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Maltasong New Board

Eurovision News Review:

* Lulu on being Lulu
* Head entertainment Sara Yuen EBU visits Latvia
* Dulce Pontes: Best Of Album
* Maltasong New Board
* Tony, Jacques – and a moped
* BBC tell Angus: off
* Tommy plays his tramp card
* The Bosnia-Herzegovina preselection started
* Western People (printer friendly version)

Lulu on being LuluBBC News
Lulu took part in Tuesday’s programme – and stayed on afterwards for a special interactive forum on Tuesday. Lulu has had 16 top 40 hits including a collaboration with Take That on Relight My Fire. She topped the US charts with To Sir With Love at the age of 18 and jointly won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969 with Boom-Bang-A-Bang. In her autobiography published this month, Lulu tells her story of how she dealth with the poverty of her early years and the fame which came later on. Lulu was ‘discovered’ at a jive club in Glasgow and offered a recording contract. It was the early sixties and the pop boom had just started. It all began with Shout!, which went on to become her signature tune.

Head entertainment Sara Yuen EBU visits
Yuen was informed by the organisation team of the Latvian broadcaster LTV about the artistic solution of the show, the tickets strategy, as well as the latest versions of the logo. She viewed a couple of postcards too. Just the first, rough version to get an idea, because the professional editing will be made after all the material for the clips of 26 countries is shot. During the visit, Sara Yuen talked with Aivars Auzins, producer of the popular children popfestival Sunbeam and the management of LTV about a possible participation of LTV in the so-called Children Eurovision, which will take place in Copenhagen next autumn.

Dulce Pontes: Best Of
This album is sponsored by R?dio Renascen?a which is one of the radios with more audience in Portugal. The Eurovision Song Contest entry Lusitana Paix?o was not forgotten in the album. The album is being promoted on TV and Radio commercials… This album is sponsored by R?dio Renascen?a which is one of the radios with more audience in Portugal. The Eurovision Song Contest entry Lusitana Paix?o was not forgotten in the album. The album is being promoted on TV and Radio commercials.

Maltasong New
Mr Martin Gauci is secretary to the board. Mr Bonnici said that Maltasong should be considered as a progression on the successes obtained in this field in the past years. Maltasong will now not only concentrate on the organisation of song festivals and Malta’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest but also on promoting Maltese singers, composers and authors both locally and abroad. This will be done through various initiatives that board will be taking in the near future. Maltasong’s chairman announced that in its first meeting held yesterday afternoon, the board unanimously decided that the contract with Cap Sounds, the German company which handles the Maltese artistes representing thecountry in the Eurovision Song Contest, will not be renewed for next year. Mr Bonnici said that in the coming weeks more details on the new arrangements will be announced. The new board also decided that in the forthcoming edition of the Malta Song for Europe Festival the number of songs to be selected by the first adjudicating panel will be increased to 50 (from 36).

Tony, Jacques – and a mopedGuardian Unlimited
Whatever the merits of this idea, the prospect of lots of endless god-awful cartoons in the Daily Telegraph featuring badly drawn Adolf Hitlers and Napoleons might make it more than we can bear. These proposals represent something of a comeback for Valery Giscard d’Estaing, who failed to retain the French presidency when it was realised that he had a girl’s name. Other controversial suggestions were that the European Union consider adopting a new title (he thought the name “France” had a certain ring to it) and that Terry Wogan be prevented from hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. The British reaction to the falling out of Blair and Chirac underlines a deeper problem with the whole concept of European integration. There is no such thing as European patriotism. While people can be proud to be Scottish and British, or proud to be Californian and American, it’s hard to imagine us sneering at the continent of Antarctica for being not as good as Europe. Each member of the union is out for what’s best for their country, which is why Chirac has put protecting the CAP above alleviating poverty in Africa.

BBC tell Angus: offChortle
But renewed pressure from newspapers making fresh allegations finally forced the BBC to axed, even though the reports have not dented the show’s ratings – 6. 3million at the last count. However, it’s thought the BBC has not ruled out using Deayton, one of its biggest stars, for future programmes. He is already known for one-offs such as Before They Were Famous and Not Another Eurovision Song Contest.

Tommy plays his tramp cardIrish Independent
There was a paean to his mother (“who reared me on a diet of tough love”) and a heartfelt account of how “the ravages of Alzheimer’s” led to her death, and similar tributes to his father (“you really had to be there he gave me my self-belief”) and his “darling sister” and to the “great man” that his brother is. The fans in the RDS seemed to be responding to these effusions but all the television viewer could do was to squirm at the inappropriateness of what should be private feelings being paraded in public and to silently entreat: oh, enough, please. On the first episode of You’re a Star, in which RTE sets out to find next year’s Eurovision act, ex-Atomic Kitten Kerry McFadden, who’s one of the judges, opined that “if there were more women on the panel it would be a lot more bitchier. ” And maybe less grammatical, too. Another judge, Darren Smith, who’s also executive producer on ITV’s Popstars, declared himself “a huge fan of these TV shows. I think they’re brilliant television, and there could be another Robbie out there. ” That’s what we’re afraid of.

The Bosnia-Herzegovina preselection
There’s no restriction in the nationality of the performers. The deadline for submitting songs is November 30th. It’s still not clear when the final will be held.

Western People (printer friendly version)Western People
MATT?S BALLAGH? SHOWWell known Ballaghaderreen native and member of the Chieftains, Matt Molloy, headlined a concert in St. Nathy?s College last Friday night, the proceeds of which will go to the local Special Olympics Host Town programme. Joining Matt was former Eurovision winner Charlie McGettigan from Drumshanbo, and John Carty from Boyle, the renowned banjo player. Also on the bill were the genial Peter Horan from Killaville, the talented singer Avril Rushe, and many other local musicians and dancers. The Host Town Committee is making plans to give a rousing welcome to the Qatar delegation from the Middle East who will be spending four days in Ballaghaderreen prior to their participation in the World Games which are being held in Dublin in June 2003. The purpose of the Host Town programme is to afford the athletes an opportunity to rest after a long flight and get used to the Irish weather and also to enjoy the welcome by the host communities. JUBILEE AWARDCongratulations to Sr.

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