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Jennifer Aniston has settled her privacy lawsuit against two magazines…

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* Swirling a sash at the Spaniards
* Abba star becomes professor
* Samuel G Freedman reviews TV show Only in Israel | Special reports |…
* Jennifer Aniston has settled her privacy lawsuit against two magazines…
* Homegrown high-stepper gets a taste of the reel thing
* Travel Forum
* the Mail online
* Where has the competition gone?
* Nil points … on a technical point of order

Swirling a sash at the SpaniardsGuardian Unlimited
And Jack Straw will just have to grin and bear it if she wins. It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility – Guam and Grenada have won in the past and both, like the Rock, have considerably smaller populations than Southend-on-Sea. Gibraltar has no international football team, and has never appeared at Eurovision. It has no film or music industry. All Gibraltar has is a yearly dream of producing the world’s most beautiful woman. While Miss Gibraltar dreams of the sash and the crown, the Chief Minister’s thoughts will be elsewhere. Peter Caruana will be checking out Senegal, whose success in reaching the world cup quarter finals provided an estimated $500m dollar boost to its image, and was hailed from Kampala to Timbuktu as an important step for African solidarity.

Abba star becomes professorDispatch Online
Andersson, 55, is famous for the music he created together with the pop group that made its mark on the international scene in 1974, winning the Eurovision song contest with the hit Waterloo. He is also known for his success in writing musicals in collaboration with another Abba member, Bjoern Ulvaeus. Their hits include the current Abba-inspired hit Mamma Mia, the Wilhelm Moberg-inspired epic Kristina fran Duvemala, and Chess, a love story set against the background of international chess and Cold War politics.

Samuel G Freedman reviews TV show Only in Israel | Special reports |…Guardian Unlimited
In Israel, we all die for him. ” Israel’s sense of standing alone against a hateful world also comes in for regular barbs. In the annual Eurovision song contest this spring, the nation’s entry fared poorly, an outcome many Israelis attributed to European sympathy for the Palestinian cause. After each episode is taped late Friday afternoon, Tal and producer Ruth Nissan maintain close contact with their network’s newsroom until the show is broadcast at 9pm. When a suicide bomber struck outside the crowded Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem in April, killing six and wounding dozens more, they very nearly cancelled that night’s show. Nissan and Tal ultimately decided to excise the fiercest satire and postpone the show by 15 minutes to accommodate coverage of the attack, but otherwise the episode went on the air.

Jennifer Aniston has settled her privacy lawsuit against two magazines…The Age
His latest hit is the song I Need You. The Swedish government has awarded Benny Andersson, one of the members of legendary 1970s disco quartet Abba, with an honourary professor’s title, citing his “ability to create high-class music reaching people around the world. ” Andersson, 55, is most known for the music he created with the pop group that broke onto the international scene in 1974 when it won the Eurovision song contest with the hit Waterloo. But he is also well-known for his success writing musicals together with another Abba member, Bjoern Ulvaeus, such as the current Abba-inspired hit Mamma Mia!Andersson has also recorded a compact disc of traditional Swedish folk songs featuring accordion and choir music. The Swedish government awards honourary professor titles to people deemed to have made extraordinary contributions in their field. Julia Roberts’ ex-boyfriend Benjamin Bratt has told how he hated the constant attention he received when dating the movie star. The 38-year-old, who broke up with the Erin Brockovich actress last year following a four-year romance, said he did not believe that extreme level of fame could appeal to anyone.

Homegrown high-stepper gets a taste of the reel thingThe Age
Now, thanks to Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance and Riverdance, it’s booming. Rafter says when he first saw the American-born Flatley he was entranced. That was in 1994, when Flatley danced during the interval at the Eurovision Song Contest. “That night, I decided to get back into it,” Rafter says. He hadn’t danced for eight years. “But after about six months’ hard work it all came back. Flatley, who insured his feet for $A50 million, left Riverdance in 1996 and created Lord of the Dance, another massive international hit. Travel ForumCleveland Plain Dealer
Here’s an overview of the story:Mamma Mia! is a new musical based on the songs of ABBA, the Swedish pop group that gained international superstar status after they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. Set on a tiny, mythical Greek Island, the musical interweaves 22 of ABBA’s songs, including favourites such as Money, Money, Money, Dancing Queen, and Mamma Mia into a funny story of a single mother who remembers carefree days and careless nights and her soon-to-be wed daughter who dreams of traditions and a big white wedding. The new musical opened in London, England in the spring of 1999 and received very positive reviews. Thanks to theatre producer David Mirvish, who saw the musical in London and was determined to bring it home, Toronto will be the first North American city to see a production of Mamma Mia!. The musical’s creative team includes award-winning playwright Catherine Johnson; Royal National Theatre director Phyllida Lloyd and choreographer Anthony Van Laast.

the Mail
Wogan’s return to television will surprise many in the industry who had been accustomed to his being sidelined by the BBC. His thrice-weekly chat show was axed after eight years on air in 1992, to make way for the illfated Costa soap opera Eldorado. Since then he has presented the annual Eurovision Song Contest, Children in Need and Auntie’s Bloomers. Last year it emerged that his golden handcuffs deal with the corporation had quietly been allowed to lapse. There were signs that Wogan, who lives in Buckinghamshire with wife Helen, was hurt by this. In an interview last summer he said: ‘I have no loyalty to the BBC. The BBC doesn’t give a toss about me.

Where has the competition gone?La Scena Musicale
Nicola Loud, 27, another BBC victim, is struggling 12 years on to establish her credentials as a solo violinist. She might have had it easier without the inflated expectations aroused by her crowning moment. Natalie Clein, the most compelling English cellist since Jacqueline du PrÈ, was 17 when she won the BBC trophy in 1994 and the Eurovision competition for young musicians soon after. Shunning glittering offers, she vanished to Vienna to study privately with Heinrich Schiff. She is now quietly building a reputation in the foothills of Basingstoke and Winchester. Clein will come good in her own good time because she has the gift, the application and a winning personality. Winning a competition was, in her case, at best an irrelevance, at worst an encumbrance that she must cope with for the rest of her performing life.

Nil points … on a technical point of orderIrish Independent
Mr Hoy is a successful solicitor – apparently an ideal candidate – but he was a no show at the count and not a single FF councillor or member of the Oireactas gave him a vote. On paper, he looked a potential Cultural and Educational panel beater, just the sort of professional the Upper House needs to tease out complex legislation. However, insiders saw Mr Hoy’s nil point performance as much a part of the natural senatorial order as Norway’s record in the Eurovision Song Contest. In the end, three Fianna Failers – Pascal Mooney, Labras O Murchu and Ann Ormonde – and two Fine Gaelers – Noel Connan and Brian Hayes – were elected. “If any of our people had voted for Kevin Hoy,” said a senior Fianna Failer, “we would have been very annoyed. ” The Hoy polloi were apparently delighted with the result and reminded anyone who appeared puzzled that Kevin had been a Section 37 candidate, where a name is added to the list for technical reasons. Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the news that Fine Gael’s Madeline Taylor Quinn’s failure to win a seat was thought to be significant.

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