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Interactive TV Show ffers Mixed Messages.

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– Interactive TV Show ffers Mixed Messages.
– Abba star to make comeback
– Thoroughly Modern Millie

Interactive TV Show ffers Mixed Messages.
Free with registration – America's Intelligence Wire – – Oct 29, 2003
With mobile penetration continuing to rocket throughout Europe and with young people seemingly glued to their phones interactive mobile strategies are becoming a key part of broadcasters and operator’s strategy going forward. Alexander Trommen C of MINICK in Germany gave the conference examples of how the mobile phone was being used successfully as part of a program strategy. It created a mobile application.

Abba star to make comeback
BBC News – Oct 29, 2003
Faeltskog’s last single I Wasn’t The nly ne was released in 1988 and made number 19 in the US charts. Along with Bjorn Benny and Anna-Frid of Abba the singer scored nine chart-toppers in the UK between 1974 and 1982. The band sprang to fame by winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 and went on to enjoy worldwide success. The band have gone on to sell a total of 350m records – which includes sales after they split in the early 1980s.

Thoroughly Modern Millie
BBC News – Oct 27, 2003
She was paralysed with terror. SUTCLIFFE:Germaine what about they’ve added extra music for this it’s not terribly easy to distinguish it from the rest of the music what about that? GREER:I can’t remember a single note. Well it was a bit like the Eurovision song contest they sang out of tune. It was driving me crazy. RSEN:I saw you tapping your finger to Forget About the Boy. I did! Though you cussed under your breath and said: “They’re not boys!!” because you’re an expert. GREER:No I did not say that! You fibber.

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