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* Disappearing without trace into Eurovision
* Sligo reception for Eurovision star
* The largest Eurovision Press Centre
* Eurovision Song Contest 2003
* Ich Troje’s unofficial website launched
* Claudia Beni on promotion tour through Europe
* Ten reasons to use your vote
* BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Hadley wins Reborn contest
* NET-CLIP: Preparing for vacations
* Operetta with feeling
* Ballina students to sing on RTE music show ‘The Lyrics Board’

Disappearing without trace into EurovisionIrish Independent
Saturday, April
Disappearing without trace into EurovisionDespite Celine Dion and Abba, few can survive the mysterious curse of the Eurovision, writes Declan McCormack SOMEWHERE in Raheny. Saturday, April 29, 3am The Eurovision going-away party is in full swing in the palatial house-cum-private bar of Raymond Smith, the co-composer of this year’s Irish entry. It’s some send-off a melodic valediction for Eamonn Toal and the team that will represent Ireland in Stockholm on Saturday, May 13. Toal himself is giving a virtuoso performance, singing pop classics like Whiter Shade of Pale on a cordless mike to the accompaniment on a grand piano of Brenda Burke, a former Eurosong competitor and master tinkler. Toal has a superb voice and is an excellent showman. “I’ll sing Millennium of Love before I get locked,” he announces… He loves to tell the story about the distraught Irish mother who moaned about her sons, all of whom had disappeared without trace one went on the Missions, another joined the Foreign Legion, and the youngest won the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year was a perfect example of this. The Mullans didn’t win the Eurovision but they did win Eurosong with maximum votes and in Jerusalem last May they were convinced by everyone in the Irish delegation that they were shoo-ins to win. They came a very disappointing 17th with just 14 votes. “It was a real downer,” says Karyn (real name Karen) as she downs some bevvies in Maureen’s bar at the back of the Olympia as, inside the theatre, Gene Pitney warbles about Tulsa to near-hysterical fans. Before his set, the two Mullan sisters had got a warm though not ecstatic reception for their support act, included their classy new song Independent Woman and a crowd-pleasing lively version of Proud Mary. Meanwhile, up in Box Six, the girls’ mother Patricia Mullan had looked down and prayed for her daughters.

Sligo reception for Eurovision starWestern People
Also present at the event was the Mayor of Sligo, Cllr Tommy Cummins and members of Sligo County Council and staff. Mickey Harte was presented with Sligo crystal to mark his visit and invited to sign the Council?s Distinguished Visitors Book. Speaking at the reception, he said that he was flattered by the reception and thanked all involved. He also applauded the other competitors of ? You?re a Star? and acknowledged the long tradition of musicians from Ireland who have made an impact on the music industry.

The largest Eurovision Press
It can be expected that the number of accredited people will increase due to the delayed applications. The floor space of the press centre is 4,200 squaremetre with room for 1,500 journalists. It is said to be the largest Press Centre in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision Song Contest
The video-clips which gained most positive comments are the ones from Turkey, Poland and the funny video clip from Germany. For the first time since Malta?s comeback at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991, Malta didn?t produce a video-clip but sent the ?live? performance of Lynn?s ?To Dream Again? from this year?s Malta Song for Europe. Buy Lynn’s Eurovision entry “To Dream Again” online from di-veshop.

Ich Troje’s unofficial website
Ich Troje’s unofficial website launched One month before Eurovision Song Contest 2003 Polish fans launched a website dedicated to Polish entry Keine Grenzen – Żadnych granic. The site is designed by Michał Obarski, a webmaster of the most popular Polish Eurovision website. It contains lyrics of the song in five languages, photo gallery, band’s history and some multimedia.

Claudia Beni on promotion tour through
Tomorrow her team will fly from Vienna to Nicosia, where they are going to perform in a television show at the Cypriot television on May 3rd. After that they’ll fly to Athens, and on Monday May 5th they will perform on the Greek television. They will return to Croatia on May 7th. The Latvian participants, F.

Ten reasons to use your voteBBC News
Election nights present a great opportunity for night owls to stay up and witness the political picture change. And it’s also an opportunity to watch our elected representatives put as fine a gloss as possible on the results. How will they spin a frankly shocking performance? What positive glow can they put on a series of electoral disasters? How can they make defeat seem like glorious victory?

Honestly, for those of a certain disposition, it’s even better than watching the results from the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s something to do. If all else fails, look at this way: it might be a nice day to pop out for a healthy stroll to the post box or the polling station. One councillor in Surrey even recalls how a polling station encounter between two people from opposite ends of the political spectrum led to romance.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Hadley wins Reborn contestBBC News
Gayle was a member of the cast of EastEnders before embarking on a singing career. She told McCall she was happy to have made it as far as the final of Reborn in the USA. The series began with Elkie Brooks and Sonia, Imagination singer Leee John, former Eurovision singer Gina G, duo Dollar and Haydon Eshun, one-time child star of 1990s boy band Ultimate Kaos. Peter Cox, front man with the band Go West, was recruited at the last moment to replace Then Jericho singer Mark Shaw after he withdrew after 24 hours of filming. Each week local audiences chose their favourites and the two least popular acts were put to a Pop Idol-style phone vote by the British and US public.

NET-CLIP: Preparing for vacationsPakistan Dawn
com and the less-explored world of Eastern Europe. From tips for credit cards in the Czech Republic, to toilet facilities in Romania, this is useful site. Get ready to visit the Eurovision Song Contest due to be held on May 24, in Latvia. Need-to-know travel essentials to the region are provided here. And if you really dig festivals, then you should check out www.

Operetta with feelingThe Age
But, Szolnoki adds, since 1989, privately run companies have emerged, run by canny producers who find ways of staging shows more economically than bloated state companies. “The withdrawal of the Russians opened up a lot of possibilities,” he says. Although Szolnoki has been one of Hungary’s popular musical comedy stars since the early 1980s, he and his wife, soprano Andrea Zsadon, decided 10 years ago to set up a company, Operettvilag, touring a roster of popular operetta through Hungary, Austria and Germany. “We both saw how popular Viennese operetta is in Europe and we saw there was a way of doing it other than the state-run way,” he says.

Ballina students to sing on RTE music show ‘The Lyrics Board’Western People
The young Ballina girl was allowed bring just eleven supporters to the recording of the show. Previous to this, Amanda made it to the second day of auditions for the “Your A Star” competition in Galway earlier this year, segments of which were also shown on RTE. The competitor for this year’s Eurovision, Micky Joe Hearte, was chosen from this.

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