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70 songs submitted in Lithuania

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* Idol withdrawal
* Latvian finalists are known
* Wogan is still cream of the UK breakfast serials
* 70 songs submitted in Lithuania
* Hosts for 2004 Estonian final known
* The hate that shames us
* Idol riches | | Guardian Unlimited Arts
* Birmingham troupe wins world bhangra title
* And the nominees are…
* Achill singer is star-rated

Idol withdrawalThe Age
Guy Sebastian was a shoo-in to win, although his vocal aerobics were not exactly my glass of medicine and he deserves to fare well in the World Idol contest in London over Christmas, when he competes against the winners of 10 or so other Idol contests held in places as far-flung as the US and Poland, Britain and Lebanon. It will be like a worldwide Eurovision Song Contest. Let’s just hope the global voting system is less tedious than at Eurovision. The word is that after a concert on Christmas Day (probably Boxing Day here on Channel Ten), in which all contestants will perform, viewers will have a week to vote for their favourite before the announcement of the winner on New Year’s Day. But they will not be allowed to vote for their own nation’s contestant. If they were, American Kelly Clarkson would surely be the winner, simply because the US population of 260 million dwarfs that of any other country in the show.

Latvian finalists are
An international jury selected 10 final entries and 3 backup songs. The jury consisted of:
– former Eurovision participants – \”Skamp\” (ESC 2001, Lithuania), \”Urban Trad\” (ESC 2003, Belguim), Alf Poier (ESC 2003, Austria), \”One\” (ESC 2002, Cyprus),
– representatives of media – Marius Bratten (Director of ESC 2000, ESC 2002, the Head of Creative Team ESC 2003), Tim Gruhl (journalist, German broadcaster NDR),
– musicians – Ivar Must (author of \”Everybody\”, ESC 2001 winner song), Rolands Udris (\”The Hobbos\”, Latvia),
– as well as Alec Matko, the International Coordinator of OGAE, and LTV Eurovision Team. LTV Eurovision team as well as the jury were surprised for the wide range of musical styles presented in songs. The songs, their performers and authors are:

\”Ready\” performed by \”4. elements\”
Music and lyrics: Lauris Reiniks

\”Dziesma par laimi\” (The Song about Happiness) by Fomins&Kleins
Lyrics: Guntars Racs
Music: Tomass Kleins

\”Like a Star\” by Tatjana Timcuka
Lyrics: Olegs Borosnevs
Music: Deniss Timcuks

\”Angel\’s Song\” by Kristine Broka & Sanita Zapacka
Lyrics: Kristine Broka
Music: Daiga Rutenberga

\”Fly Away With You\” by Aija Vitolina
Lyrics and music: Janis Stibelis

\”Not That Everyday Girl\” by Chilly
Music and lyrics: Martins Freimanis

\”Runaway\” by \”Z-Scars\”
Music and lyrics: Andris Kivics

\”We Share the Sun\” by Johnny Salamander & Meldra
Lyrics: Valters Sprudzs
Music: Janis Guza

\”All You Know\” by \”C-Stones\”
Lyrics and music: \”C-Stones\”

\”Let Me Go\” by \”Rain\”
Lyrics and music: Natalija Rjumina

The three backup songs are:
\”Disco Ice\” by Finally Switched On
\”Hush\” by Elina Oruba, Sarmite Jerane, Shons Ani
\”Come With Me\” by Ivars Petersons

Latvian National Final Eirodziesma 2004 will take place on February 28 in Ventspils. The CD compilation with final entries will be released in January.

Wogan is still cream of the UK breakfast serialsIrish Independent
When BBC Radio 1 started he presented Late Night Extra for two years, flying over from Dublin each week. Jack of all trades, Terry is most famous for hosting his live chat show Wogan, which he presented three times a week for seven years on BBC1. Since then he has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, Celebrity Squares and Blankety Blank. He joined Wake up to Wogan in January 1993. The show has proved a phenomenal success and was awarded best radio programme at the prestigious TRIC awards. In the same year Terry was awarded an honorary OBE. Down to earth and unassuming, Terry is the kind of man who appreciates what he has for what it is… I can do it easily. It never seems like work. I love doing the Eurovision. Myself and the Eurovision are inseparable. They’ll have to shoot me before I’ll stop doing it,” he quips. Born and educated in Limerick, Terry has never forgotten his roots. A family man, he is married to Irish wife Helen and has two sons and a daughter.

