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‘I am not one for bigness in my speeches. If you want Churchill…

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– ‘I am not one for bigness in my speeches. If you want Churchill…
– A marathon afternoon of flaws and fantasies.
– RESTAURANTS: DINNER DATE: Karaoke time with Cleopatra -and Rasputin.(B…
– Abusing ‘Anti-Semitism’
– Sketch: Stephen Moss | Politics | The Guardian

‘I am not one for bigness in my speeches. If you want Churchill… – Sep 26, 2003
r nul points as they used to say in Norway. But I mustn’t joke about that because they say it in England now: Grosse Bretagne nul points. What was the name of the British entry in Eurovision? Anyone remember? Exactly. What they need is a Swede to run this country’s tunes like we run the football. And the Gladiators. I will call my good friends Benny and Bjorn in the morning. K what I am wanting to say today is this: football is not war.

A marathon afternoon of flaws and fantasies.
Free with registration – Europe Intelligence Wire – – Sep 29, 2003
Mickey Joe Harte got a name check from Peter Canavan during his “rousing speech” (as Ger Canning characterised it). It was certainly long. After including many thanksCanavan also bashed the Southern media and the British Army in a joint operation! After that rabble-rousing he alluded to our Eurovision hero thus: “it’s been a great year.

RESTAURANTS: DINNER DATE: Karaoke time with Cleopatra -and Rasputin.(B… – Sep 26, 2003
All inquiries regarding rights should be directed to the Gale Group. (Hide copyright information) MARK Durden Smith 34 who was born in North London is the son of travel veteran Judith Chalmers and BBC commentator Neil Durden- Smith. He has been a sports commentator on Sky neand on terrestrial TV has presented RI:SE Surprise WeddingsJunior Eurovision Song Contest and Drop The Celebrity. He is currently presenting Design Wars on ITV1. He is single and lives in London. You’rehosting an imaginary dinner party and can invite anyone in the worldliving or dead.

Abusing ‘Anti-Semitism’
Dissident Voice – Sep 29, 2003
None ofthis was imaginable a century ago. Jews have free and unlimited access to everyinstitution in every country they live in; Ironically a converted Jew is evenmentioned as a possible successor to the Holy See. At the same time"anti-semitic" Germany (home to the world’s fastest-growing Jewishcommunity) gives Israel three military submarines for free"anti-semitic" France has proliferated to Israel the nucleartechnology for its weapons of mass destruction and "anti-semitic"Europe has welcomed Israel as a single non-European country to everything fromfootball and basketball leagues to the Eurovision Song Contest and has grantedIsraeli universities a special status for scientific fund-raising. 0pt;mso-bidi-font-size:12. 0pt;font-family:Arial’>.

Sketch: Stephen Moss | Politics | The Guardian
Guardian Unlimited – Sep 26, 2003
Lord Hutton says that if he pushes himself he can finish his report by November. This is far too tardy. Would the Eurovision song contest have lasted for half a century if you had to wait two months for the voting of the Luxembourg jury? Despite the flaws QC Idol did have its moments. Mr Sumption’s valiant account of the three minutes the MoD spent on the phone to Dr Kelly – “four times the 46 seconds that has been reported!” – was one of the great defences of the indefensible. Mr Gompertz’s peroration lament for “a loyal servant who had served his country well” was moving though the effect was undermined by him calling the late weapons inspector “Dr Guilty” at one point. Mr Caldecott for the BBC had some witty lines – “Mr Campbell used more than battlefield munitions he went strategic”. Ms Rogers meanwhile spoke emotionally on behalf of “the working journalist” – a journalist you felt who would shortly be working as BBC correspondent in inner Mongolia.

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