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Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…

Eurovision News Review:

* Tatu sneer at Eurovision dream
* Harte departs for Eurovision in Riga
* International Future Tellers predict Malta as Eurovision 2003 winner
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Girls can’t knock Mickey from No 1
* Latvian prime minister visited the venue
* Latvia: rehearsal, press conference, cd release
* The One With the French & Israeli Song
* Lesbian chic and hip-hop gibberish rule OK
* TVE: the exclusive televoting will make it imposible to have multiple…
* – showbuzz – May. 20, 2003
* Just what kind of beast is this?
* NDR plans cooperation with Viva for German final
* Spain: rehearsal press conference

Tatu sneer at Eurovision dreamBBC News
Russia’s entrants are none other than Tatu, the angst-ridden teenage duo whose pseudo-lesbian antics have whipped up a storm – while their song All The Things She Said has become a global smash hit. Lena Katina, the red-headed half of the partnership, is brimming with rebelliousness about Eurovision, and hints at scandalising its wholesome image on 24 May in Riga. “It’s not a big deal for us. We were chosen by our country to go… The Russian girls have defied the dream of the contest by taking to the Eurovision stage with fame and notoriety already in their grasp. But Lena is unmoved. “It doesn’t matter for us if we win. We’re already famous all over the world,” she says.

Harte departs for Eurovision in –
The singer, who will be representing Ireland at the contest in Latvia, flew out from Dublin Airport at the weekend. He was accompanied by his backing group, Sweet Charity, made up of three of the girls who made it through to the final of RT?’s ‘You’re A Star’ show. Advertisement Harte will perform Ireland’s Eurovision entry, ‘We’ve Got The World Tonight’, in Riga on Saturday 24 May. The track is still at Number One on the Irish singles chart.

International Future Tellers predict Malta as Eurovision 2003
be asked a group of clairvoyants to predict the outcome of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The psychics universally and independently from each other tipped Malta as winner, closely followed by Cyprus… The third and final future teller contacted by eurosong. be was the psychic, William De Decker, considered as the “Nostradamus” for our present days. De Decker predicts Malta as winner of the 48th Edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. He predicts Estonian Ruffus’ “80s coming back” to win the silver medal while F. representing the country playing “home” as the ones to earn bronze medal.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
it, Francesco Morsilli, referred that “also this year, and it happens since 1997, RAI doesn’t broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest, next saturday 24th May in Riga, Latvia. All the European public televisions will broadcast it live, and not our national television, as usual. It’s truly a shame! Only if somebody thinks that Eurovision Song Contest, is the most watched programme in Germany, Spain, Sweden and also in other countries”. Meanwhile it became clear that the thematic digital satellite Italian channel Gay. tv will broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest live, but it appears that channel is not available without being subscribed.

Girls can’t knock Mickey from No –
Girls Aloud’s second single, ‘No Good Advice’, debuted at two on the chart, while Ireland’s Eurovision representative Harte held on to the top slot for a third week running. 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ was at three, followed by R Kelly’s ‘Ignition’ at four and Craig David featuring Sting with ‘Rise & Fall’ at five. Advertisement Other new entries on the Irish singles chart included Bon Jovi’s ‘All About Lovin’ You’ at 16, Buddy Joe’ ‘Klubbhoppers’ at 21, ‘Lately’ by Lisa Scott-Lee at 24 and ‘The Bhoys Are Back in Town’ by Dance To Tipperary at 28. In the UK, Girls Aloud also ranked number two as R Kelly held on to the top spot for a second week. Girls Aloud will be joining Busted, Six, Simon Casey and Mankind as part of the line-up for Westlife’s Lansdowne Road concerts on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 June.

Latvian prime minister visited the
In the Skonto Hall Mr. Rep?e, was welcomed by Uldis Grava, the Director General of Latvian Broadcaster (LTV), Ojars Rubenis, the Chairman of the National Television and Radio Board, and Brigita Rozembrika, Eurovision Song Contest 2003 Executive
Producer. Prime Minister visited the stage, the Press Centre and gave a an interview. He was asked about his impressions about the stage.

Latvia: rehearsal, press conference, cd
consisting of Yana Kay, Lauris Raynix, Martin Freiman, had their first rehearsal at the Skonto Hall. At the press conference the singers performed their Eurovision Song Contest 2003 entry hello From Mars and made the journalists laugh about their adventures during the promotion tour in Europe. The rehearsal went smooth. It was trio’s first performance on the Skonto stage. The singers had good feeling of cameras. At the press conference they revealed that the song Hello from mars has nothing to do with the ailiens or Star Wars.

The One With the French & Israeli
Somehow it?s good because I like this kind of French songs. For the country itself it?s not that positive ? people know what to expect from them and that?s probably one of the reasons France hasn?t won for a long time. As the last Eurovision Song Contests have shown ? the songs and the performers must be different from the others and they must surprise the crowd who?s judging the songs. Of course there?s a chance France doesn?t want to win but then again ? what?s the point of competing? Comparing their entry for this year and the ones before, then I must admit I can?t almost make a difference. But as time has shown, it will probably reach a spot in the top 10, though. My points would be 6 out of 10, but this has a lot to with the fact I like French. The Israeli song makes me wonder if they really think they could win with that kind of song?I do believe it might sound very good in some Mexican soap-opera.

