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How truth is the second casualty of war

Eurovision News Review:

* UK joint favourite for Eurovision
* Coulter to consider political move
* How truth is the second casualty of war
* Controversial Croke Park motion may yet be deferred
* West End boy
* Expect all kinds of everything in Galway West
* Spain format heats up

UK joint favourite for EurovisionBBC News

Garlick, 20, from Kidwelly, west Wales, has said that she had always cherished an ambition to represent the UK in the contest. “It’s a nice enough song – it’s completely different, it’s the first time we’ve had an MOR ballad for as long as I can remember. “It could go really well or it could go the other way – but we’ve tried other approaches recently and we know what happened to them,” he said. The UK came 15th in the 2001 contest – after finishing 16th in 2000. A spokeswoman for William Hill said that the odds for Come Back were based on the song’s merits rather than on the publicity for Pop Idol.

Coulter to consider political moveBBC News
However, Coulter would be no one’s puppet if he decides on a career in politics. He told BBC News Online: “I haven’t made a decision on this, I have to emphasise that, but I’m seriously considering it. “Over the weekend I’ll sit down with my family and my associates and make a decision on it. I wouldn’t be going that far if I wasn’t serious about it.

Khamyarchuk noted that the directive, if carried out, will leave some 30 large and medium-sized private insurance companies with no more than 10-15 percent of the market. JM
Belarusian President Lukashenka lambasted Culture Minister Leanid Hulyaka on 3 April for the “unjustifiably large number of insignificant festivals,” Belapan reported, quoting the presidential press service. Lukashenka said the Culture Ministry should use cultural events to make Belarus known throughout the world, adding that Belarus's participation in Eurovision song contests could be an opportunity for such promotion. Lukashenka noted the need for giving cultural institutions more freedom in setting ticket prices and in using their earnings. On the other hand, he stressed that “culture and art must be accessible to people. ” JM
Judge Tatsyana Paulyuchuk on 3 April fined worker Leanid Achapouski nearly 16 times his monthly wage for taking part in the 24 March demonstration to commemorate Freedom Day (the anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian Democratic Republic), Belapan reported. Achapouski, who earns some 90,000 rubles ($52) a month, was ordered to pay a fine of 1.

How truth is the second casualty of warIrish Independent
The message was clear ‘Israel get out, Yasser stay put and we’ll look after your infrastructure’. Yes the Europeans don’t like the Israelis. Besides don’t we let them play in our European cups and sing in our Eurovision. What more do they want our blood for their matzos? But just in case we didn’t hate the Israelis enough, our print and electronic media worked assiduously last week to suggest: 1. That the reoccupation was a gratuitous invasion which has scuppered the excellent Abdullah Peace plan. In fact the ‘invasion’ occurred after the Netanya massacre which was designed to scupper the Saudi peace initiative and was a response to over 50 suicide bombings and the death of over 140 Israelis.

Controversial Croke Park motion may yet be deferredIrish Independent
But Kilkenny Chairman Ned Quinn expressed his anger at the confusion that still obtains, saying: “Here we are trying to reach a decision on something very important a few days before Congress and we don’t even know if it will be on the agenda. ” Yet as the tide turns against change, the Chairman of the GAA’s European Board, whose members depend almost exclusively on other sports for facilities, urged all delegates to re-think, especially on how it could work in the GAA’s favour. “We’ve seen how Riverdance captured the international market with a short slot in the Eurovision,” said European chairman Barry Moroney. “Imagine if, at the European Soccer Championships at 2008, GAA was played as part of the opening ceremony or as half-time entertainment! “For people to see a showpiece, using the best of our players, in that context in 2008 would not just be a great recruitment aid to us in Europe but a fantastic world-wide marketing ploy for the GAA. “In my personal view upholding Rule 42 would be like stabbing every other sporting organisation in Europe in the back,” Moroney said. He admitted that even within the European Board, officially established in 1999, they’ve witnessed some surprising changes of heart. “We voted on it a few weeks back and while about 75pc were for change, we had some people against it, which was quite surprising considering clubs here are largely run by players themselves,” Moroney revealed.

West End boyThe Observer
‘ He arrived at this theory not least because Jesus Christ Superstar was such an underground hit there. ‘It was completely illegal, but the record to have. And then when the regime changed, all we got was a load of even worse entries for the Eurovision Song Contest. But when I heard Rahman, I thought maybe my theory was right, and I was just wrong about where it’d come from. ‘ His own music is sometimes criticised for being derivative, and he hasn’t, it is true, broken new musical ground in the way that Sondheim has. But no one could refute his contention that he has always tried to stretch the form. He has written scores for such unpromising subjects as Jesus Christ, cats, bickering trains and Eva Perón.

Expect all kinds of everything in Galway WestIrish Independent
For now, at least, she is keeping her powder dry. But she is unlikely to resist the clamour of her supporters who scent another famous electoral victory for the hard-line conservative. The likelihood of the former Eurovision singer taking one of the five seats in the constituency, however, is not clear cut. Those championing Dana’s cause point to a recent Fianna Fail poll which allegedly suggested she would capture 15pc worth of first preferences – a result which, if repeated in an election, would guarantee her a Dail seat. However, a Galway Advertiser poll published in February put Dana Rosemary Scanlon on just 2pc and nowhere near contention. The same poll also suggested that Fianna Fail were set to capture a third seat at the expense of the Progressive Democrats. So, on the basis of this at least, it is difficult to see the grounds for Dana’s optimism.

Spain format heats upVariety – Variety (subscription)
Televisa and Globo created joint production ventures with Endemol in 2001. Series bowed last September, and the final episode in February notched up a 68% market share?–?the best perf of any Spanish program in a decade. Airing on Portuguese pubcaster RTP this fall, show selects a young contestant to rep Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest. Gestmusic Endemol has received 150,000 applications to star in the second season. Date in print: Mon.

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