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Eurovision News Review:

* The ugly side of Miss World
* Eurovision Launches Song Contest for Children
* in LTV’s Eirodziesma programme
* ‘Big Brother’ marina launch boycotted
* Uneasy lies the crown on Ireland’s King Louis
* SVT announced four semi-final cities
* Black Hebrews to receive permanent home in Negev agricultural village

The ugly side of Miss WorldGuardian Unlimited
I can’t imagine who he is, though, or what he looks like. More even than those other expressions of multinational inanity – Jeux Sans Frontières, The Eurovision Song Contest – Miss World is marooned in an earlier, more ignorant age. Despised by most normal women (and, indeed, most normal men) for its parade of simpering, objectified femininity, it is also, paradoxically, neither exploitative nor pornographic enough for those who couldn’t give a monkey’s about feminism. To grab the attention of the lad market these days, the contestants would have to be filmed masturbating, or perhaps espied shagging celebrities through a hidden camera. And given marks out of 10 for the enthusiasm of their performance.

Eurovision Launches Song Contest for
gif’>Youngsters from across Europe could follow in the footsteps of Abba and Celine Dion in the first Eurovision Song Contest for Children. The event, taking place in Denmark on November 15, 2003, will be shown live on primetime television and has a potential audience of 270 million, the Geneva-based European Broadcasting Union said on Thursday. Competitors, aged from eight to 15, must sing in their national language and must have composed their own music and lyrics without professional help. in LTV’s Eirodziesma
com in LTV’s Eirodziesma programme Every Sunday, the Latvian broadcaster LTV shows the programme Eirodziesma 2003, which is a special programme about the progress of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 preparations. This week, esctoday. com editor Aija Medinika gave a short interview. The weekly programme has good viewing rates, which means that a majority of the Latvian television viewers know esctoday.

‘Big Brother’ marina launch boycottedBBC News
“It is a great shame the mayor did not attend – she would have been part of the opening ceremony. ”

Helen was runner-up in Big Brother last year, after her relationship with fellow housemate Paul had gripped the nation. Council officials said this year’s UK Eurovision contestant Jessica Garlick, from nearby Kidwelly, had wanted ?2,000 to perform the opening. 2m development is being launched as a top-class marina, as well as a working harbour. During the festivities, Miss Adams, 23, was entertained by local schoolchildren who released balloons, and a cannon was shot by Llanelli Sea Cadets. Related to this story:.

Uneasy lies the crown on Ireland’s King LouisIrish Independent
So how did Louis “kill” Irish rock? It was a long process. Originally, following his failure competing with MCD, he returned to his first love, pop music, and became manager of acts like Johnny Logan and Linda Martin. And one irrefutable fact Foley’s book does bring into focus is how Walsh’s passion for the Eurovision propelled Logan and Martin through their successes with What’s Another Year, Terminal Three and Why Me? Though it also appears that Louis’s love of pop and, more specifically, his pushing Logan more towards the middle of the road, when the singer-songwriter himself ached for credibility as a rock musician, contributed to the undoing of their partnership. Yet Louis, obviously, has no time for “rock credibility”. Or even critical credibility, something that may, in time, lead to the undoing of his managerial relationship with Samantha Mumba, who Louis has said he doesn’t want going too R&B in her music. He would do well to remember that most black artists who create “pure pop” are accused of “selling out” by their race. But then selling, in any sense, is something Louis loves.

SVT announced four semi-final
The final will take place at March 15 in the Globen Arena in Stockholm. The first semi-final will take place in Jonk?ping at February 15. G?teborg will be the place to be on February 22, Lule? on March 1 and Sundsvall on March 8.

Black Hebrews to receive permanent home in Negev agricultural villageIsrael Insider
Seven years ago a school was built in Dimona for the Black Hebrews, donated by the American government. Over the years, the community opened up to Israeli society, and its colorful singing troupes and softball teams made their mark on the local cultural scene. In 1999, community members Eddi and Gabriel Butler were part of the singing quartet that represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest. In January this year, singer Aharon Ben-Yisrael Alis, 32, was gunned down and killed when a terrorist stormed a Bat Mitzvah celebration in Hadera. Even so, Israelis have regarded the practices of the Black Hebrew community, which include strict veganism, holistic medicine, and bigamy, as odd and subservient to the whims of Carter’s charismatic and cult-like leadership. “Just because you live by certain rules, it does not mean you are a cult,” Bat-Gavriel said, quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle. In addition to the agricultural village, the Ministry of Housing is developing plans for a new neighborhood for the Black Hebrews in Dimona which will resolve their severe housing shortage.

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