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* We are searching for new team members!
* Tom hits Egremont
* Maltasong to have final say on clothes
* Blue for Tuam festival
* Note from Sir Tim: if the song’s a stinker, use the tune again
* Geraldine Bedell on the West Bank Wall | Special reports | Guardian…
* Mamma Mia, there she goes again
* On the rocky road to fame

We are searching for new team members!
com is searching for new team members for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest year. Maybe you are the one we’re searching for! Working for esctoday. com, which is a non-profit project, is voluntary, which does not mean you don’t get anything for it! Working with esctoday. com means:

– having fun with people who share the same passion, the Eurovision Song Contest, during the whole year
– learn new things and get more experienced in writing for the internet
– get to know the world of Eurovision partly from inside
– get to know new people from other countries and different cultures
– join the team in Istanbul during the Eurovision week 2004
– you get appreciation of thousands of people from all over the world

In exchange, we’d like to have people in the team who:

– are willing to provide imput on a regular base, we prefer a few hours per week
– have good with computer skills and have a bit of experience in writing
– have a good level of English (speaking, writing, reading)
– have knowledge about the Eurovision Song Contest in general
– visit esctoday. com already on a regular base
– are willing to follow some standards

News editor from Istanbul region
You are from Istanbul or near and you watch the local and national media on Eurovision news.

Tom hits EgremontNews & Star
And it’s not just the youngsters, either,” they said. They have just given per mission for The Singing Sen sations, which promotes young singers, to launch a spe cial website dedicated to Tom, who came third in the first ever Junior Eurovision Singing Contest last month. Fans from across the world have already inundated the Singing Sensations website with messages for Tom and requests for his Eurovision song, My Song For The World. His dad Jack said: “Every one keeps asking where they can buy a copy of it. We are desperate to get it released as a CD. It could sell 15,000 around here alone. ”

He believes it should have been released as soon as Tom won the British Eurovision finals in September.

Maltasong to have final say on
Maltasong very distinctly states that it will have a say in what the participants wear on stage. Speaking to The Malta Independent on Sunday, Maltasong member Romina Libreri said the board is still working on the competition. ?We will hold a meeting next week and all the details will be announced to the press,? Ms Libreri said. Asked what budget Maltasong will allot to this festival, Ms Libreri said this were details which will be made public later on.

Blue for Tuam festivalWestern People
One of the biggest two day festivals this year, the event has a range of different bands to suit everyones musical taste. The famous British pop band currently taking the world by storm, Blue are set to headline the festival on Friday, July 26 with Irish Eurovision entry Mickey Harte, D-Side, D-Vine, Malachi Cush and Wot Nxt also playing throughout the day. Saturday?s lineup will be headlined by famous Irish singer and ex-Pogues member, Shane McGowan with exciting acts such as The Undertones, The Walls, Hot House Flowers, Picture House, The Revs, Mundy and Aslan also playing. The festival is being organised by Lal and Mary Lee from L&M Promotions, Justin Duane and Peter Maher. Tickets are on sale at www.

Note from Sir Tim: if the song’s a stinker, use the tune
But the story was never quite right. The story has to be right. ” My favourite pearl of wisdom came after hearing a snatch of Lulu singing a possible entry for the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest. Not Boom Bang a Bang, but one even more horrible. The advice here was never throw away a good tune because the words are terrible. To illustrate, Sir Tim played a number from Evita and, blow me, same tune, different arrangement. Except Sir Tim failed to do a decent deal about who had the rights to the Lulu number.

Geraldine Bedell on the West Bank Wall | Special reports | Guardian…Guardian Unlimited
At the very least, it is an attempt to pre-empt negotiations with a land grab that establishes new borders (and what the road map calls ‘facts on the ground’ that must be heeded). Arguably it is more devious: an attempt to undermine negotiations altogether – because what Palestinian Authority could sign up to the fragmented ‘state’ the wall will create? Jeff Halper, professor of anthropology at Ben Gurion University, is unsure whether the expense (around ?1m a mile) will mean the eastern section is ever attempted, but believes that the wall will not only separate Israel from the Palestinians but, once and for all, from the region as a whole. Just as the Israelis sit in the European bloc at the United Nations, play in the European basketball league and sing in the Eurovision song contest, he argues, the wall is a ‘final statement that Israel wants nothing to do with its neighbours, that it looks West, to Europe and beyond to the United States,’ that it turns its back on the Middle East. In Israel these days, you keep hearing the phrase ‘Good fences make good neighbours’, a quotation from a poem, Mending Wall, written by Robert Frost in 1915. You hear variations, too: the PLO has published a pamphlet called ‘Bad fences make bad neighbours’; the mayor of Bethlehem told me, ‘I don’t believe good fences make good neighbours; I believe good neighbours make good fences. ‘ What nobody ever remembers is how the poem continues: Before I built a wall I’d ask to know What I was walling in or walling out And to whom I was like to give offence. Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, That wants it down.

Mamma Mia, there she goes againCalcutta Telegraph
She came up with a plot line for the musical Mamma Mia, which weaves in 22 of Abba?s greatest hits. The show has now grossed more than $500 million from Las Vegas to Tokyo. It opened in London in April 1999 on the 25th anniversary of Abba winning the Eurovision song contest and shows no signs of running out of steam. ?I keep wondering when I am going to feel blase about it but I don?t at all. I still get such a thrill when I come up to London and see a Mamma Mia poster on the bus,? the 45-year-old playwright said. For hers was not an overnight success. After as she says ?frittering my life away until I was 30?, she wrote a play and won a competition to have it produced.

On the rocky road to fameThis Is Hertfordshire
But the industry is turning its back on this talent, according to Madge Conacher, of Highwood Avenue, who plays keyboards in Virtual Biscuit and spent several years running a music club. “I don’t think grassroots music gets the support it deserves. Did you hear our Eurovision entry? I know for a fact there’s talented performers out there like the ones we are seeing tonight, but the industry has missed them,” she says. Adam Day, of Station Road, Barnet, went to see the local talent. He says Barnet is brimming with creativity that needs nights such as Uncovered. “Lots of musicians live around here, particularly in Barnet – being near the Green Belt, it’s quite good for being creative. You are near nature,” he says.

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