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FLY invites Jostein Hasselgård for vodka

Eurovision News Review:

* Close to a million watch TV final
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Russia’s prisoners sing for freedom
* FLY invites Jostein Hasselgård for vodka
* France: Louisa with Monts et merveilles
* BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Reviews | Stars show their hungry hearts
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* Michael Flatley: Lord of the Dance
* On track for global business
* You’re A Star vote window extended
* Bombay Dreams Won’t Play Toronto Tryout, Comes Direct to Bway 2004
* Wi?niewski angry about German results – only 5th
* Is Elkie the new pop idol?

Close to a million watch TV –
Advertisement Commissioning Editor Kevin Linehan said, “Everyone connected with the show is delighted with these figures. It shows yet again that the Irish audience responds enthusiastically when our home-grown talent is given the chance to shine. “Mickey Joe Harte will now represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Riga, Latvia on Saturday 24 May, singing ‘We’ve Got The World’, written by Keith Molloy and Martin Brannigan.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
Van Zanen: “SONY had no permission from us” A few days ago we published an article about the trial case between Tjeerd van Zanen and Alan Michael versus SONY about the rights to One good reason, the Dutch Eurovision entry of 1999. Tjeerd van Zanen told us about it. “SONY released One good reason on single without an agreement with us. Negotiations took place, but we never agreed with their offer. One of the good reasons being that SONY wouldn’t garantuee us any further co-operation.

Russia’s prisoners sing for freedomBBC News
Of the 50 contestants selected so far for the qualifying rounds, one has been convicted of murder – a 27-year-old former singer at the Kazan conservatoire, Ruslan Anufriev. Officials say he is being allowed to compete because he committed his crime in self-defence, and that serious criminals will usually be barred from taking part. Emotion

All contestants in what the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg describes as “Eurovision with handcuffs” will be accompanied on stage by a prison guard, just in case they decide to make a run for it. Demonstration tapes on audio- and video-cassettes have already been flooding into the Justice Ministry from all over the country. A prison official told the Moscow Times that competition organisers wanted songs that “open up the heart”. He said songs about prison life and the country’s criminal subculture would be banned.

FLY invites Jostein Hasselgård for
invites Jostein Hasselg?rd for vodka The three Latvian Eurovision participants in Riga, who together make up the group F. , were mad when they learned what happened in Norway, but don’t think it will affect the Latvian amount of points to the Norwegian participant Jostein Hasselg?rd on May 24. In an interview with tabloid news paper VG they said: “Everyone understands that the blunder committed by NRK is not Jostein’s fault… ”

The last one of the group members, Lauris Reiniks, contributed as well: “The huge majority of Latvians understand that Jostein Hasselg?rd didn’t have anything to do with NRK’s interval act. Latvian media have been very clear on the fact that this is a result of a producer. ”

They end the conversation by comforting Norwegian Eurovision fans: “In this country, we usually don’t hold a grudge against anyone for very long. He will compete with the same criteria as the rest of us. ”

Lauris Reiniks and Martins Freimanis are both hosts for popular programmes on Latvian television.

France: Louisa with Monts et
Earlier we learned that France would send an uptempo song this year instead of a ballad. The French Eurovision participant and the song will be introduced Friday on France 3.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Reviews | Stars show their hungry heartsBBC News
Double act

Most of the celebrities are a surprise. Elkie Brooks and perhaps Hadley, for instance still have a following, for instance, while it is a struggle to remember what Gina G did beyond failing at the Eurovision Song Contest. Then Thereza Bazar and David Van Day have unexpectedly re-formed Dollar yet again and are the only double act competing in the show. “It’s been good to have this break,” said Van Day, optimistically assuming Dollar’s time out of the spotlight is over. One celebrity is gone already, in what must have been the dream problem for ITV1: Then Jericho’s Mark Shaw argued with the other stars and stormed out of the show, easily earning it twice as much press coverage as before… In a rare moment, we saw others drop the performance and become exasperated and human. But we were back to a lack of self-awareness with the next backstage item: Sonia and others showed us how poor their motel accommodation was and failed to realise that this dump was the best ITV1 was willing to pay for. The onstage performances were surprisingly weak, too, but it is hard to be sure how much was nerves and how much was the television production: the sound felt a little flat and the visuals were uniformly too dark. The technical quality may improve over the coming weeks and so may our opinion of the celebrities as we get to see more of them under pressure.

