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Eurowizja 2003: Blue Café versus Ich Troje?

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* Russian Channel One asks for entries
* The joys of star gazing into the future
* Polish final: Few reasons to celebrate
* Eurowizja 2003: Blue Café versus Ich Troje?
* Tickets for Song for Europe Festival 2003 selling like hot cakes!
* Ireland’s oldest family circus campaigns for funding
* Polish president denies affair with pop singer
* Estonian songs available for viewing
* Waterford News & Star (printer friendly version)
* First Austrian finalists unofficially revealed

Russian Channel One asks for
Artists rumoured to have shown interest in the national preselection this year include former member of Prime Minister, Dmitri Lanskoy, in a duet with Yuliya Nachalova, and Kristina Orbakayte, daughter of Alla Pugacheva, the Russian participant in the 1997 Eurovision. She also tried to qualify to Tallin last year. Even Prime Minister themselves, the Russian entrants in the Eurovision Song Contest last year, has been mentioned in the gossips. The blind singer Diana Gourtskaya, the gay artist Boris Moiseev, more known for his entertaining shows than his voice, the boyband Smash!!, Ariana and the band Oni are other names which has been linked to the Russian preselections of 2003.

The joys of star gazing into the futureIrish Independent
And churches: where choirs remain part of the tradition of worship some of these singers find a purpose and a welcome. But where else can we hear them? Eurovision, the pretext for this extensive examination of Ireland’s vocal artists, isn’t enough. It’s a dodgy enterprise anyway, for anyone whose ambition stretches a little further than being big in Budapest. In fact, this entire competition is a doubtful business, or so I thought, until I found myself drawn into its mechanisms by the quality of the competitors. Some of them had had the courage to try again after the bruising experience of Popstars, a ludicrous contrivance driven by ludicrous people. That series was such a travesty of what good entertainment should be that it seems incredible that anyone would commission, let alone enter for, such a similar successor… But they deserve more of us, and we deserve more of them. And they deserve that one thing which no one seems to be mentioning during all this: a song. Where’s the Eurovision Song coming from? When all this is over and one of these marvellous young people (well, Mickey Harte at 29 is living dangerously) gets to that Eurovision stage, what will he or she be singing?.

Polish final: Few reasons to
com News. But this time there won’t be a reason to celebrate. Filip Siejca, the composer behind the participating group Ocean Front, has been seriously injured in a car accident. The driver of the car, the popular actor Waldemar Goszcz, died. Other participants in the Polish final said they were shocked because of this.

Eurowizja 2003: Blue Café versus Ich Troje?
com, Eureka, Eurovision fans News. Performing her new single Impossible, Edyta G?rniak, the successful Polish entrant in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, will appear as a guest star in the show, which will last for 105 minutes. Some of the 14 finalists are tipped to have great winning possibilities. According to a couple of unofficial web polls,. Outsiders seem to be Wilki’s Here I am, the love hymn I believe in you by Magda Femme & Spotlight, the cheerful tune Sonny by Varius Manx, where Monika Kuszyńska (pictured) is the lead vocalist and the evocative ballad Time by the duo.

Tickets for Song for Europe Festival 2003 selling like hot cakes!
A limited number of tickets for the Friday event and some block tickets for the two days can be purchased online from di-veshop. The Saturday tickets have been sold-out and the Friday event is selling like hot cakes so hurry!

Moreover all those purchasing tickets online will receive a free CD!

To purchase online from di-veshop.

Ireland’s oldest family circus campaigns for fundingGuardian Unlimited
Many in the troupe met their partners within the close-knit international circus community. Angela married an Italian clown, while Mona now lives in France where she performs a high-wire act with her French husband. Marion represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest. But the next generation of Fossetts is just as eager to get in the ring. Robert said: “My uncle Robert – Bobo the Clown – died last year, but Edward’s eldest son has just started as a clown and he’s very promising. I guess it’s in their blood, it was the same when I was a kid. We stayed at home as normal during term-time, but we lived for the summer.

Polish president denies affair with pop
“The stories circulating in the Polish capital are reminiscent of those in neighbouring Germany where Chancellor Schröder is fighting rumours about the state of his marriage and this week won a court case banning a newspaper from repeating the claims. Ms Gorniak, from Ziebice, has a home in London and is Poland’s most prominent pop star. She has appeared in the Polish edition of Playboy and in 1994 took second place in the Eurovision Song Contest. She has also denied the rumours via her agent but, the Polish media has noted, has failed to appear in public for some time. She outraged and delighted Poles in equal measure when she accompanied Mr Kwasniewski to South Korea last year for the World Cup where she sang a mournful rendition of the Polish national anthem, which later became a hit. Mr Kwasniewski is popular at home where, despite the role he played in the former communist government – as minister of sport – and his agnostic views in Roman Catholic Poland, he is viewed as the man who can lead the country into the future. Former Solidarity activists however detest him as an archetypal apparatchik.

Estonian songs available for
Sandra Oxenryd taking part in Norwegian Pop Idol 17. Estonian selection on 9th February? 5.

Waterford News & Star (printer friendly version)Waterford News
Kevin is son of the late Martin and Betty Brophy, local business people of Brown Street, Portlaw. Congratulations to Sarah on reaching the last eight. She is a very talented girl and with her talent and the support of the village and countywide, it is possible we will see Sarah take the stage to represent the country in the Eurovision contest. FOR?IGE The For?ige Youth Club meetings are changed from Wednesday to Tuesday evening, commencing at 7. CAMOGIE AWARDS The annual camogie awards night was held recently in the Clodagh Lounge.

First Austrian finalists unofficially
Poier has a history as songwriter, drummer and rock musician. Other names include 18 years old Patricia Kaiser, a former Miss Austria who recently released a latino pop song; the John Otti Band, known as a party band playing covers; the Lutz Family, who did some funny TV adverts; musical singer Sabine Neibersch and Ramona from Starmania, an Austrian talent show, who will be part of a girl group. The voting procedure is said to be split into three parts: televoting, televoting from mobil phones and SMS voting.

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