Lesbian chic and hip-hop gibberish rule OKIrish Independent
Simon Casey’s quixotic plea for world peace – A Better Place – almost vegetated in the top spot until it was displaced by some hip-hop gibberish by 50 Cent called In Da Club. Then enter Mickey our clean-cut, re-imaged (as himself) hero the Donegal troubadour with the effulgent emerald guitar and the grannies-wooing grin who knocks da club out for six and becomes the second No 1 to emerge from You’re a Star with sales that make the stamp-along We’ve got the World the biggest selling single this year in Ireland. And we haven’t even had the Eurovision yet. And so it came to pass – in defiance of all known trends and norms – that this year’s Eurosong produced two mega-hits by previously unknown artists. The mind truly blows and boggles! This must, indeed, be the first time since the phonograph days when Harry Thuillier presented the Irish charts, since Dickie Rock politely pleaded with Europe to “please come back to stay”, since Katie Boyle was in black and white – that the Irish Eurovision entry has gone to No 1 before the contest. It has, of course, been the fate of most Irish entries in recent years, nay decades, to fade away from the public consciousness – like the distant tans of our early summer, like the election promises of the present Coalition or even the lovers ofUlrika.

TVE: the exclusive televoting will make it imposible to have multiple…
com, the general secretary of the Spanish National station, TVE, Jordi Bosch, has said that the new televoting procedure to be used this year during the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 will make it imposible to have multiple voting from the same number. Bosh said that televoting will have the same weight in every country and it will be imposible to vote for a country from the same number during the 5 minutes allowed for voting. This kind of restricted voting was used in the Spanish preselection final, Operacion Triunfo, when it was impossible to vote more than 25 times to the same singer from the same number during that week. – showbuzz – May. 20, 2003CNN
RIGA, Latvia (Reuters) — Eurovision Song Contest organisers in image- conscious Latvia are worried the Russian lesbian pop duo t. might ambush the annual festival of glitz and kitsch… “We don’t know what they will do on stage — you never know with this group,” said spokeswoman Solvita Vevere. “But we will have a taped performance from the dress rehearsal, so we can always switch to that if need be. Eurovision has launched superstars like Sweden’s ABBA, who won in 1974 with the disco classic “Waterloo,” but most contestants are remembered as pop wannabes famous only for bizarre lyrics, quaint stage shows or the sour note of the partisan votes they receive. More Showbuzz Headlines.

Just what kind of beast is this?Guardian Unlimited
Elsewhere in France, Colin Paterson was interviewing Elvira (Elvira!). While by no means as excrutiating as his encounter with Kiefer Sutherland and Christian Slater, it was nevertheless embarrassing. In the studio, meanwhile, Claudia Winkleman had a couple of Bad Girls and Britain’s Eurovision entry to contend with. There was more Winkleman on a Liquid Profile of Christina Aguilera. While a show like Re:covered, presented by Dermot O’Leary, is excellent because it has purpose and entertainment value, Liquid Profiles are guff, especially compared to similar strands on dedicated music channels. This mini-interview with Aguilera was doubly awful because it was dated. Those of us sufficiently interested in the singer don’t want to hear about her single Beautiful because she’s got a new one out.

Parts also met with President Vaira Vike-Freiberga and parliament speaker Ingrida Udre. SG
Riga City Council Executive Director Maris Tralmaks informed “Latvia's Association for Support of Russian Schools” on 16 May that it will not be granted permission to hold a march and a rally on 23 May to protest the plan to make Latvian the language of instruction in all schools as of September 2004, LETA reported. The decision was based on the recommendations of the Constitutional Protection Bureau, the Security Police, and other institutions that holding the event on that date would increase the difficulty of maintaining public order during the international Eurovision song contest, which began on 18 May. The association's chairman, Igors Pimenovs, said he would prefer to avoid holding an unauthorized protest but believes the protest will take place anyway because other Russian organizations are unlikely to give up their plans. SG
Homeland Union (Conservatives of Lithuania) Chairman Vytautas Landsbergis declared in a letter to local chapters on 16 May that he will not run for re-election as chairman at the party's 24 May congress, BNS reported. The congress was initially scheduled for April, but was postponed so as not to interfere with the country's EU-membership referendum. Landsbergis previously said he would not leave his post, which he has held since the establishment of the party in 1993, until Lithuania becomes a member of NATO.

NDR plans cooperation with Viva for German
“Of course we miss this – especially if you look at other countries, which are behind their artists and give them backup in the media. ” Lou herself has lost over 8 kilos for her performance in Riga, which means her new, tailormade white smoking that she will sport on stage had to be costumized five times. She “would love to take victory home”.

Spain: rehearsal press
Ten months ago the singer joined Operacion Triunfo show group, supplementing it with her excellent voice, charming smile and original style. Beth together with her friends has taken part in the first aid giving activities in Senegal, Africa. Later on the singer was working as a waitress in London, where she improved her English knowledge.

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