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* RIK denies rumours about representative
* Do Their Mothers Know?
* Jonathan Freedland: The moral majority | Guardian daily comment |…
* Minority report
* Taking the Tory temperature
* My, my – here we go again!
* Activists should heed facts, not hype

RIK denies rumours about
be wrote that this afternoon. But according to Eurovision Greece, the Cypriot broadcaster did not make any decision yet. Georgiadou is very populair in Greece and Cyprus… Eurovision Greece writes that “at the moment there isn’t any agreement with any singer or composer concerning the 48th Eurovision Song Contest. In addition, the Cypriot broadcaster has not decided if a preselection will take place or if a commission will select an artist to represent the country”.

Do Their Mothers Know?Riverfront Times
” Both winks are immediately undercut: Frida bounces innocuously to the music as she listens to it on the headphones in the recording studio; Agnetha, who always tries so hard to appear concerned with the lyrics, puts so much effort into her wink that she appears faintly ridiculous. It’s hard to imagine a time when pop music videos weren’t loaded with sexual imagery and harder still to fathom that ABBA, now associated with the decadent ’70s, was purposely marketed as a clean-as-a-whistle alternative to punk, funk, heavy metal and disco. But ABBA, the first Swedish act to win the Eurovision Song Contest, achieved worldwide stardom, automatically topping the charts with every release in every country except the United States, by building on an initial fanbase of teenage European girls. “Waterloo” picked up the basic template of English glam rock, welded it to a Phil Spector-inspired wall-of-sound production and bounced its way into people’s brains. It shouldn’t have been such a memorable song, but the melody is just tricky enough, the harmonies just open enough, to subvert the very silliness it was meant to imply. This technique became the formula for ABBA’s career: Work in the realm of pop, but don’t be afraid to mess with song structure, build elaborate melodies that explode into bright choruses, pile on intricate vocal harmonies and counterpoint, and always remain aware of the rhythmic vitality that could be borrowed from contemporary genres such as disco and R&B. ABBA was huge in the ’70s, but since breaking up, the band’s become unstoppable.

Jonathan Freedland: The moral majority | Guardian daily comment |…Guardian Unlimited
Jim Davidson tells some jokes – including one aimed at Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble, seated nearby, about the IRA blowing up a hotel. The MC points out further celebrities in attendance. They include the shadow agriculture spokesman; Rick Wakeman; and Nicky Stevens, singer with 1970s Eurovision winner Brotherhood of Man. And to think all Labour could come up with was Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey.

Minority reportGuardian Unlimited
Mostly, however, they look at the supply side – the number and sophistication of e-services available. For example, a European Commission benchmarking study of e-government last year counted the availability of only 20 services in each member state. The UK government politely dismissed its resulting poor showing as about as relevant as its ranking in the Eurovision song contest. What makes the Taylor Nelson Sofres figures harder to ignore is that it looks at useage of e-government. The figures quoted are the percentage of people claiming to have used an online government service in the past 12 months. When the question was asked only of internet users, the national rankings were roughly similar, suggesting that low internet take-up is not to blame. Another possibility is that the survey’s methodology is flawed – perhaps Britons are less likely than, say, Hungarians, to recall dealings with government.

Taking the Tory temperatureBBC News
OK, you are forgiven. You will, of course, remember them storming the 1976 contest with their snappy little hit “Save Your Kisses” – no?

Well they were England’s answer to Abba – apparently – and were in town to entertain the faithful. Also in Bournemouth to support the Tories, as usual, were singer Patti Boulaye and comic Jim Davidson. There was much excitement – not to mention ridicule – when it was revealed the conference was this year going to include a “chill out zone” similar to those found in rave clubs. Somebody really should have told the organisers that a couple of sofas and a tea urn don’t quite do it.

My, my – here we go again!The Age
“They marched up to my piano and plonked down a pint of lager,” smiles Jackson. Haze says Sing-A-Long-A Abba can be as fast or as slow-paced as people want it to be, and it appeals to everyone from kids to pensioners. No one born in the 1980s, of course, experienced Abba the first time around, and Palmer is the only member of the group old enough to remember Abba’s breakthrough appearance on the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. “They just launched right out of the TV screen,” he recalls. “And the effect was just incredible: all the sheer energy and sexiness and outrageousness of it all. Palmer says the appeal of a show such as Sing-A-Long-A Abba is clear: “It’s an explicit celebration of cheesy nonsense. And somehow people love it.

Activists should heed facts, not hypeUCLA Daily Bruin – The UCLA Daily Bruin
You can ask and you can tell, and practically no one inthe Israeli military will care about your sexual orientation. Discrimination against gays is prohibited. Not only that, but in 1998, Israel sent a transsexual, DanaInternational, to represent the country in the European EurovisionSong Contest. She made the country proud by winning first place. When was the last time you saw a transsexual representing an Arabstate?The communists at the International Socialist Organizationpathetically support the Arabs. However, are they aware of the factthat forced labor is not illegal in Lebanon, and many servants,women and children are compelled to work against their will?Pro-Palestinian activists are concerned about the Palestinianswho are supposedly being oppressed by the Israelis. I wonder ifthose same activists are also concerned about the donkeys whoseears were amputated by Palestinians.

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