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Nul points for a nation out of tune

Eurovision News Review:

* Garlick: Dreamed of Eurovision success
* S Club wedding due
* Irish abortion vote hit by apathy
* Nul points for a nation out of tune
* Spain turns on to sex-free reality TV
* Céline DION
* Bingo! Dail pushes right buttons to get a full house

Garlick: Dreamed of Eurovision successBBC News
“It feels absolutely mad. I can’t really describe it but my face is aching because I can’t stop smiling,” she said. “I’ve always loved Eurovision and it’s always been an ambition of mine to appear – now I can’t believe it’s going to happen. ”

She later revealed that Will Young had taken time out from celebrating his number one to send her a message congratulating her on her success. “I got a text message from Will saying how delighted he was for me. He’d just
found out he’d sold over 1. 1 million records and said we were both winners,” she said… Garlick was kicked off ITV1’s Pop Idol just before Christmas. But within a week she was given a second chance of fame as one of eight Eurovision contenders whose songs were broadcast on BBC Radio 2 from 28-31 January. The UK will be hoping she can improve substantially on its Eurovision fortunes, having come 15th in the 2001 contest – after finishing 16th in 2000.

S Club wedding dueBBC News
The group, formed by Miss Marlena, Daphne and Emperatrizz,
wearing red air stewardess-like uniforms, red hats and white
gloves, won their national heat this weekend with
their song Only Love. Slovenian daily Slovenske Novice described the song as “not
especially bad”, adding that the trio would at least get the
country noticed at the contest. The country started taking part in Eurovision song contests
after it gained independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1991, but has finished no higher than seventh in the competition. This year’s contest will be held in Talinn, Estonia on 25 May.

Irish abortion vote hit by
Restate the right to information on abortions and the right to travel to obtain them. Most respondents complain of a lack of information. This is a view supported by Dana, the former Eurovision Song Contest winner and MEP who is urging a No vote. She says she is opposing the new legislation because it will not protect the embryo at the earliest stage of life. “There is a space between fertilisation, when life begins, and when it implants in the womb, of seven to 10 days. “She said: “There has been a trend over the last 10 years to say that life begins at implantation but that is wrong. “Dana’s stance has brought her into conflict with the Catholic Church, which has spent £60,000 on printing leaflets urging a Yes vote.

Nul points for a nation out of tuneIrish Independent
Elsewhere, the crafty Slovenians have selected as their entry for Eurovision 2002 a fetching threesome of transvestites called The Sisters who dress up in air hostess uniforms to perform their mile-high number Your Love. Meanwhile in Montrose, the former Eurosong studio is in Stygian darkness while the Douze Point Depot is but a faded memory and the fabled three-in-a-row a bitter joke. Ireland is out, out, out of Eurovision and we’re walking the streets in the rain wondering why me. So this year we must bleakly come to terms with not going to the Eurovision in Estonia and being deprived of an opportunity to deride a sub-Six boyband and sneer at some world-saving ballads. We’ll also miss Louis’s inevitable post-show rant against the failure of RTE to select a brilliant group like the, eh, em, Carter Twins. Wait until the weekend of May 25 comes. Then we’ll know all about What’s Another Year.

Spain turns on to sex-free reality TVCNN International
The initial shut-in period was designed to keep the contestants focused on their fledgling careers — and prevent them from seeing the increasingly rave reviews in the Spanish media about the show and themselves. That kind of dedication — and a big brassy singing voice — have made Lopez, 21, the favorite among millions of Spaniards who spend money on phone calls and cell phone messages to vote for the show’s contestants during the weekly show. Lopez is among the three finalists hoping to represent Spain in the Eurovision singing contest in Estonia on May 25. By March 11, the Spanish audience will have selected their representative. “Operation Success” will soon be spreading around the globe. The show has signed contracts with stations in seven nations — Portugal, the Netherlands, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia and Russia.

(This was the last recording the singer would make with her original record company Pathé). At 20 Celine Dion wins the Eurovision song contest for SwitzerlandCéline Dion’s third album “Incognito”, released in France in 1988, was written by Luc Plamondon, Eddie Marnay and Daniel Lavoie,. The song “Ne partez pas sans moi” proved enormously successful for young Céline, winning her that year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. (Céline represented Switzerland at the contest). The young singer went on to win another four “Félix” awards, then performed 42 dates at the “Théâtre Saint Denis” in Montreal. The 90’s ushered in a new era for Céline Dion : the era of international stardom. The singer recorded “Unison”, her first album in English, on the CBS label.

Bingo! Dail pushes right buttons to get a full houseIrish Independent
Various TDs had seating plans to help lost colleagues, who behaved like a unruly class of slow learners as they struggled to sit in the right place. Bertie is down as BO1, while Liam Lawlor can add the Dail tag of E31 to his prison number. All the fuss was over in just over 10 minutes, the various votes registering in green and red on the Seamus Brennan’s Eurovision style bingo board. Deputies stared up open mouthed at the screen, which was revealed as the vote began by the dramatic rolling back of a wall of gold curtains. The result was announced back to front by a clearly delighted and flustered Ceann Comhairle to yelps of high spirited approval. It’s the end of an era. Never again will a deputy, the worse for drink, need a strong colleague on either side to support him through the lobbies.

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