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Alarm as Cats heads for last miaow

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* The most important things that happened in 2002
* Gestmusic Endemol for TVE, Spain
* First soldier dies as people told ‘Be kind to pigs’
* Alarm as Cats heads for last miaow
* Death tears hole in America’s heart
* Hello! and goodbye at Westlife wedding
* Not President, but Precedent

The most important things that happened in 2002Irish Independent
Big Brother 3 is won by a bisexual Irish transsexual. No one is surprised except his mother. Afghanistan denies that it has applied for membership of the Eurovision Song Contest. Another plane crashes. But it’s in Ulan Bator so no one cares. The abortion referendum is referred to the Supreme Court to see if anyone knows what it means. Gerry Adams asks for permission to be released from Cuba.

Gestmusic Endemol for TVE, SpainVariety – Variety (subscription)
A social phenomenon, pulling in 50+ shares. Sales: Repped by Gestmusic Endemol. Campaign begins at NATPE 2002. Spanish original sold to Uruguay channel Tele 12.

First soldier dies as people told ‘Be kind to pigs’Irish Independent
February 16: Decimal day – the official changeover of Irish currency to the decimal system. March 3: Aer Lingus becomes one of the first major employers in the country to offer equal pay for equal work to all employees. April 3: Monaco wins the Eurovision Song Contest staged in Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre. RTE’s first venture into colour broadcasting. May 11: Former Taoiseach Sean Lemass dies aged 71. May 22: Members of the Irish Women’s Liberation Movement bring in contraceptives from Northern Ireland as a protest against the law banning their importation into the country. June 1: Government announces safety belts and anchorage points must be fitted to certain types of vehicles.

Alarm as Cats heads for last miaowGuardian Unlimited
Peggy Sue Got Married, also harking back to rock’n’roll, never got off the ground at all, closing after six weeks in October. Beautiful Game Ben Elton and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s unlikely pairing of football with the Troubles was first casualty of September 11, closing after a year despite winning Lloyd Webber his first London Critic’s Circle award. Notre-Dame de Paris Critics were much less kind to this lame vehicle for former Aussie soap star Dannii Minogue, with songs “reminiscent of Eurovision song contest”. Minogue bailed out, and show shut in October. Closer To Heaven Pet Shop Boys’ musical at the Arts theatre, pasted by reviewers, limped along until October 13 when even its predominately gay audience began to thin. Witches of Eastwick Third time unlucky for stage adaptation of film based on John Updike’s book. Star Ian McShane had to drop out with shingles.

Death tears hole in America’s heartIrish Independent
We reminisced about his beautiful music (Something, Here Comes The Sun), how he introduced the pop kids to Eastern music and philosophy, how he invented the concept of the charity concert and how he loved and lost beautiful women. The death of Butch Moore was another of those unexpected losses that elicited an outpouring of grief and nostalgia, but on a lesser scale. A boy soprano, Moore went on to head up the Capitol showband in the 1960s and was Ireland’s first representative in the Eurovision in 1965. When his career stalled in the 1970s he left for America where he went into cabaret, eventually opening a nightclub. He is chiefly remembered for his big hit Walking The Streets In the Rain. He died on April 3, aged 63. The showband world lost another of its founding fathers when Jim Hand died on May 4, aged 64.

Hello! and goodbye at Westlife weddingThe Observer
‘No disrespect to the couple, but they wouldn’t be the biggest draw for crowds,’ said Superintendent Eamon Courtney. The event had gone smoothly, he said, remarking that Westlife’s fans weren’t the type to start rioting. Paul Harrington, a former Irish Eurovision winner, provided the entertainment at the £100,000 reception where guests enjoyed a buffet lunch. Outside a magician amused the invited crowd while they queued for security checks. Slane Castle is often used as a venue for concerts and has played host to U2, Robbie Williams and Bob Dylan. However, yesterday Westlife declined to play, preferring to enjoy a few drinks, according to a spokesperson. Dubliner McFadden met Katona when she was a member of the three-piece girl band.

Not President, but PrecedentCatholic World News
Former Irish prime minister Albert Reynolds was also seen as a potential front-runner. But the first official candidate into the field was Dana. THE ESTABLISHMENT RESPONDS
Born Rosemary Browne in the northern city of Derry, Dana had leapt to fame in 1970 when she gave Ireland its first victory in the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest with her song “All Kinds Of Everything. ” In 1991, Dana had moved with her family to Alabama, where she presented the program “Say Yes” on Mother Angelica’s Eternal Word Television Network. The Irish Times jeered: “When she threw her hat into the ring, the sound of raucous laughter reverberated throughout the country. ” But the laughter was silenced when Dana was nominated for the presidency by county councils in Donegal, Longford, Wicklow, Tipperary, and Kerry.

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