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* Quick Cash for Half Wits
* Election survey predicts all kinds of nothing for Dana
* Hymn and her | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited
* BBC man’s mystery death probed
* Will to tour with Gareth
* Tarantino sells debut novel rights
* Jonsson: Weathering the gossip storm
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Quick Cash for Half
The city has promised to reach a decision on the issue by the end of the month. Estonia Seeks New ChirpSince little seems to ripple the calm waters of Estonia, the upcoming Eurovision song contest this month has been taking up lots of valuable media space. But it’s another song contest, inspired by Eurovision, that really has Estonians fluttering in excitement: “. For this Eurovision contest, any European citizen can vote for his or her favorite bird on a specially created web page, where visitors can also hear the unique chirp of each competing bird. Seven countries, out of 20, have already selected their feathered contestant… For this Eurovision contest, any European citizen can vote for his or her favorite bird on a specially created web page, where visitors can also hear the unique chirp of each competing bird. Seven countries, out of 20, have already selected their feathered contestant. Mariah Carey Cheers Kosovo KFORResidents of the Balkans were pleased to hear that the KFOR soldiers protecting Kosovo are not doomed to loneliness and boredom. Last month, overrated pop diva Mariah Carey was flown to the province to lighten the load for KFOR soldiers after their hard day’s work. Carey was photographed wearing a KFOR uniform–cut down to size and altered to show maximum cleavage–being held up in the air between two happy American soldiers.

Election survey predicts all kinds of nothing for DanaIrish Independent
She is set to take a mere 4pc of first preferences and unless she can sway huge numbers of voters between now and May 17, she is certain to make an early exit from the contest. But the former Eurovision Song Contest winner and MEP was paying little heed to the figures yesterday, insisting that they would be meaningless in terms of her support on polling day. “If I was going by these kind of polls I’d never have stood for any election. I’m starting canvassing tonight and will keep going with a very good team of people,” she said. Dana shrugged off the figures and added: “I’m not disappointed because polls never accurately reflected my standing with the people. The only poll that matters is the one on the day of the election.

Hymn and her | The Guardian | Guardian UnlimitedGuardian Unlimited
That’s how you spawn a myth (and possibly a plot for the next Indiana Jones movie). Another man aware of the magic of myth, Nicolae Ceausescu was the subject of The King of Communism (BBC4). A fascinating examination of the commemoration and fortification of his power through the massive theatrical shows put on during his “reign”, this documentary portrayed a surreal country in which economic triumphs were immortalised by Pan’s People-esque dance troupes, and every factory production line had its own Eurovision-ish pop band. (The Chorus of the Savinesti Synthetic Fibre Factory anyone?) With the newspapermen and TV journalists, the poets and painters, all of whom were complicit to some degree in Ceausescu’s pageant-powered presidency, Ben Lewis’s smart film tackled the population’s complicity in the rise of dictators. The nostalgia for Ceausescu’s days among some of the interviewees meanwhile demonstrated that people are desperate for something – anything – to believe in, be it a Wizard of Oz or a king of communism.

BBC man’s mystery death
Mr Price, 34, was discovered collapsed at his home in Wells Street, central London, and Scotland Yard detectives say they are awaiting the result of a post mortem examination before deciding whether the death is suspicious. Mr Price, who was openly homosexual, was a rising star in the BBC and hosted BBC Choice’s flagship entertainment show Liquid News. He was reported to have signed a £250,000-a-year deal with the BBC last year and was being earmarked for other projects including BBC Choice’s coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest. Stuart Murphy, controller of BBC Choice, said: “Christopher was a unique broadcaster, with enormous passion and extraordinary potential. His tragic death comes as a complete shock and will sadden everyone who knew him.

Will to tour with GarethBBC News
A big band album, again featuring all 10 Pop Idol finalists, has also hit the top spot in the compilation charts. The Pop Idol show has been a launch pad for some of the other acts who did not win. Birkett is releasing her cover version of Get Happy soon, Jessica Garlick is representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest, while Rik Waller has already had a top 10 hit with I Will Always Love You.

Nearly 100 million kroons of the supplementary budget will go to increase pensions beginning on 1 July, and 304 million kroons will be assigned to fulfill the top priorities of the ruling coalition agreement. These include 120 million kroons to support local governments, 65 million kroons to finance lunches for elementary schoolchildren, 24 million kroons for special police pensions, 15 million kroons for organizing the Eurovision 2002 song contest in Tallinn, and 11 million kroons for the forming of a security police reserve unit. Some 65 million kroons will be kept in reserve. SG
On the second day of his three-day official visit to Latvia, Jan Petersen discussed with his Latvian counterpart Indulis Berzins in Riga on 23 April the development of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the areas of justice, economy, societal integration, agriculture, rural development, education, and culture, LETA reported. In a subsequent meeting, Prime Minister Andris Berzins noted that Norwegian businessmen have invested almost $100 million in Latvia and stand in sixth place among foreign investors. Petersen assured President Vaira Vike-Freiberga that Norway fully supports Latvia's efforts to join NATO and the EU — even though Norway is not a member of the latter organization — because an expanded Europe would enhance stability in the region.

Tarantino sells debut novel rightsBBC News
Tarantino is also due to direct a film based on the novel, starring Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah and Lucy Liu. Tarantino said: “I’m moving away from screenplay format, keeping what I do like of the form and throwing away what I don’t. ”

Germany in Eurovision poll spot

Germany’s Eurovision Song Contest entrant has become the favourite to win this year’s event. Corinna May, who is blind, is 7-2 favourite to win with her song, I Can’t Live Without Music, according to UK bookmaker William Hill. Pop Idol star and UK entrant Jessica Garlick has been pushed into second place, at 5-1, with her entry, Come Back. Garlick was William Hill’s previous joint favourite, at 6-1, alongside Estonia, last year’s winner and this year’s host. Video trade to honour Stallone

Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone is to due to be crowned Action Star of the Millennium.

Jonsson: Weathering the gossip stormBBC News
Meanwhile, Jonsson’s career continued to tick along. Her bilingual skills landed her the job of Eurovision Song Contest host with Terry Wogan when it was staged in the UK. Stage debut

Other appearances include TV charity auction Men for Sale, Jailbreak and The National Lottery. Her latest TV outing is as the presenter of TV quiz show Dog Eat Dog.

::: :::U.TV
Trevor Neal and Simon Hickson starred in GOING LIVE and LIVE AND KICKING. They have recently completed a tour with their new show TREVOR AND SIMON?S CIRCUS OF EVIL – and are preparing a new show for the Edinburgh Festival with the working title of TREVOR AND SIMON UNWIGGED. PERFORMANCESPOP IDOL finalist Jessica Garlick is the UK?s choice for this year?s EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. COME BACK is released on May 13. Singer Laurence Robinson is in huge demand and is booked to perform at the Challenge Cup final at Murrayfield and the soccer play offs at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. His first love is opera and he performed NESSUN DORMA.

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