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Eurovision News Review:

* Narnia must join too John O’Farrell
* Eurovision shop enlarged
* Georgina will not take part in Polish final
* Operação Triunfo website launched
* Eurolaul 2003: Ten finalists made public
* Lloyd Webber’s Cats give their final miaow
* Catarina Furtado to host Operação Triunfo
* ESCTODAY wins Gold Award !

Narnia must join too John O’FarrellGuardian Unlimited
This isn’t the first time that Turkey has sought to be part of a united Europe – the last attempt was known as the Ottoman Empire. And for some years Turkey has been knocking on the back door of the EU by getting itself into the Eurovision Song Contest and the Champions League. What greater natural friendship could there be between English football fans and those of Galatasaray? And if Israel and Morocco are in Eurovision, then it’s time the EU opened the door to Ecuador, Madagascar and the Central African Republic as well. I remember as a young activist I once stood up at a Labour party meeting and saying “Do the people of inner-city Battersea have the same interests as the fishermen of Greece or the sugar-beet farmers of Belgium?” and everyone rather threw me by replying “Yes!” And while I was still standing there, various comrades mumbled “better health care”, “good schools”, “decent housing”, “oh and, er, peace!” And so halfway through putting my argument I completely changed my mind while still trying to finish the original point I was trying to make. Turkish Muslims want the same things as European Christians: to get together in one happy internationalist family so we can all slag off the Americans. But try asking our leaders if we really want what was once a small common market to be expanded into a huge European superstate stretching from the Atlantic to Asia. Most politicians will say it is high time we had a full and frank debate about the whole issue.

Eurovision shop
com enlarged In the esctoday. com shop more Eurovision related CD’s are available. An ultimate chance to order Eurovision Christmas presents for your friends! When you buy items from the esctoday. com shop, which we maintain in co-operation with Amazon. com, you support esctoday. com financially and we are able to improve our services.

Georgina will not take part in Polish
She is only 13, and the rules of Eurovision Song Contest say the performer must be at least 16. Georgina was chosen to participate in Polish national final together with other 14 singers and bands. When she was mentioned among others, Polish fans were suprised, because she is only 13 years now, and the rules of Eurovision Song Contest say the performer have to be at least 16 years old. Polish broadcaster TVP asked EBU, if Georgina is allowed to represent Poland at Eurovision Song Contest when she would win the Polish national final. TVP reasons this Georgina’s marvellous voice and her great talent.

Operação Triunfo website
Out of this amount, the experts engaged by RTP picked 16 youngsters to participate in the show. Further on, RTP states that the programme will last for a period of no less than four months! After the announcement that the programme will begin somewhere in February, it would be natural to expect the end to occur somewhere in June. In the end, it is said, one, two or three winners will represent Portugal in the next Eurovision Song Contest. A contradiction, isn’t it?

A reference is made to the Spanish prototype, which informs that the original TVE version had the highest viewing rates of any programme on Spanish television during the last ten years, transforming TVE into the most popular Spanish TV channel at the moment. As far as the starting date is concerned, nothing is mentioned yet. It keeps being a mystery how the EBU rules and this schedule are going to be coordinated. More details on this problematic aspect will most certainly follow in the near future.

Eurolaul 2003: Ten finalists made
The jury, which consisted of Jaak Joala, Meelis Kapstas, Ivo Linna, Jaan Karp, Priit H?bem?gi, T?nu K?rvits, Eda-Ines Etti, Ignar Fjuk, Karmel Eikner and Tiit Kikas, chose the following songs. Club Kung-fu
Music: Sven L?hmus; lyrics: Piret J?rvis; performer ?Vanilla Ninja?

Don?t Ever Change
Music: Johannes L?hmus, Kaire Vilgats, Susan Lillev?li; lyrics: Susan Lillev?li; performer: Susan Lillev?li

Eighties Coming Back
Music and lyrics: Vaiko Eplik; performer Claire?s Birthday

Have a Little Faith
Music: Priit Pajusaar, Glen Pilvre, Kadi Toom; lyrics: Maian K?rmas; performer: Kadi Toom

Have It Your Way
Music: Asko-Rom? Altsoo, Hanno Maadra, Raul Veeber, Aimar Toomla; lyrics: Asko ? Rom? Altsoo; performer: ?Viies element?

I Can Be the One
Music and lyrics: Sven L?hmus; performer: ?Nightlight Duo?

Know What I Feel
Music and lyrics: Kersti Kuusk, Imre Soo??r; performer: Koit Toome

No Matter What it Takes
Music: Elmar Liitmaa; lyrics: Vahur Valgmaa; performer: Sergei Solovjov

We are not Done
Music: Kadi Toom, Glen Pilvre, Priit Pajusaar; lyrics: Maian K?rmas; performer: Kadi Toom

What a Day
Music: Ithaka-Maria Rahula, Tomi Rahula; lyrics: Ithaka-Maria Rahula; performer: ?Slobodan River?

There are a lot of familiar names from last years like Koit Toome (Eurovision 1998), Maian K?rmas (lyrics of Everybody), Sven L?hmus (author of last year’s favorite Another country song).

Lloyd Webber’s Cats give their final
” David Cooper, a fish farmer from mid-Wales who has seen the show 30 times and who was dressed as a tabby cat, said: “There’s no show like it. Nothing can replace it. “Since it opened in 1981 – the year that Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest, the Prince of Wales married Diana Spencer, and Ronald Reagan, the US president, was shot – Cats has been seen by more than eight million people in Britain and 50 million worldwide. It has been performed in 300 cities around the world and been translated into 11 languages. Cats, based on T S Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Cats, is the most successful stage production ever, having run for also 9,000 performances in London and grossing a total of £1. 4 billion worldwide. The original cast consisted of Sarah Brightman, Brian Blessed, Wayne Sleep, Paul Nicholas and Bonny Langford.

Catarina Furtado to host Operação
In 1993 she moved on to the private station SIC to present Chuva de estrelas, the Portuguese version of Stars in their Eyes, produced by Endemol. After that she made several programmes in SIC, always concerning the host feature, even when studying in London. Now she is back in RTP and the Portuguese public looks forward to seeing her as a great star.

ESCTODAY wins Gold Award !
The jury wrote that a Gold Award winner must be “a selected sites of very high standards. The site needs to have a very serious content and a stylish an innovative design”. Now that this awards are a part of our history, the Millenial Awards will soon start with the nominations.

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