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* EU enters transvestite Sisters row
* The voice without vice
* Happy Christmas, Oscar
* Pop Idol concerts: Your views
* Idol Will to sing on TOTP
* Pop Idol tour: your reviews
* Minister hits out at Dana’s ‘gombeen politics’

EU enters transvestite Sisters rowCNN International
Gay rights campaigners say the debate over a group of three transvestites called “The Sisters” has unearthed deep-rooted homophobia in the country. The song “Only Love” gave the trio a passage to the Eurovision finals in Estonia on May 25. But the group has triggered fierce debate in parliament, over the Internet, in the press and on TV talk shows. A public opinion poll by the weekly Nedelo on March 3 indicated that 51 percent of Slovenes felt that the transvestites should not represent their country… She added that respect for people, regardless of lifestyle, was an integral part of democratic European society. Although “The Sisters” received only a tiny fraction of the public tele-vote on 16 February, the group won because two juries put them top, beating popular Slovenian singer Karmen Stavec. It led to allegations that the rules had been broken. Some TV subscribers refused to pay their monthly fees and TV Slovenia General Manager Aleks Stakul called for another vote.

The voice without viceIrish Independent
Mind you, it’s tame stuff in comparison to the acres of decolletage (well, mainly neck) which she is sporting on the cover of her new album Through the Lens of a Tear. I don’t think she fully believes me when I tell her that I prefer the demure Colm Henry shot of her on the back of the album. It’s more the Eimear we all suddenly got to know after her Eurovision triumph, and seemed to get to unknow just as suddenly after her apparent failure to capitalise on her success. She laughs when I tell her she looks like a slapper in the front shot: “I’ve never been called that before. ” Eimear, 28, has the reputation of being a sweet slip of a young girl. A well-earned reputation, no doubt, but I decide to probe behind the ethereal image of the beautiful Irish colleen who in Oslo sang Brendan Graham’s composition with a voice that seemed to have the purity of fjord water and the endearing tremulousness of a baby seal fleeing from professional seal-clubbers. We’ve heard the voice, but what about the vices? Any trashed fjordside cabins, punky fishnet tights, Tayto crisp binges, compulsive cheating at poker? Any sort of misdemeanour? The best that I could come up with was that she had two steady boyfriends before she met her husband Noel (“Noelie”, to her) and she eats King crisps.

Happy Christmas, OscarThe Observer
Celebrity Big Brother. The Stars In Their Eyes grand final. The Pop Idol vote. All about TV; nothing to do with unpopular relatives, unwanted presents and spoilt children. Although (especially in the case of Eurovision ) our festivals can involve gathering around a big turkey… All about TV; nothing to do with unpopular relatives, unwanted presents and spoilt children. Although (especially in the case of Eurovision ) our festivals can involve gathering around a big turkey. And tonight is our Christmas, Easter, Rosh Hashanah, Diwali, Dharma Day, Chinese New Year and birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Ji all rolled into one: it’s Oscar Night. The Oscars have everything we could possibly need, to call our post-nuclear family together for worship. It’s camp, it’s late and it’s packed with people whose love lives are more screwed up than ours. Ah, there’s Gwyneth: forced to bring her father as a date while Brad squires his new wife.

Pop Idol concerts: Your viewsBBC News
The 10 finalists, including winner Will Young, runner-up Gareth Gates and UK Eurovision contestant, Jessica Garlick, are performing in front of thousands of fans across the UK. Send us your reviews. Who is the best live performer? How do the singers handle a big venue?

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Went to Docklands last night, brilliant show but what of Zoe – did her voice not sound quite right? Why did she not appear in the final set with the other nine? Was she ill? Or are there problems in the camp??

Caroline Welch,

The concert was fantastic from start to finish. They all did so well and were true professionals. They all seemed really relaxed on the stage.

Idol Will to sing on TOTPBBC News
Good friends

Gates will perform a duet with fellow finalist Zoe Birkett at Wembley Arena. The pair have insisted they are just good friends, despite rumours of a romance between them after Gareth’s emotional response when Zoe was voted off the show. Other familiar faces performing on the tour will be Jessica Garlick, now the UK’s Eurovision entry, Rosie Ribbons and Darius Danesh. The Pop Idol crew will perform in front of the Prince of Wales at the concert, given in aid of The Prince’s Trust. Will Young is also set to sing for members of the Royal Family and the public at a Buckingham Palace concert to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee on 3 June.

Pop Idol tour: your reviewsBBC News
The first spectacular act was Korben, who flawlessly performed ‘Freedom’. Next came Jessica Garlick with her version of ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, announcing her delight at being chosen to represent Britain in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. But it was Darius who got the crowd dancing, with his rendition of the Tom Jones’ classic, ‘It’s Not Unusual’ which really sparked the electrifying party atmosphere. Gareth Gates, the Pop Idol runner up, was immensely popular and as he sung ‘Unchained Melody’, the screams were deafening. But the highlight of the show for me was the real star of the show and rightful winner Will singing ‘Light My Fire’. Korben, despite being voted off first was surprisingly one of the best performers.

Minister hits out at Dana’s ‘gombeen politics’Irish Independent
He said it was “the greatest show of gombeen politics that I have come across in quite a while”. Mr Fahey also dismissed a report of a private Fianna Fail poll which allegedly showed Ms Scallon figuring highly in voter preference. It was reported that Derry-born Ms Scallon, who is a former Eurovision Song Contest winner, would take 16pc first preferences if she ran in Galway West. Mr Fahey said: “There was no poll. “That was simply a figment of her own imagination. ” He also pointed out that the most recent poll in the constituency was published in January and showed Ms Scallon performing poorly, with no chance of winning a Dail seat.

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