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Eurovision 2003: Partnerships Can Combat New…

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Eurovision 2003: Partnerships Can Combat New…
– Pop wannabes reach for the stars
– The hate that shames us
– Dana’s ding-dong debating duel.

Eurovision 2003: Partnerships Can Combat New…

Times of India – Dec 6, 2003
Since the first summit inLisbon (2000) we have seen dramatic changes in the world around us. September11 revealed a world more complex and with threats more potent than we hadfeared. Globalisation while bringing more freedom and wealth can also generatenew frustrations. We must be alive to the prospect of a newcombinations of threats: Terrorism capitalising on the persistence of regionalconflicts; criminal organisations acquiring weapons of mass destruction whetherthrough theft collaboration with rogue states or the collapse of statestructures; collusion between fundamentalists cyber-terrorists andinternational criminal organisations.

Pop wannabes reach for the stars – Dec 6, 2003
n three consecutives Sundays starting at the beginning of December it will be left to the viewing public to decide who makes it through to the finals. Those finals start at the beginning of next year when every week a contestant will be eliminated ? again by the public ? until the last show at the end of February when the winner will be revealed. At stake for the successful candidate are a recording contract television performances a possible nationwide tour and the chance to represent Switzerland in the cult Eurovision Song Contest later in the year! Star appeal Switzerland faces a special problem in producing a show aimed at finding tomorrow?s star ? the linguistic divide. The country has four official languages ? German French Italian and Romansh. But MusicStar is only being broadcast on German-speaking television and auditions only took place in the German-speaking part of the country. Although it may be wishful thinking to believe that the show will help discover a fledgling Madonna or Robbie Williams the programme?s vocal coach Freda Goodlett still has faith that someone with true national and perhaps even international appeal can be found. ?I would like to think that we will find that person because that?s what I am looking for? she told swissinfo.

The hate that shames us
Guardian Unlimited – Dec 6, 2003
So emboldened by the filthy free-for-all the danse macabre of resurgent Judeophobia – attacks on Jews in this country have risen by 75% this year; and since 2000 there has been a 400% increase in attacks on synagogues – are the ignorant armies of darkness that even Germans are opening their yaps on a subject that you’d have thought they’d have the sense if not the decency to keep away from. Just a few weeks ago a German MP was forced to resign after claiming that the Jews were responsible for Soviet army “atrocities” against the defeated Nazi state (makes you want to go back and bomb Dresden all over again only properly this time). And in a sort of Hate version of the Eurovision Song Contest Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis weighed in with his carefully considered view that the Jews are at the root of all evil. So presumably he won’t be wanting the royalties from one of his most notable works which documents the tragic love story of two young Jewish inmates of a concentration camp. r maybe he can rejig it to show how evil this pair were and how they deserved what they got. To contemplate the thought processes of such individuals makes any decent person want to wash their hands until the slime of hypocritical hatred is swept away. But when whole sections of society peddle such lies it’s scarier still.

Dana’s ding-dong debating duel.
Free with registration – Europe Intelligence Wire – – Dec 6, 2003
Dana’s ding-dong debating duel. (06-DEC-03) Europe Intelligence Wire.

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