70 songs submitted in
Amongst the participants some known names can be found. Amberlife will sing the song In your eyes, written by the Swedish trio Billy Butt, Bobby Ljunggren and Marcos Ubeda. Ljunggren co-wrote two Swedish Eurovision songs (1995 and 1998), Ubeda wrote the Swedish entry for the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest. Next to Amberlife, B\’Avarija, Aiste (the one that was disqualified in the 2002 preselection, not the one that represented Lithuania in 1999), Saules Kliosas, Ruta and Linas Adomaitis are mentioned as possible participants. B\’Avarija won the 2002 preselection in Lithuania with the song We all but was disqualified because they released that song to soon. Most of the submitted songs have English lyrics, some have Lithuania lyrics and one song has Spanish lyrics. Next to In your eyes, 11 other songs were written by foreign composers from Portugal, Finland and Germany.

Hosts for 2004 Estonian final
The deadline for submitting songs is 8th December, 2003. Traditionally songs tend to arrive at the very last minute, and thus far only eight songs have been received by ETV. Estonia will be an indirect participant in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC); their 2003 entrant, Ruffus, ended only 21st, and so the Estonians must first pass the semifinal of the ESC, to be held on 12th May, 2004. The \”real\” ESC takes place on 15th May.

The hate that shames usGuardian Unlimited
So emboldened by the filthy free-for-all, the danse macabre of resurgent Judeophobia – attacks on Jews in this country have risen by 75% this year; and since 2000, there has been a 400% increase in attacks on synagogues – are the ignorant armies of darkness that even Germans are opening their yaps on a subject that you’d have thought they’d have the sense, if not the decency, to keep away from. Just a few weeks ago, a German MP was forced to resign after claiming that the Jews were responsible for Soviet army “atrocities” against the defeated Nazi state (makes you want to go back and bomb Dresden all over again, only properly this time). And in a sort of Hate version of the Eurovision Song Contest, Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis weighed in with his carefully considered view that the Jews are at the root of all evil. So, presumably, he won’t be wanting the royalties from one of his most notable works, which documents the tragic love story of two young Jewish inmates of a concentration camp. Or maybe he can rejig it, to show how evil this pair were, and how they deserved what they got. To contemplate the thought processes of such individuals makes any decent person want to wash their hands until the slime of hypocritical hatred is swept away. But when whole sections of society peddle such lies, it’s scarier still.

Idol riches | | Guardian Unlimited ArtsGuardian Unlimited
Alicja Janosz, Idol, Poland Since winning Idol, this Susanne Shaw lookalike has decided that she wants to be called Alex. A massive-selling debut album is already out of the way and she’s tipped to represent Poland in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest with I’m Still Alive, a song whose title seems to epitomise the struggle that all Pop Idols face when it comes to their second album. “I don’t know anything more than this,” she concludes. Guy Sebastian, Australian Idol, Australia Guy – who calms himself down before a performance by entering what he terms “Grooveland” – is the newest Pop Idol of the lot. Crowned last week, Guy found maintaining his virginity “freaking hard”, but the real tragedy in his victory is that the crown did not go to would-be Oz Idol Peter Ryan.

Birmingham troupe wins world bhangra titleTimes of India
Such a lot of effort has gone into it. ”

The group performed in front
of the Queen during her Golden Jubilee visit to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall last
summer and took part in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in
Manchester. They also danced at the Eurovision Song Contest and the
G8 Summit hosted by Birmingham in 1998 and have made countless TV
appearances. Seven dancers took part in the Chicago final, along with


(drum) players, a flute player
and a


player. The front room of Mall’s home is packed with trophies and he
has platinum and gold discs for his production of


music. He has also
just been appointed artistic director of the Punjabi Music Dance Academy UK,
which will partner Indian universities in music.

And the nominees are…Variety – Variety (subscription)
There’s nothing wrong with the European Film Awards that proper finance wouldn’t cure. “He believes that the Media Program, which already puts money into the promotion of the event, should pick up the slack. Others argue that the Geneva-based European Broadcasting Union (the outfit that co-ordinates the Eurovision Song Contest) would be ideally placed to run an event now, at least, firmly established in the calendar. EFA prexy Powell confirms that the org is in talks with the union. “But keep in mind that the EBU is a representative organization, not a producing organization. It can only do what its public service stations allow it to. “As for the heated debate in the U.

Achill singer is star-ratedWestern People
The ?Western People? featured a profile of him in the November 26, 2003 issue. James and Ennis-girl, Ruth Cullen, were among eight finalists selected from live auditions in Ennis and were voted through by the public to perform live on ?You?re a Star? in the New Year. The ultimate winner of the show will have the honour of representing Ireland in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey. James, who sang The Wolftones ballad ?Only Our Rivers Run Free? in his audition, received an impressive 18% of the telephone votes on Sunday night?s show. He lives in Achill Sound with his wife, Christina and their two children, Diana (14) and Daniel (12). The 32-year-old has a BA in Heritage Studies. He is self-employed and teaches part-time.

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