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Eurovision News Review:

* What did you think of the Eurovision result?
* Junior Eurovision: Malta picks entry in September
* BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | US rockers top charts with debut
* Wresting victory from nul points
* Tel’s back on the telly – with a vengeance!
* Results of the Polish SMS-voting
* Ten fascinating Belgium facts
* Everyone’s a winner
* Church joins esteemed cast
* Conservative Party – News Story
* Old rockers don’t die, they join RTE News
* Sunday 06/07/03 Crispian Mills, Songdog, Jemini, Tom McRae, Daniel…

What did you think of the Eurovision result?BBC News
Granted they did go along with the Eurovision style of being rubbish, but they went too far. My dad sings better in the shower!. Everyone loves rabbits and bears! The UK were terrible – Eurovision is about bad songs, but that was just pushing it too far! I also loved Germany’s entry.

Junior Eurovision: Malta picks entry in
Maltasong very distinctly states that it will have a say in what the participants wear on stage. Speaking to The Malta Independent on Sunday, Maltasong member Romina Libreri said the board is still working on the competition. “We will hold a meeting next week and all the details will be announced to the press,” Ms Libreri said. Asked what budget Maltasong will allot to this festival, Ms Libreri said this were details which will be made public later on.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | US rockers top charts with debutBBC News
Other new releases to reach high positions in the singles chart include Gay Bar by Electric Six at number five and Forever and For Always by Shania Twain at number six. But there was more bad news for Eurovision Song Contest losers Gemini, as their song Cry Baby fell 24 places to number 39 in its second week. The duo suffered the indignity of becoming the first UK Eurovision entrants to score no points at the contest… Other new releases to reach high positions in the singles chart include Gay Bar by Electric Six at number five and Forever and For Always by Shania Twain at number six. But there was more bad news for Eurovision Song Contest losers Gemini, as their song Cry Baby fell 24 places to number 39 in its second week. The duo suffered the indignity of becoming the first UK Eurovision entrants to score no points at the contest.

Wresting victory from nul pointsIrish Independent
And now it has come to pass that they have a hit on their hands. Last week their dirge Cry Baby leapt into the UK Top 40 at No 15. Meanwhile But the real Eurovision winner was Terry Wogan. Aussie channel SBS, which always carries the Eurovision, decided in its folly to replace the traditional Wogan commentary with one by a local Aussie. The change generated such a furore that a chastened SBS was forced to rebroadcast the whole three-hour show in its entirety – with the Wogan commentary.

Tel’s back on the telly – with a vengeance!Irish Independent
His BBC breakfast show is just shy of eight million listeners, making him not just Britain’s, but Europe’s, top draw. “The coffin-dodgers rule!” he exulted, adding another award to the pile recently. Last month the Limerickman presided over his 30th Eurovision for the BBC. So formidable is his legend, that the hosts scrambled to get their retaliation in first. A haplessly comical Estonian press release warned that “booze has its effect on Wogan, who becomes more and more intolerable as the show develops”. As usual, he upstaged all-comers, picking-off everything that moved with withering sniper fire. Knee-deep in garlands and with the free bus-pass in the post, the stage is set for Terry Wogan to bow out at the top.

Results of the Polish
In Poland eurovision is known as a contest of KITCH and some people showed with that kind of disregard. that's why we voted for our band, just for fun, hehe.

Ten fascinating Belgium factsBBC News
Belgian pop music reached its apex in 1978 with the release of Plastic Bertrand’s ‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’, which made number eight in the UK charts. Belgium’s other band, Front 242, make music which sounds like someone dropping a piano down a laundry chute. Although Belgian pop music is generally dreadful, the country did win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1986 with Sandra Kim’s ‘J’aime la vie’. And before anyone in the United Kingdom gets too smug, Belgium were runners-up in this year’s contest, while the UK entry sounded like a bag of cats being hit with a hammer. Belgium’s most successful exports include sugar beets, tobacco, beef and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Everyone’s a winnerNew Statesman
The “results” were put to Tony Blair in an interview with Nicky Campbell. Reality TV’s ethos of interactivity had intruded into political life, at the hands of the state-owned channel, at the expense of analysis and accurate – as well as more democratic – polling methods. These techniques are proliferating: we have recently had the BBC’s national IQ contest Test the Nation; Radio 5 Live experimented with having listeners call in to vote for which of three reports they would like to hear; and even the Eurovision Song Contest is interpreted as a political event. Is it a lot of fuss about nothing? Perhaps, but precedent elsewhere suggests we are embarking on a highly questionable path. In Argentina last year, a reality show called The People’s Candidate pit 16 political hopefuls against each other; the winner, selected by viewers, contested the March 2003 congressional elections. In the US, Rupert Murdoch’s FX cable network planned to run a similar programme, American Candidate, but setting its sights on the White House. The series producer called the show a democratic project “making available to every American who is qualified, by virtue of the constitution, the opportunity to run for president”.

