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She shook her yellow mane and let rip for ten minutes

The News Review:

– She shook her yellow mane and let rip for ten minutes
– A dining date with Dana and her draft document
– EBU acquire APT audio technology

She shook her yellow mane and let rip for ten minutes
Daily Mail – Sep 17, 2003
Now ask yourself if you want to be governed that way. For those were just some of the expressions used in the House ofLords last night about the Government’s Anti-Hunting Bill. And that was just what they said about it on Labour’s side ofthe House!Not since the Eurovision judges gave Jemini ‘nul points’ atEurovision 2003 has there been quite such a comprehensivewall-to-wall all-ports rubbishing. The Commons voted for a total ban on hunting. The Lords toldthem they were barking. The earlier stages of the Upper House’s debate which wasscheduled to last until well past Horlicks time consisted of themost amazing chorus of raspberries. If you filled the old Wembley stadium with prankster schoolboysand equipped each of them with a whoopee cushion you could hardlygenerate a more complete and utter parp of ridicule.

A dining date with Dana and her draft document
Sligo Weekender – Sep 16, 2003
She is the Connacht Ulster MEP Dana Rosemary Scallon. She outlined her concerns to me over lunch one day last week. The former Eurovision winner came to the lunch date armed with two documents. In one hand she held a white-coloured draft of the Constitution for Europe. And in the other she had a copy of the blue-coloured Bunreacht Na hEireann Constitution of Ireland. Basically Dana’s worry is that the white document will contradict and override the blue one in many key areas. In support of her argument Dana points to Article 10 of the draft European constitution.

EBU acquire APT audio technology
4RFV – Sep 17, 2003
It serves 71 active members in 52 countries in Europe North Africa and the Middle East and 46 associate members in 29 countries around the world. n behalf of its members the EBU negotiates broadcasting rights for major sports events owns and operates the Eurovision and Euroradio network organises programme exchanges is the centre for coproductions and acquisitions and provides a full range of other operational commercial technical legal and strategic services. The Euroradio Control Centre (ERC) which is situated in the EBU headquarters is responsible for the management of the Euroradio satellite network. It is active in the exchange of music between EBU members either by satellite or via ISDN services. The apt-X enabled codec has been installed at ERC where it is allowing the EBU to exchange high quality classical music between public service broadcasters. The ISDN codec is the result of a licensing programme whereby third party companies can utilise the benefits of the loss-less apt-X algorithm by integrating it into their own products.

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