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Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…

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– Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
– Idol withdrawal
– Achill singer shoots for the stars
– Bhanging drum for Brum

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision… – Nov 26, 2003
tv newsletter News. This was officially announced by the EBU in the website\’s newsletter of the event. The EBU previously assigned the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 already to the British broadcaster ITV. ITV has now chosen Manchester as the host city for the event in which 20 countries will participate. Next to the 16 participants of this year Israel Ireland Germany and France will send a singer to Manchester.

Idol withdrawal
The Age – Nov 27, 2003
Guy Sebastian was a shoo-in to win although his vocal aerobics were not exactly my glass of medicine and he deserves to fare well in the World Idol contest in London over Christmas when he competes against the winners of 10 or so other Idol contests held in places as far-flung as the US and Poland Britain and Lebanon. It will be like a worldwide Eurovision Song Contest. Let’s just hope the global voting system is less tedious than at Eurovision. The word is that after a concert on Christmas Day (probably Boxing Day here on Channel Ten) in which all contestants will perform viewers will have a week to vote for their favourite before the announcement of the winner on New Year’s Day. But they will not be allowed to vote for their own nation’s contestant. If they were American Kelly Clarkson would surely be the winner simply because the US population of 260 million dwarfs that of any other country in the show.

Achill singer shoots for the stars
Western People – Nov 26, 2003
Naturally James would love to be the winner. He is passionate about music and has been for as long as he can remember. The Eurovision has always been inspirational to him. “The You’re A Star programme helps the ultimate Eurovision contestant to build up a big profile in their country” James said. The Achill Sound singer-songwriter is an experienced performer and knows the value of the exposure he will have just by making it through to the final 40 contestants in this year’s programme.

Bhanging drum for Brum
ic – Nov 27, 2003
They also danced at the Eurovision Song Contest and the G8 Summit hosted by Birmingham in 1998 and have made countless TV appearances. Seven dancers took part in the Chicago final along with two dhol or drum players one flute player and a chimta or tambourine player. The front room of Mr Mall’s home is packed with trophies and he has platinum and gold discs for his production of bhangra music. He has also just been appointed artistic director of the Punjabi Music Dance Academy UK which will partner Indian universities in music. Bhangra music is the cultural folk dance of the Punjab and can be traced back to the 16th century.

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