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FLY flies in Latvian national final

Eurovision News Review:

* EBU confirms new Eurovision Song Contest format as from 2004
* Ukraine’s Eurovision preparations gaining speed
* Rita Guerra sings Meuamor inventado em mim?
* FLY flies in Latvian national final
* Red on Mondays…Pure TV Entertainment
* Singing stars are forever in boy’s genes
* Tomei lands Oscars job
* Martin’s Song for Europe is on the right track
* Mariza Koch will perform two dates in Athens this week

EBU confirms new Eurovision Song Contest format as from
The leading Eurovision-related website, Esctoday. com reports that the new Eurovision Song Contest format has the following concequences:

– The Big Four group, consisting of Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and France, will stay assured of participation. To organise a good-quality Eurovision Song Contest, their contribution can not be missed. – After the Big Four, the best ten countries of 2003 will be assured of participation in 2004. – Besides the 14 countries assured of participation, ten more countries can participate. These countries will be selected in a preselection the day before the Eurovision Song Contest. This means that up to 40 countries can participate and countries have new chances every year… This means that up to 40 countries can participate and countries have new chances every year. All members may now send an artist to the event. The Eurovision week will be extended from 7 days to 10 days, to allow for extra rehearsals, but not all artists will have to arrive at the very beginning. Broadcast of the qualifying round will be compulsory for those taking part in it, and optional for stations already guaranteed a place on the Saturday night. Countries not qualifying for the preselection final will be encouraged to broadcast the final, and take part in the televoting. The Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group will work out a way to make this practical. There will be a rise in revenue, as a result of all participants becoming active participants from 2004 onwards, and this rise is expected to easily cover the costs of the extra programme, so there will be no increased burden on the host broadcaster, or member participants.

Ukraine’s Eurovision preparations gaining
Now we can tell you that already in Tallinn it was clear that Olexandr would represent Ukraine at the 2003 contest. Olexandr is 29 and the most popular artist of his home country, Ukraine, a 7- times Ukraine’s best singer. May 25th will be 10 years since he performed the very first time, so there is a reason for celebrations. After that it was decided that NTU would ask also some foreign composers and songwriters to send in their songs among the Ukrainian songs.

Rita Guerra sings Meuamor inventado em mim?
tv News. At least, that’s what the official Eurovision Song Contest website eurovision. The title Meuamor inventado em mim means My love invented in me. Last night this appeared on eurovision.

FLY flies in Latvian national
(It is the first time the number three appears) This is the year two thousand and THREE and they are singing in the trio. The main idea of their song is to show that the musicians can agree on the joint projects and the common aims, making a song, which they have put their heart and soul in and which they like themselves, as well as the public likes to listen to and watch. Olexandr Ponomaryov, the representative of the Ukraine at Eurovision Song Contest 2003, pointed out Hello From Mars as his favoutite too. As the guest star he performed the song Vin chekaye na nei (He is waiting for her) which is not his Eurovision entry by the way. Due to some organisational matters Ich Troje, the winners of the Polish National Final, could not come to Ventspils. What would be the Latvian national final without a performance of Marie N? She sang a song from her new album On a journey.

Red on Mondays…Pure TV
in a musical sense. We will be singing our own special versions of the last three songs to win the eurovision, so hold on to your sets. Lawrence will sing his own version of Elton John’s “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”, so get your tissues geared to your face. lino, Mark and the rest will sing Ozzy’s “Dreamer” and the “Desire” song. Tony Toni from Bay Radio will be our guest and he will sing too. William Mangion will be celebrating 30 years of music and play live, with his band and the RED BAND.

