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Latvia basks in Eurovision glory

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– Latvia basks in Eurovision glory
– Eurovision humiliation but was it a sinister plot?
– Tatu sneer at Eurovision dream

Latvia basks in Eurovision glory
CNN – May 24, 2003
Up to 600 million viewers across Europe watched the small Baltic state’s first victory in the contest propelling Latvia into the limelight and offering it the chance to promote its culture and tourist attractions as 2003 host. As the foreign minister of the previous winner Estonia said in a news release: “Eurovision in Estonia — a billion-dollar advertisement for a tiny state. The Latvian government and its host capital Riga can look forward to seeing £5 million (7 million euros) roll in from the record number of visitors expected to watch Saturday’s contest. “It will introduce Europe to our country.

Eurovision humiliation but was it a sinister plot? – May 26, 2003
The failure of the United Kingdom to win a point in the Eurovision Song Contest has shattered memories of Sandie Shaw’s barefoot rendition of Puppet on a String Sir Cliff Richard’s Congratulations and the skirt-ripping finale to Making Your Mind Up. Le Royaume-Uni joined the inauspicious ranks of those who have been awarded “nul points” since the inception of the contest in 1956; countries like Norway Austria and most recently Switzerland. None of those however has the same track record of producing the meaningless lyrics and annoying melodies that traditionally secure a Eurovision win. Lest the Turks become too smug over their winning entrant Sertab Erener singing Everyway That I Can they should perhaps heed the words of that keen Song Contest observer Terry Wogan.

Tatu sneer at Eurovision dream
BBC News – May 20, 2003
Russia’s entrants are none other than Tatu the angst-ridden teenage duo whose pseudo-lesbian antics have whipped up a storm – while their song All The Things She Said has become a global smash hit. Lena Katina the red-headed half of the partnership is brimming with rebelliousness about Eurovision and hints at scandalising its wholesome image on 24 May in Riga. “It’s not a big deal for us. We were chosen by our country to go.

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