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Malene releases album

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* Culture & Lifestyle | 09.03.2003 “Let’s Get Happy”…
* An evening with four Eurovision Singers, held at the University Gozo…
* Sarah Harrison wins Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003
* Malene releases album
* The Yanks should really have a Harte
* Operación Triúnfo will start on September 29th
* Cult show tops TV themes
* For Estonia, EU Membership Isn’t the only Identity Crisis
* Townsend part Gregor groan, part Merlin
* Details about Polish national final released

Culture & Lifestyle | 09.03.2003 “Let’s Get Happy”…Deutsche Welle
Unfortunately, not even being backed by German producer and singer, Dieter Bohlen and Pop Idol wannabe, Daniel Küblböck, could force Brandt’s new tune into the contest in Riga in two months time. The singing Chancellor managed only third place. Siegel, however, now gets a second chance at Eurovision glory with Lou and “Let’s Get Happy”. His attempt at Euro domination faltered badly last year when German hope Corinna May failed to make an impact on the competition, coming 21st after starting as one of the favorites. Songwriter gets second bite at Eurovision cherry
Siegel was upbeat despite last year’s disappointment. He told the German magazine Der Spiegel, “It is unbelievably odd but also an amazing feeling to get another chance.

An evening with four Eurovision Singers, held at the University Gozo…
An evening with four Eurovision Singers, held at the University Gozo Centre. open(url,name,features); popBox.

Sarah Harrison wins Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest

“I always dreamt of winning such a contest. Singing and entertaining people is something which I enjoy doing,” she said. Sarah continued that she must now continue working on her song and prepare for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Malta should be given a good name in this contest, she concluded. The contest is expected to be hosted by Ronan Keating. Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears are expected to perform. All contestants will be aged 8 to 15 years old and they must write and compose their own song without any professional assistance.

Malene releases
dk News. The title of the new album is Paradise and it is rather different from her Eurovision entryTell me who you are as it is a jazz-album! The Danish press has already nicknamed Malene as Jazzdiva.

The Yanks should really have a HarteIrish Independent
Other defeated Eurovision contestants tend to fade away, only re-surfacing briefly – if at all – for some retrospective ‘reeling back the years’ type show. Mickey on the other hand seems to give the impression a la John Lennon that he is bigger than Jesus. Of course Lennon came to that conclusion on witnessing the reception awaiting him upon his arrival at the airport in the US; circumstances this week decreed that any assessment by Mickey Joe of his precise position in the firmament was not destined to take place from such a vantage point. Nevertheless, Mickey Joe did manage to mobilise Frank Fahey, Pat “The Cope” Gallagher and Dr Jim McDaid in the effort to get him onto the plane. Having lambasted RTE for the lack of support that they gave him in the Eurovision, the Donegal singer has clearly realised that there is no point wasting his time with mere apparatchiks… I am reluctant to suggest that it is a resigning matter for the ministers, but while noble failure may be understood when it comes to trying to bring peace to Rwanda, if you invest your political capital in getting Mickey Joe Harte to New York anything less than a Donegal man warbling, We’ve got the World Tonight is going to seem downright anti-climatic. Nor should you depend on getting Davey Arthur in to fill the breach. Like the Eurovision – which also proved that he was remarkably popular here but didn’t travel well – the affair is something of a blow to Mickey Joe. Temporary though, definitely temporary.

Operación Triúnfo will start on September
Again, Carlos Lozano will host the popular talent scout show which finally brings Spain\’s Eurovision entry. He will also host the Spanish junior national final.

Cult show tops TV themesBBC News
Rocktastic!! Andy, UK

Mystrious Cities of Gold had the best theme tune ever, that and Dogtanian and the 3 Muskahounds! Judith Clements, England

Three stand out for me, and all three are from the 60s. Danger Man and The Prisoner, which both starred Patrick McGoohan and Joe 90, from Gerry Anderson. Other worthy mentions are the Eurovision theme (from the start of every Eurovision Song Contest) and the jingle of the ATV ident!! Damien Cahill, Ireland

The original theme music to Grange Hill does it for me everytime. Fergus, UK

Edge Of Darkness followed by Spender, The Professionals, The Avengers, Man In A Suitecase, The Prisoner. AL, UK

I don’t know the White Horses but some of my favourite theme tunes are Snooker, Grange Hill, Quiller, The Liver Birds, The Two Ronnies, The Hanged Man, Monkey, Darts, The New Avengers, Porridge, CHiPS, Hill Street Blues, Man About The House, Taxi, Robin’s Nest, Stop Look and Listen, Seeing and Doing. Max, UK

It’s got to be either Roobarb or Dangermouse – no other themes come close to those classics! Paul C, UK (in US)

What about Eye Level the theme from Van der Valk by the Simon Park Orchestra? It was actually top of the charts for what seemed like years in the seventies.

For Estonia, EU Membership Isn’t the only Identity CrisisDeutsche Welle
“That could only be a benefit for Europe. ”
Opinion polls show more Estonians in favor of joining the European Union than against it, but the slim margin suggests a “yes” vote on referendum day is anything but certain. Despite its enthusiastic hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2002, there is widespread skepticism about the benefits of EU membership. Many citizens of the formerly communist country suffered hardships in the transition to a market economy, and view EU membership as another painful transition. Price increases and a loss of sovereignty are two reasons often cited by those who plan to vote against admission to the union.

Townsend part Gregor groan, part
Fortunately the nobody was somebody very special indeed and Simon Taylor, the Scotland No 8, had the agility to pick up the bouncing ball and cut inside for Scotland’s second try. If it was a planned move between two glittering alumni of Edinburgh University, it fooled everybody. It is a capital offence, meanwhile, to speak ill of the great Geech, but when your rugby team, as Scotland were in the tournament prior to yesterday, are scoring less points than a Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest entry, questions get asked. McGeechan’s team answered them yesterday, while Steve Hansen, the Wales coach, will be a Kiwi fruitcake by the time the Welsh media finish with him. Expect a leek on his head any day now. But a good one to win.

Details about Polish national final
The deadline for submiting songs is November 5th and the qualified songs will be presented already one week before Christmas if the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) doesn\’t object. Krajowy Fina? Konkursu Piosenki Eurowizji 2004 will take place on January 24th, which is the same day as Finnish final. The event will be broadcasted live by TVP1 and TV Polonia, the international channel of the Polish public broadcaster.

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