FM, is just preparing to launch his new single. He’s also involved in an album with Picture House and that’s all when he’s not busy entertaining celebrities in the VIP room of Lillies Bordello surprisingly enough he still has time for his Alfa Romeo 156… He’s also involved in an album with Picture House and that’s all when he’s not busy entertaining celebrities in the VIP room of Lillies Bordello surprisingly enough he still has time for his Alfa Romeo 156. “I bought the Alfa in January, before that I hadn’t owned a car for about six or seven years. Around the time of the Eurovision, for some reason (I’m not sure why), my insurance went from around £400 to quotes of £1,400, which was insane it was cheaper for me to use taxis and that’s what I did. “But the real crunch came last year during the taxi strike, I got fed-up being held to ransom by taxi-drivers. I gig in Lillies and I had to walk home pretty much every night. I’d walk down the Howth Road night after night passing this garage with lots of Alfas sitting outside and I can tell you there was many a night I was tempted to just take one. I decided to buy one instead.

Knorkator Presets For Mercury-1 SoftsynthSonic State
Their music is an interesting mix of pop-, rock-, electronic and classical elements. In the late 90s they even managed to participate in the German pre-finals for the Grand Prix d�Eurovision de la Chanson, the classic European song contest! More information can be found on their website.

Will broadband take off? | Netnews | Guardian UnlimitedGuardian Unlimited
com have lead the way in offering live streaming of events such as Madonna in concert and the Eurovision Song Contest. The leader in this sphere is Real, whose video site (.

Turner Prize: Your viewsBBC News
Martin Creed’s artwork The Lights Going On and Off has already hit headlines – it is an empty room, bar an array of bright lights which flash on and off every five seconds. The BBC’s arts correspondent Rosie Millard said the show was “more radical than ever”, and that it was always “showy and shocking”.

Chelsea six deserve the wrath of
They came to European football via the Eurovision song contest because no one in their part of the world would play them. The date and venue for their next World Cup game has yet to be fixed and FIFA will be praying they do not qualify for the finals. Israel do not expect to qualify but, as in any trouble spot in the world, football helps the population escape from the problems around them. The Chelsea players who stayed away from their troubled country and who could encourage others to follow suit will be about as popular in Israel as Osama bin Laden.

Joyous Abba show lifts New York
With its basic Eurovision Song Contest dance routines and sing-along songs, Mamma Mia!, Mr Brantley said, was “the theatrical equivalent of comfort food”. The show has been nicknamed “the Lourdes of musicals” by its producers, for its curative effect on audiences, who cast aside walking sticks and inhibitions to dance. Bjorn Ulvaeus, who wrote most of Abba’s songs with Benny Andersson, said he was apprehensive of pressing ahead with the musical’s New York production so soon after September 11. But he said: “This is how you fight back. This is how you don’t give in.

The Definitive CollectionPopMatters
And for anyone really that interested, why not simply buy their remastered individual albums and have done with it? This collection is for those who love ABBA — enough to want more than the single-disc ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits provides, but not enough to need the four-disc box set. For example, you get to hear some of ABBA’s pre-Eurovision song contest work, like “People Need Love” and “He is Your Brother”. These songs, while pop-oriented, have the commercial hippy feel and sound of songs like “Put Your Hand in the Hand” or “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”. In fact, I’m pretty sure, after listening to “People Need Love” that it was the main inspiration for the Starland Vocal Band. This material all appeared on ABBA’s first album Ring Ring, an album that wasn’t even released in the US until recently, when all of ABBA’s original recordings were remastered and released here. A lot of the material here shows that the songwriting team of Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson hadn’t quite found their direction and voice yet, but they were already taking a great deal of time building arrangements and creating the mini-symphonies of pop in the studio that became one of the group’s hallmarks and the reason why many pop songwriters and musicians continue to look to them for inspiration.

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