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‘I’ve served in Bosnia Northern Ireland and Kosovo but the…

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– ‘I’ve served in Bosnia Northern Ireland and Kosovo but the…
– The Lunchtime Bonus Question
– Western Mail (Cardiff Wales)
– Why naked Brits are on a hiding to nothing

‘I’ve served in Bosnia Northern Ireland and Kosovo but the… – Aug 24, 2003
Since then five more reps have been arrested for encouraging binge-drinking by organising banned bar crawls – although they were later released without charge. Last week Steve Ireland 19 from Thurrock Essex was jailed for seven-months for baring his bottom but was released after his family paid £2250 bail. In the latest incident Jemma Gunning 19 from Frome Somerset received an eight-month sentence on Wednesday for baring her breasts during a “Eurovision Thong Contest” and told by the judge she had “insulted our Greek values”. Again she was released after her family paid £1675. At 2am on the terrace of the Bedrock Bar where the contest took place the mood is one of indignation. “The police are over-reacting” says Alexa 19 a student at Chester University. “Girls are on the beach all day with their boobs out but when they do it at night they’re suddenly banged up.

The Lunchtime Bonus Question
BBC News – Aug 22, 2003
? Colin M BirminghamBefore it was given a more upbeat tone what was the working title of Dana’s Eurovision song “All Kinds of Everything”? Chris Ford BristolWhen calculating angles in triangles students are encouraged to use trigonometry. Why doesn’t this work with circles? Nigel Pettinger Bromley UKAaron Barschak said that he had not known royal-kissing cross-dressing and terrorist-impersonating comedians were *not* welcome at William’s party as there had been what?Mags UKIn the surrealist supermarket customers could buy only two products. They could have either.

Western Mail (Cardiff Wales) – Aug 22, 2003
(Hide copyright information) Byline: Rhodri Evans It was the decade of punk rock smondmania and reggae. It brought us Glastonbury Knebworth and the first-ever pop video. Today as we continue our nostalgic trip back to the soaring 1970s Rhodri Evans takes a chance on pop icons Abba THE EURVISIN song contest of 1974 could have been remembered for many things. It could have been remembered for the fact that the Portuguese entry was the signal for a military coup back in Lisbon. It could have been remembered for the fact that the French pulled out of the competition after the death of their.

Why naked Brits are on a hiding to nothing
Guardian Unlimited – Aug 24, 2003
Unfortunately to the same mind if the pants or nipples are revealed deliberately then the girl is suddenly a dodgy old slapper. This is the problem for Jemma Gunning. Can a suspicious public really believe that her bikini top came off by mistake? She was after all on a nightclub stage taking part in ‘The Eurovision Thong Contest’. Was this also a mistake? Did she think it was a charity quiz on the works of the Brontë sisters? Had she in fact accidentally boarded a plane for Faliraki believing she was bound for Hay-on-Wye? Meanwhile the mistake of 41-year-old Elizabeth Webster from Sleaford was forgetting to put a T-shirt over her bikini while shopping in Tesco. She was stopped by officials at the fruit counter – a clever place for her to browse. If the manager had only been able to think of a decent ‘melons’ joke she’d probably have got away with it. Instead Webster received a formal caution.

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