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Rumours: Greek national final on 24 or 25 February

Eurovision News Review:

* Former Eurovision participants to sing in Sanremo
* Download one of the favourites of the Polish final
* Croatian HRT to combine three major events
* Rumours: Greek national final on 24 or 25 February
* Embattled leader lampooned in internet game
* On the global Taff Trail
* Ricardo Arjona

Former Eurovision participants to sing in
be News. Among the 20 participants, there are a few who participated once at the Eurovision Song Contest. Although there is not a lot of interest in Italy for the Eurovision Song Contest, the national San Remo festival is still the most important musical happening of the year. This year’s edition will take place from Tuesday 4 March until Saturday 8 March, in the Ariston theatre of Sanremo. Among the participants are Anna Oxa and Faosto Leali, who sang the Italian Eurovision song Avrei voluto in 1989. Anna Oxa, who won the Sanremo festival twice, will now sing Cambier? (I will change).

Download one of the favourites of the Polish
com News. It should not be considered as a coincidence that they are one of the favourites among Polish Eurovision fans to win the national final on 25 January. Major parts of their song You may be in Love, is now available for downloading as a video file through the Polish web portal cgm. The three year old Polish band Blue Caf? consists of eight musicans, out of whom the female artist Tatiana Okupnik (picture) is the lead singer. The male keyboard player Pawel Rurak-Sokal (picture) is the composer of their songs, which include a wide range of styles, especially more funky music like jazz and even hip-hop.

Croatian HRT to combine three major
the quality of the events stays high. Two locations are in the running for the three events; Opatija, where the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest took place many times already, and Pula, a historical town.

Rumours: Greek national final on 24 or 25
com editor] Sat 11 Jan 2003 18:58:00 Dear Angelito81 I believe that Yiannis Vardis is perfect for the Eurovision Song Contest his voice is GREAT!!! his songs are PERFECT for Europe (imagine GIA ENA LEPTO in english) and it is something defferent for Europe. Don't forget that esc is always won by singers the esc fans don't like and Yiannis Vardis is one of them as for his song roumors say that it is a mid tempo song and not a ballad.

Embattled leader lampooned in internet gameTVNZ
Schroeder was not amused by the recent number one hit “The TaxSong” which mocks his broken election promises. He called thesong’s performer and comedian Elmar Brandt a “parasite” and”freeloader. Brandt has written a new song about Schroeder, called”Everything Will Be Okay,” and is bidding to represent Germany withit in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Riga, Latvia, inMay.

On the global Taff TrailBBC News
Speaking of Stringfellows, Peter’s 26-year-old girlfriend Lucy Carr, from Flint in north Wales, has now released her debut single. Carr’s 63-year-old beau makes a cameo in the video for the dance track Missing You as a villain. Finally, last year’s Eurovision entry Jessica Garlick appeared on the music gameshow Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Despite being mercilessly ribbed by the team captains and host Mark Lamarr, the Swansea-born singer took the gags in good spirit, and survived with most of her pride intact.

Ricardo ArjonaMiami New Times
The result is almost as good as the groundbreaking Spanish version of “El Ultimo Adiós,” Paulina Rubio’s only worthwhile song. But just before that, he attempts a neo-tango concoction (you need more than a bandoneón for that), and spoils the closing ballad by turning it into one of his trademark pseudorockers. All Arjona needs to be listenable is to say goodbye to Eurovision-like hymns and his other catchy festival throwaways, find the right producer, and dedicate a whole year to reading the sublime lyrics of others. Then there’s hope — maybe. Write Your Comment.

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