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DM and Jemini Scala, London

Eurovision News Review:

* Linda Martin helps selecting Irish entry
* Denmark: one final for 2004
* Michal Wisniewski father again!
* DM and Jemini Scala, London
* Side lines Laura Barton
* The Lunchtime Bonus Question
* Teen’s death prompts police to clean up notorious resort
* General Overview Of A TV Show’s Success
* Lm235,274 collected at the end of the 2003 Kerygma Volleyball Marathon

Linda Martin helps selecting Irish
com News. After huge ratings for the first edition, Irish broadcaster RT? decided to again use the casting show format for picking next year’s Irish Eurovision representative. There will be five auditions throughout the country, starting in Letterkenny on September 6th. Ennis, Waterford, Longford and Dublin (October 19th) are to follow. Phil Coulter and Louis Walsh will form the selecting jury again, joined by former Irish Eurovision winner Linda Martin and a different ‘celebrity’ judge each week. The first show of this year’s You’re a Star competition will be aired on Sunday, November 16th on RT?1.

Denmark: one final for
dk News. As in previous years Denmark will select its Eurovision entry from within one final – nothing more. When in 2002 Denmark scored a last place, some people feared – and others again hoped… – that the Danish interest in the Eurovision would silently die away. However, this year DR has again received thousands of songs for next year\’s national final – already before DR published any official information. This apparent interest, one might argue, might have made DR take after its Swedish brother SVT and introduce semifinals, but DR – traditional as traditions bid – will have one final only, informs Jan Frifelt, coordinator of events at DR. The reason for this might be that the television audience are already saturated (and beyond.

Michal Wisniewski father again!
com News. On 21st August, at 3:40 a. CET, Marta and Michal’s (photo) first baby, Xavier (14 months), got a little sister. The new-born weighed 3140 g (6.

DM and Jemini Scala, LondonGuardian Unlimited
In marked contrast to the standard hip-hop braggadocio, his witty lyrics are almost singularly concerned with failure: his car is clapped out, his gold jewellery is fake. Brooklyn-based headliners Dangermouse and Jemini are a more complex proposition. Their recent album, Ghetto Pop Life, has attracted acclaim from critics prepared to overlook the fact that they have named themselves after a cartoon character voiced by David Jason and Britain’s nul-points Eurovision flops. Their performance is curiously devoid of the arhythmic rapping and obtuse musical backgrounds favoured by their underground contemporaries. Instead, it boasts r’n’b influences, hooks, steamrolling beats and dextrous, intelligent rhymes that, on more than one occasion, lambast the situation in Iraq. This is underground hip-hop simply because it has yet to be recognised by the mainstream. DM and Jemini are joined on stage for their entire set by a stocky white man in a flat cap.

Side lines Laura BartonGuardian Unlimited
But perhaps they didn’t intend to pose starkers at all. Perhaps, ladies, it was a just simple matter of their bikini tops falling off. After all, these things frequently happen, especially, we’ve noticed, if one happens to be (a) at the Eurovision Thong Contest in Faliraki, or (b) starring in Carry on Camping. · This week’s debate: Miss Abby Titmuss – “modern-day Florence Nightingale”, or “bazoomas out Jordan-style clone”? We reckon the smart money’s on the rank outsider – “young lady out on the razzle in a low-cut blouse”. · We’ve been riveted by an article on the Newsweek website about catcalling in Latino culture. Anna, in Harlem, found the frequent shouts of “nice ass” so disturbing that she, “bought a big dog”.

The Lunchtime Bonus QuestionBBC News
? Colin M, Birmingham

Before it was given a more upbeat tone, what was the working title of Dana’s Eurovision song “All Kinds of Everything”? Chris Ford, Bristol

When calculating angles in triangles students are encouraged to use trigonometry. Why doesn’t this work with circles? Nigel Pettinger, Bromley, UK

Aaron Barschak said that he had not known royal-kissing, cross-dressing and, terrorist-impersonating comedians were *not* welcome at William’s party as there had been what?Mags, UK

In the surrealist supermarket customers could buy only two products. They could have either.

Teen’s death prompts police to clean up notorious resortIrish Independent
They are now patrolling the bars and clubs and actively enforcing the laws, some of which outlaw pub crawling, playing sex games, stripping and mooning. These acts come with a hefty €3,000 fine. One holidaymaker, 18-year-old Jemma-Anne Gunning from Somerset, England, faced an eight-month jail sentence for baring her breasts during a stripping competition called the Eurovision Thong Contest. She was released after paying a fine of €1,675. Welshman Matthew Moloney was sentenced to year in jail after mooning on the street, but was freed after paying a €2,000 fine. Five holiday reps have been arrested for encouraging illegal pub crawls, but were released.

General Overview Of A TV Show’s SuccessDar Al-Hayat
Warda, Sabah, Melhem Barakat, Abdullah Rwaiched and many others. The show was however limited to the discovery of news voices but did not bring anything new to the art world. Not one single new song. They will say it is a television show, not a festival like the famous Eurovision, which presents new songs performed by new singers, written and composed by new talents. The show however lasted for months, moving from one place to another just as a festival could do. Art and creativity continuously create a new relationship through the magic of surprise and discovery, and this extremely important and vital element was lacking in this show, whereby the underlying message sent to the public was that the magic of art only lay in reviving the known and in redeveloping an old desire, without calling for discovering new and unknown talents. Yet, one is encouraged to support this show, for it is a step in the right direction, and it certainly needs to be complemented by another show and by other efforts from the world of creativity.

Lm235,274 collected at the end of the 2003 Kerygma Volleyball
Lm235,274 collected at the end of the 2003 Kerygma Volleyball Marathon. open(url,name,features); popBox.

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