::: :::U.TV
He is now into the final two for the enviable position as Ireland?s entry for this year?s Eurovision Song Contest. The final is being televised on Sunday night and the actual Eurovision Song Contest takes place on May 24 from Riga in Latvia. Mickey performed his own composition, Sometimes Right, Sometimes Wrong.

Michael Flatley: Lord of the DanceBBC News

During the 1980s he was invited to tour with traditional Irish band The Chieftains. He began to mould his contemporary vision of Irish dance, incorporating arm movements and crowd-pleasing rhythms into traditional steps. Flatley’s big breakthrough came on 30 April 1994 during the interval of the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin.

On track for global businessBBC News
And business and civic leaders are confident that Birmingham’s reputation will be greatly enhanced on a global scale. With thousands of people clamouring for hotel rooms, and preparing to spend their cash in city shops and restaurants, Birmingham is set to cash in on the event. NIA facts

It cost ?51m to build and was opened on 4 October, 1991 by Linford Christie

Since 1991, more than six million people have attended more than 800 events

The Eurovision Song Contest was staged there in 1998 after Katrina & The Waves won the 1997 event in Dublin with Love Shine Your Light. TV show Gladiators was filmed at the NIA for eight years

Sir Cliff Richard has appeared more than 40 times at the venue – and has attracted more than 300,000 fans

But Sue Battle, chief executive of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry – which represents 5,000 companies that employ over 300,000 people – is taking a longer-term view. “Events like the world indoor athletics provide a positive platform for all aspects of business in the city,” she said. “Anything that showcases Birmingham on a world stage will have an impact on the city’s reputation globally, helping companies of all kinds to develop overseas trade. ”

She added: “The chamber of commerce, which regularly takes trade missions to all parts of the world, knows the importance a city’s image plays in securing business.

You’re A Star vote window
The Result Show will be shown live on Sunday 9 March at 8pm on RT? 1. Both the final and the results show will take place in the Mahony Hall, The Helix Theatre, DCU. The winner will represent Ireland in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest. A webchat with the winner planned for 7. 30pm on Monday 10 March has been postponed until further notice.

Bombay Dreams Won’t Play Toronto Tryout, Comes Direct to Bway
I argued that once young people from Eastern Europe could freely produce their own music the West would get the musical shot in the arm that it so badly needed as its pop atrophied in a land of ‘grooves,’ high tech production and manufactured boy and girl bands. What emerged as a consequence of the Soviet Union’s collapse succeeded in lowering the tone of the Eurovision Song Contest still further. “After a couple of days the music of one in every five Bollywood songs was hitting not just me but anyone who heard the stuff. There had to be a common denominator. This was their composer, A R Rahman. One look on the net revealed that he was a phenomenon in Asia where he?s known as the Asian Mozart.

Wi?niewski angry about German results – only
The second reason was very simple – they wanted to got German 12 points on 24th May. German website eurovisionsongcontest. de and the newspaper taz reported Troje came 6th.

Is Elkie the new pop idol?Salford Advertiser
The 57-year-old who grew up in Broughton Park – as ElaineBookbinder – is set to join nine other former big name pop starsfrom the 70s, 80s and 90s in a tour of the US – with ITV viewersvoting one tour member off their screens each week. Elkie will compete against Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley,Eurovision popsters Gina G and Sonia, ex-Eastender Michelle Gayle,Dollar-duo David van Day and Thereze Bazar, Imagination’s Lee John,Then Jericho’s Mark Shaw and Ultimate Kaos’s Haydon Eshun in frontof the ever-present cameras. Their aim is to rekindle their musical pop charting fame byperforming in a number of intimate venues around America in frontof a live audience. The crowd at each venue will vote for theirfavourite act, with the two worst performers on the night put upfor a public vote in the UK. The loser will be sent home. Far from her local roots, home for Elkie nowadays is Devon whereshe lives with her two sons Joey and Jay and husband Trevor.

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