Church joins esteemed castBBC News
It was a big hit, and she has kept the films coming – including The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Steel Magnolias and Straight Talk. Olivia Newton-John

It may be hard to remember now, but Olivia Newton-John was already established as a singer before Grease came along in 1978. She had even represented Britain in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest before starring opposite John Travolta (she came fourth, beaten by Abba). And now she is heading back to the role of Sandy, in an update of the movie – she will still be married to Danny Zuko and the two have a child going through school.

Conservative Party – News
We will be told that when we were in office we did not propose referendums on European matters of constitutional significance—that attack has been made on previous occasions—but was not it John Major who promised a referendum on the single currency? After six years of commitment from this Government, we are still waiting for that referendum. We are told that we will still get a referendum on the euro, but we will have to wait and see. All that we are getting at the moment is the Tony and Gordon roadshow—the Government’s answer to our ill-fated Eurovision entry Jemini, being ill matched and out of tune. After six years of being told that the single currency was simply an economic decision, with no constitutional significance, suddenly we are told that it has achieved constitutional significance again. The Prime Minister said in Warsaw on 30 May that “if we recommend entry to the euro, it would be a step of such economic and constitutional significance that a referendum would be sensible, and right, which is why we have promised one. ” The Prime Minister used the phrase “constitutional significance”, but what about the Convention? At Question Time today, the Prime Minister said again that he did not believe that the Convention was constitutionally significant, but I ask the question again: if a constitutional treaty providing a constitution for the EU is not of constitutional significance, what on earth is? Surely it would be as sensible and right to have a referendum on the constitution as on the euro? I am sure that we will also hear the usual attacks for not backing referendums in the past. The answer is straightforward.

Old rockers don’t die, they join RTE NewsIrish Independent
The verdict according to “Dave”: “He’s still the Boss. ” Let’s hope director general Bob Collins wasn’t listening. Elsewhere, fellow reporter Brendan Fitzpatrick – who on Wednesday was talking to TDs about the Government progress report – has been heard on air analysing the history of Eurovision, while Brian Lally reported for Five Seven Live on the appearance in Donegal of Chubby Checker. What next? A breathless Charlie Bird with the latest from his secret sources inside the Britney Spears camp? Richard Downes on why he had to dash away early from the MTV Awards because P Diddy and Eminem were fast approaching the front door and it looked like things could turn nasty? It’s hard to tell if all this is just a sign that the usual summer silly season has come a bit early this year, or something far sadder. A whole New Laddish revisiting of bygone youth, perhaps, by male journalists mourning their expanding waistlines and receding hairlines and wishing wistfully it was the other way round. Whatever the reason, an answer has finally come to the age-old mystery. Now we know that old rockers never die, they just join the RTE newsroom.

Sunday 06/07/03 Crispian Mills, Songdog, Jemini, Tom McRae, Daniel…Gigwise
Surreally funny everyday lyrics such as “She text-messaged me while I was queuing at the hot dog stall” of ‘Hatchet Girl’ were followed by something typically dark humoured. Don’t be put off by the growly lo-fi tunes, Songdog would have you giggling even during the next act – which was Jemini. Remember them? A fat tone-deaf Aqua, put through a blender with Steps, they scored a spectacularly terrible ‘Nil points’ at this year’s Eurovision. Presumably Guilfest’s organisers didn’t expect them to fare quite so badly when they were booked (either that or someone was playing a sick joke on the unwitting parents that had been forced to bring the kids to see Atomic Kitten later that evening). Luckily, Jemini’s set only lasted 20 minutes, compared to the 50+ minutes afforded to theother acts. Some clever tyke thoughtfully distributed A4 sheets bearing a simple ‘0’, which were proudly held aloft by the majority of the audience. Bizarrely, Jemini seemed to take this as a sign of affection.

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