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Eurovision News Review:

* Romeo and Juliet: The Musical
* A dispute between two Eurovision winners!
* Alla Pugachova helped in hostages rescue
* RFI Musique – – AMINA
* Smuin Ballet moved by Elton John Beloved pop tunes buoyed hit-and…
* Everything’s going to be all right again – when we bring back Roy
* Monks give religion a pop spin
* £10,000 raised in spectacular

Romeo and Juliet: The MusicalGuardian Unlimited
The music pays homage to two great but much-maligned institutions, Les Misérables and the Eurovision song contest. I would happily sit through both of those before enduring more of composer Gerard Presgurvic’s interminable Gallic wails. This is a man whose ballads are not only sad but genuinely bad. The cast have clearly cottoned on to this. Their singing encompasses two styles, loud and louder, as if they were desperately trying to drown out the score.

A dispute between two Eurovision winners!
“I did the vocals on it and they all went crazy for it! Afterwards, they had no money to pay me, so I said – Ok, you can play on one of my albums. We signed the contract and agreement. Then their record company didn’t want two Eurovision singers on the same album. So they pulled me off and put Brian Kennedy, copying my vocals. even my breath!”, claimed Johnny Logan.

Alla Pugachova helped in hostages
Baraev?s terrorists worked on the site and had a possibility to keep explosives and arms in storage in the building basement. Authorities have no claims to Ruslan Baisarov, he could not have information about workers employed by his contractors. Alla Pugachova represented Russian in the Eurovision Song Contest 1997 with Primadonna.

RFI Musique – – AMINARFI
In France Amina won ‘Le prix Piaf’ as Best Female Singer of the Year, then she went on to get involved in Peter Gabriel’s peace project during the Gulf War. Joining a host of international stars in the studio, Amina took part in the recording of an EP which featured an impressive new version of Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance”. But the highlight of Amina’s career in 1991 was when she represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rome (on 4 May). Amina impressed TV audiences and the Eurovision judges with her entry “Le dernier qui a parlé” (a song from her album “Yahil” which featured musical arrangements by Wasis Diop). Indeed, the song went down so well that Amina was declared joint winner with the Swedish contestant. However, for some obscure reason the judges would reverse their initial decision, relegating Amina to second place. (Needless to say, the incident caused a minor scandal at the time).

Smuin Ballet moved by Elton John Beloved pop tunes buoyed hit-and…San Francisco Chronicle
Somewhere between Liberace and Sir Elton himself, Bayles has a way of making the outrageous seem the right thing at the keyboard, and his performance throughout “Come Dance” on Friday night was the ideal prelude to the rambunctious last scene: A wall of soap bubbles floated from the footlights into the audience, and the dancers emerged upstage sporting various versions of the British rocker’s extraordinary eyewear as they eased their way into the heart of “Crocodile Rock. The rest, nine numbers in all plus an Overture by Bayles based on Sir Elton’s tunes, was a mixed bag of dances with songs. “Ballad of the Boy in Red Shoes” was a reminder of how much closer Sir Elton is to Europop than to actual rock ‘n’ roll: The shameless but always sweet theatricality of the big soft-shoe number recalled nothing less than a Russian floor show or one of those intermission features in the Eurovision Song Contest. Don’t laugh — that’s how “Riverdance” started out. “Your Song” followed, played gently by Bayles at the piano and turned into an exquisite pas de deux for Fushille-Burke and Smith. The Bay Area’s sexiest ballerina may have found her strongest partner in Smith, who may need work on his follow-through but nevertheless gave himself completely to making Fushille-Burke look ravishing. Smuin has said that it is the deep sadness of Sir Elton’s songs that impresses him, and “Your Song” illustrates that impression.

Everything’s going to be all right again – when we bring back RoyIrish Independent
The peace process will be back on track when we bring back Roy. The Dublin traffic will be sorted out when we bring back Roy. We’ll win the Eurovision song contest again when we bring back Roy. We’ll have a White Christmas (but no slush when it’s over) when we bring back Roy. And, listen, Roy no pressure. I mean, it’s not like we’d ever boo you off the pitch if you don’t get the results we expect, would we? I mean, after all, we’re not only Real Football People. No, we’re the Best Supporters in the World.

Monks give religion a pop spinCathNews
They claim they are filling a gap left by the decline of ‘formal’ religion in Ireland and beyond. A recently opened guest house at their remote abbey is attracting scores of international visitors. They made an appearance at the Eurovision song contest, when their music featured in the interval. The monks, who run one of Ireland’s most exclusive boarding schools, said they were forced into commercial enterprise through economic necessity. They maintain that their profits have been modest and said that they are delighted, but not surprised, at their success. Fr Simon, the abbey’s bursar who oversees the community’s fundraising, said that many people in twenty- first century Ireland are spiritually starved. “Formal religion is in collapse, but people are absolutely hungry for spiritual fulfilment,” he said.

£10,000 raised in spectacularWilmslow Express – The Wilmslow Express
Revellers at the town’s biggest annual event didn’t let the badweather dampen their spirits and more than £10,000 was raised byWilmslow Round Table. Around 5,000 spectators braved the severe weather and familiesenjoyed a variety of attractions, including a light fantastic showfrom a specialist pyrotechnics team and an exciting aerialdisplay. Visitors also saw London singer Marcus Cordell and relished theopportunity to hear Belarus entry into the Eurovision Song Contest,in the form of the duo, Ovation. Grant McKechnie, Wilmslow Round Table spokesman, said: “We had abig crowd again with over 5,000 people attending. “It was bit damp but luckily the heavy rain didn’t come downduring the fireworks display, it was a Godsend. Cash collected will go to charities including Easy CheshireHospice, the New Heart, New Start appeal at Wythenshawe Hospital,and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The Round Table is expected to confirm the final amountfollowing next week’s ‘debriefing’ meeting.

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