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Interview: Kittens set for a ladies’ night.

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– Interview: Kittens set for a ladies’ night.
– Booker’s birth of the cool
– A long way from Clare to here ‘ and further to Malin Head!

Interview: Kittens set for a ladies’ night.
Free with registration – Europe Intelligence Wire – – Oct 17, 2003
Natasha Hamilton Liz McLarnon and Kerry Katona filled the void for a bold and brash girl band left by the Spice Girls and for a while they enjoyed reasonable success with four Top 20 singles including the Top 10 hits Right Now and See Ya. But in 2001 just as they were about to release their fifth single Whole Again Kerry Katona left the band when she discovered she was pregnant with Westlife singer Bryan McFadden’s baby. Liz and Natasha were on the verge of being dropped by their record company who at the last minute decided to draft in Jenny Frost – formerly of.

Booker’s birth of the cool
Guardian – Oct 18, 2003
47 BST The televising of this year’s Booker judges’ deliberations wasn’t the novelty Fiachra Gibbons supposed it to be (A Woosterian Brahmin caste ctober 16). Back in 1969 there was similar coverage of the first Bookering when I was trying to bring Rebecca West Stephen Spender Frank Kermode and the veteran editor of good literary fiction David Farrar to the point. The occasion is well-remembered in my family for the pre-teen uprising that broke out when it was realised the transmission would coincide with the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. I remember that the Booker PR people were rather keen on a pop star among the judges but with Tom Maschler’s help I stuck out for these writers and critics thinking they were the best people for hunting out what we ought to be after which wasn’t likely to be your easy-readin’ money-spinnin’ page-turner. I don’t know how Woosterian it all looked though I wouldn’t have cared to attach that label to Dame Rebecca. But it’s true that Bookers had ferried us out for the final reckoning to the dower house of a very posh estate not that far from Henley and that the producer played up to that a bit. Still we too chose a good novelist known by his initials PH Newby a style then thought to be rather unhip except in the case of Leavis FR and Taylor AJP; though now perhaps quite cool again.

A long way from Clare to here ‘ and further to Malin Head!
Western People – Oct 15, 2003
poll published in The Irish Times the week of the last election in June 1999 showed Dana Rosemary Scallion receiving 7% of the vote. When the votes were counted less than a week later the former Eurovision winner confounded all of them by comfortably taking the third seat. Fianna Fail are likely to field just two candidates with one based in Galway and the other in Sligo or Donegal. Sean ‘Neachtain is the current holder of the Fianna Fail seat having being co-opted to replace Pat The Cope Gallagher who decided to return to national politics at last year’s General Election. Within Fianna Fail there is a debate as to whether ‘Neachtain has sufficient ‘profile’ and there has been speculation that the party may opt to run one of their current Galway TDs. In other words the names of Frank Fahey Eamonn ‘Cuiv and Noel Treacy have been popping up in party circles.

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