Singing stars are forever in boy’s genesIrish Independent
Except at You’re a Star. Indeed, if it weren’t for smiling Lisa Bresnan from Limerick or winsome Westlife-linked Susan McFadden, the gals wouldn’t even be in the running to be Ireland’s next Eurovision victim. Could this be a sadistic plot by young pop nymphettes, who form the bulk of the 200,000 plus phone voters? These young MTV-educated, TTOP-reading gals and their even younger sisters could be using their considerable phone-using skillz to ensure that either Simon (from Ballycumber, Co Offaly) or Mickey (from some unpronounceable place in Co Donegal) or Brian (from Louis’s Recovering Home for Those who Missed out on Six) will make prize eejits of themselves in Latvia while the female losers will go on and have the big chart hits as all the losers tend to do in all these competitions. Thus Sarah Whatmore and Darius. Or could it be that for all our grievous faults, the gals still love us boys and that’s why they vote for the guys? Meanwhile, the real stars of You’re a Star are proving to be the roly-poly ugly O2 cartoon figures who make acerbic comments and chortle at the whole shebang laughing all the way to the swelling O2 bank! – Declan McCormack.

Tomei lands Oscars jobBBC News
Pierson, the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences, and Tomei will make the announcement before dawn in Beverly Hills. The Oscars ceremony, which marks the climax of the awards season, will
take place in Hollywood on 23 March. Latvia gears up for Eurovision

Latvia wil be ready to host the Eurovision Song Contest on 24 May despite recent delays, broadcast chiefs have said. Werner Rumphorst, of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) which masterminds the event, said: “Everything appears to be on track and in place and everybody’s looking forward to something which will be at least as good as it was.

Rosanna Davison is the daughter of singer Chris De Burgh and has fared well

in the early selections of the judges. Ireland have not done especially well in the past, and it is actually

quite unusual for them to enter. However as we have seen with the Eurovision song contest over the years,

they are a country people like to vote for and so should not be discounted. Over one hundred

nations have entered the pageant and we obviously do not have time to analyse the hopes of all of them. However, we feel we have highlighted some of the more likely winners. We do stress that trying to

predict what exactly the judges will be looking for is no exact science. However, Miss Norway does seem to

have plenty in her favour, and it has been many years since a Scandinavian took the award.

Martin’s Song for Europe is on the right trackSalford Advertiser
The 38-year-old Salfordian composer dreamt up the tune to hislatest creation ‘Cry Baby’ while he was sitting on a train toLiverpool. Head of music at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute ofPerforming Arts, Martin (pictured) was so excited about his newtrack that when he got to the station he sang the ditty down thephone to record it live on his answering machine. The train driven inspiration emulated one of the world’sgreatest song writers, Paul Simon, who wrote Homeward Bound on theplatform of Widnes Station. Martin’s song, and seven other finalists in the BBC’s Song forEurope competition, have been played by Terry Wogan and Ken Bruceon Radio Two’s breakfast shows.

Mariza Koch will perform two dates in Athens this weekKathimerini
Koch?s progressive ?folk-rock? sound was enthusiastically received and led to several more albums with experimental inclinations before the artist began receding to more familiar grounds for unadulterated renditions of Greek folk songs. Other projects in Koch?s 30-year career include a self-titled album in 1977 based on poems by the late sea-loving poet Nikos Kavvadias, who had passed away two years earlier, as well as collaborations with leading Greek composers. Back in 1976, Koch took a heavy political message to the pop-oriented Eurovision song contest by performing a protest song against the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, ?Panaghia Mou, Panaghia Mou. ?Koch has just rereleased an older vinyl-only album, ?Ta Paralia,? which dates back to 1987, on the CD format, which she has dedicated to the album?s late violinist, Stefanos Vartanis, also a regular member of the artist?s performing band. It features traditional songs from the Asia Minor region. ?This recording carries the traits of a live performance because we had performed these songs at concerts on numerous occasions with Stephanos Vartanis on violin, Costas Pitsos on laouto, and Giorgos Gevgelis on percussion,? Koch noted in a press release, referring to the album?s cast. Friday and Saturday, Athina Mousiki Skini, 3 Poseidonos Ave, Neo Faliron, tel 210.

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