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‘I am not one for bigness in my speeches. If you want Churchill…

Eurovision News Review:

* Operación Triunfo 3: selection for Eurovision after Christmas
* Television: the reality
* Enlarged EU to hit farm payouts
* ‘I am not one for bigness in my speeches. If you want Churchill…
* Bigger EU to pile pressure on finances
* Abusing “Anti-Semitism”
* Managing Information News
* Guess who’s not coming to Bertie’s EU dinner party
* EBU acquire APT audio technology

Operación Triunfo 3: selection for Eurovision after
Unlike last year, the jury will not select the nominees, they can only save one of them. The big final of Operaci?n Triunfo 3 will take place on 22nd December, where the three winners will be selected by televoting. The Eurovision Song Contest selection will take place two weeks after this final, where in a not confirmed number of galas the Spanish audience will select the entry for Istanbul 2004.

Television: the realityIrish Independent
” It was time for serious head-scratching. “The Eurovision always had a strong viewership. That was the endgame so we had to work backwards,” says Bass, sitting behind the desk of his cramped office in a mews house in Ranelagh. ShinAwil became aware of the success of Spanish television’s Operacion Triumfo, a programme in which the winner is voted to represent the country at the Eurovision. The idea was adaptable to Ireland. RTE came up with a budget of €2. 1m and Mickey Joe Harte took his first steps to, er.

Enlarged EU to hit farm payoutsIrish Independent
EU enlargement is set to impact greatly on agriculture, putting massive pressure on the Common Agricultural Policy – which is likely to be overhauled within the next three years. The EU will be larger in population terms, poorer per head and more reliant on agriculture after expansion from 15 to 28 member states, according to the Goodbody Eurovision 2007 report. The brokers believe there is no appetite among wealthier member states to increase rates of contribution to the EU – especially given current fiscal constraints on most states. With less EU cash available, the Government here could face pressure from farmers to make up some of the shortfall, or risk land being abandoned. By 2007, the population of the EU will have grown by 45pc, average GDP per capita fallen by 26. 5pc and total GDP of the expanded EU grown by 7pc, while numbers working on farms will increase by a staggering 282pc, the report says.

‘I am not one for bigness in my speeches. If you want Churchill…
Or nul points as they used to say in Norway. But I mustn’t joke about that, because they say it in England now: Grosse Bretagne nul points. What was the name of the British entry in Eurovision? Anyone remember? Exactly. What they need is a Swede to run this country’s tunes like we run the football. And the Gladiators. I will call my good friends Benny and Bjorn in the morning. OK, what I am wanting to say today is this: football is not war.

Bigger EU to pile pressure on
The Eurovision 2007 analysis by Goodbody Stockbrokers predicts that Ireland will become ‘a significant net contributor’ to the EU in 2007, as payments for infrastructure and agriculture fall sharply. It says there would be a general government deficit of 1. 9% of GDP in 2007 if the government chose to fill the resulting ?2. 5 billion financing gap. Advertisement The report also forecasts that Ireland’s ability to attract foreign direct investment will be affected by the accession of new member states with lower corporation tax rates.

Abusing “Anti-Semitism”Dissident Voice
None ofthis was imaginable a century ago. Jews have free and unlimited access to everyinstitution in every country they live in; Ironically, a converted Jew is evenmentioned as a possible successor to the Holy See. At the same time,"anti-semitic" Germany (home to the world’s fastest-growing Jewishcommunity) gives Israel three military submarines for free,"anti-semitic" France has proliferated to Israel the nucleartechnology for its weapons of mass destruction, and "anti-semitic"Europe has welcomed Israel as a single non-European country to everything fromfootball and basketball leagues to the Eurovision Song Contest, and has grantedIsraeli universities a special status for scientific fund-raising. 0pt;mso-bidi-font-size:12. 0pt;font-family:Arial’>.

Managing Information NewsManaging Information

“Small but perfectly formed” was the verdict on Cootehill Library, County Cavan, winner of the best small new building category. Huge windows and a glass dome gave the library a light airy feel, and the white shelving and pale wooden chairs added to the sense of space. “Lots of attention to facilities for disabled people and effective integration of ICT makes this a ‘douze points’ Eurovision entry for Ireland,” concluded Trevor Knight. Clayport Library, Durham, best large new building, is located in the city centre and shares space with a theatre, arts space, tourist information centre and Citizens’ Advice Bureau. “Local stone has been used to great effect, and the large windows effectively frame local buildings,” said Jacquie Campbell. “Accessibility is excellent and the imaginative children’s area with specially commissioned furniture and space-age mural deserves special mention. ”

The Public Library Building Awards are a highlight of the 23rd annual Public Library Authorities (PLA) Conference 2003.

Guess who’s not coming to Bertie’s EU dinner partyIrish Independent
If they go, then all will troop along; otherwise, they may prefer to stay at home. The question of how to create a celebration of European enlargement to appeal to broad public opinion has caused much scratching of heads in Iveagh House. The plan is to have a Eurovision-style festival featuring RTE outside broadcasts around the country, twinned with parties in the ten new member states joining the EU.

EBU acquire APT audio technology4RFV
It serves 71 active members in 52 countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and 46 associate members in 29 countries around the world. On behalf of its members the EBU negotiates broadcasting rights for major sports events, owns and operates the Eurovision and Euroradio network, organises programme exchanges, is the centre for coproductions and acquisitions, and provides a full range of other operational, commercial, technical, legal and strategic services. The Euroradio Control Centre (ERC), which is situated in the EBU headquarters, is responsible for the management of the Euroradio satellite network. It is active in the exchange of music between EBU members, either by satellite or via ISDN services. The apt-X enabled codec has been installed at ERC where it is allowing the EBU to exchange high quality classical music between public service broadcasters. The ISDN codec is the result of a licensing programme, whereby third party companies can utilise the benefits of the loss-less apt-X algorithm by integrating it into their own products.

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