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* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
*’s Breaking News Eutelsat, Eurovision launch…
* Sweet Charity: A sight to gladden any man’s heart
* Fly on The Wings of Love soars back again
* Attraction cherry ripe
* We pay to pray at the Church of Celebrity
* ‘Idol’ worship draws copycats

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
be News. In 2001, the Belgian author\’s organisation SABAM was already convinced of the similarity of the songs. The Swedish composers and lyricists Henrik Sethsson, Thomas G:son and record company Mariann Songs were not convinced, but when the lyricist and composer of Liefde is een kaartspel suggested a trial case, the Swedes came with a financial offer.’s Breaking News Eutelsat, Eurovision launch…
com’s Breaking News Eutelsat, Eurovision launch Hot Bird TV awards 2003 Indiantelevision. com Team (13 August 2003 2:00 pm) PARIS: Satellite operator Eutelsat and Eurovisioni, the international festival of cinema and television have announced the schedule for the Hot Bird TV Awards 2003.

Sweet Charity: A sight to gladden any man’s heartIrish Independent
The man, I reckoned, has eyes as well as ears. All three young women were finalists in You’re a Star and it was actually at the You’re a Star after-party in Lillies Bordello that they decided to form “a country pop group – an Irish Dixie Chicks”. During Eurovision week in Riga the girls really did themselves proud. They were a huge hit at press conferences and their beauty was much commented upon. I recently renewed acquaintance with Sweet Charity just after they had completed their first few nights as resident singers on the new Friday night Coulter and Company show which has taken over the Late Late slot for the summer, and which comes from Limerick’s University Concert Hall. Each week the group, as well as performing backing vocals for the star performers, including Samantha Mumba, Mundy and Brian Kennedy, do a regular spot on their own. Things are really panning out well for Sweet Charity… They’ve got the whole country covered – North, Midland and the South, the latter represented by effervescent Leesider Sarah, who is majoring in jazz and classical in UCC. Sarah recently did her music exams at UCC, but both Susan and Catriona are full-time Sweet Charity girls. And they regrettent rien about their Eurovision gig. “It was the best thing that could happen to us, we’ll never forget the week, and though we won’t be doing You’re a Star next year if we were asked sometime to do Eurovision and the song was right we’d definitely do it. Definitely,” says Susan. And as for their now legendary run-in with Tatu in Riga there were actually no handbagging incidents – “We didn’t come to blows” – but Sweet Charity did find the Russian duo “very stroppy and a little divaish and that’s an understatement”. Happily, there’s nothing remotely divaish about the three country pop gals.

Fly on The Wings of Love soars back againIrish Independent
The song, Fly on the Wings of Love (performed by Xtm & DJ Chucky featuring Annia) is actually a danced-up version of the song by Danish pop-rock dinosaurs, the Olsen Brothers. The song began life as Smuk som et Stjerneskud (Beautiful as a Shooting Star), their entry in the Danish National Song Contest. It won with ease, but the Danes cannily translated the song into English in time to win the 2000 Eurovision in Stockholm.

Attraction cherry
Apart from speed it is her almost impossible action – that of demented haymaker wielding a scythe -that sets her apart. “She’s got the most famous legs since Clodagh Rodgers,” said Mark Johnston somewhat obscurely. Miss Rodgers, fourth in the Eurovision Song Contest, once insured her legs for £1 million. “I’ve had horses that I thought would win before,” he said, “but I’ve never had one I’ve thought peerless in Europe in their age and sex as I do with Attraction. The six-year-old Millenary and.

We pay to pray at the Church of CelebrityIrish Independent
I know about Jack and Kym because on Thursday evening I went to my local shop for a drum of salt and a pair of rubber gloves (don’t ask) and I happened to glance at the magazine rack. The cover of every second magazine told of Jack and Kym’s separation. Now, as I absorbed this sad news, I have to confess that the first thing that occurred to me was, “Who the hell are Jack Ryder and Kym Marsh?” For all I knew, the pair had won the Eurovision Song Contest when I wasn’t paying attention. Or jointly invented the disposable barbecue. Perhaps Jack is a nightclub bouncer whose genitals weren’t groped by Eamon Dunphy. Could Kym be the new leader of Fine Gael? Luckily, I keep a couple of officially certified Young People on retainer, to help me keep my finger on the pulse of the nation. They made extensive inquiries, and Fine Gael got back to say no, Kym isn’t currently their leader, but they’ll certainly keep her in mind for the position.

‘Idol’ worship draws copycatsVariety – Variety (subscription)
format “Star Search. “ZDF’s “Die deutsche Stimme” (The German Voice), co-developed and produced with Endemol Deutschland, features German evergreens in a bid to appeal to older and younger viewers. Munich-based producer Ralph Siegel, who composed many German contributions for the annual Eurovision song contest, will head the jury for “Die deutsche Stimme. ”

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