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Slovenia: songs for EMA 2004 selected

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* The OMM music quiz
* Nicole and Hugo submitted song in Belgium!
* End of stars’ quartet before EMA 2004
* Slovenia: songs for EMA 2004 selected
* Draw for EMA 2004 completed
* Global media struggle to define ‘freedom’
* Pensioner injured in Dublin blaze
* – GAA Football & Hurling
* Nicki Chapman and Dave Shack
* Norway: same selection procedure as last year

The OMM music quizThe Observer
not say about the German Eurovision rival, Lou? a) ‘She should be cut up and fed to dogs live on the show, that is the only way she will ever get any votes at Eurovision. ‘ b) ‘In Russia we look after the blind and elderly, we don’t send them to Eurovision. ‘ c) ‘She is a crusty old hag who looks like she’s worn out more men in her life than we have vodka bottles. ‘Round five: LyricsFrom which songs do these gems come? 1. ‘Broken branches trip me as I speak.

Nicole and Hugo submitted song in Belgium!
be News. \”This is the stunt of 2004! We have submitted a song for Eurosong!\” Nicole and Huge told to our colleagues of eurosong. be! It is an idea of Studio 100, that produced the musical Zo mooi, zo blond in which Nicole and Hugo appear. Studio 100 also came up with a suitable song. Nicole and Hugo are very enthousiastic about their bid to go to the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul.

End of stars’ quartet before EMA
Speculations in the Slovene media about possible participants are hot these days! This year an all star female quartet consisting of four Slovene divas might sing a song written and composed by a well-respected team. Nu?a Derenda (Eurovision Song Contest 2001), Alenka Godec (3d in EMA 1993, EMA 2001 and EMA 2003) and Pika Bo?i? (6th in EMA 2003, 8th in EMA 1998 and 11th in EMA 1999) along with Anja Rupel (also one of the writers) are supposed to sing a song written by Ale? Klinar, who are responsible for hits by artists like Pika Bo?i? and Alenka Godec. Rupel and Klinar mentioned in an interview for the Slovene tabloid Nova that they are preparing \”something big\” for EMA 2004. After a very successful colaboration between the same artists in 2001 with the girl-power anthem I\’m not for you, a new collaboration was only a question of time. However, it seems the whole fairytale is not going to take place! After Nu?a Derenda became the big winner of Hit Festival in November, her team decided that singing with the other three is not a good idea: Derenda dropped out. She was replaced by Monika Pu?elj (5th in EMA 2002), but then Alenka Godec decided to leave, because \”she would look like a grandma\” next to the young Monika.

Slovenia: songs for EMA 2004
Slovenia: songs for EMA 2004 selected The Slovene broadcaster RTVSLO has announced which of the 83 songs received for EMA 2004 have made it to one of the four semifinals. A change in rules has resulted in very few English language songs amongst those submitted. In recent years, songs were performed in their native language at the contest and often translated into English for the Eurovision Song Contest. For 2004, RTVSLO insists that whatever language is used at the national final must also be used in Istanbul. As a result just seventeen of the songs submitted are sung partly or completely in English. A four member jury has decided which of the songs will make the 32 strong shortlist. There will be four qualifying heats with eight songs in each.

Draw for EMA 2004
Only Monika Pu?elj is competing among the names mentioned in a gossip article few days ago. We can see some previous EMA contenders; a previous Eurovision Song Contest performer, Regina from 1996, as well as complete strangers to the public; Chantal Hartmann, November, Mikola, Aljo?a Kovačič and Diona Dim. Karmen Stavec is back this year as lyricist for Victory, while it is not known if Vili Resnik will be singing with Pop Design. He reunited with this band last year for an album, but performed as a solo artist at the Slovene Hit Festival in November. The first reserve Rok Kosma? would be a strong favourite for winning if selected – popular with girls and women of all ages.

Global media struggle to define ‘freedom’BBC News
China, for instance, takes the view that since the WSIS meeting is about the Information Society, it is purely a technical gathering and the media should not be granted a special role. Back at the WEMF, meanwhile, all participants are adamant that greater media freedom worldwide is their prime objective. The stumbling block now is for them to agree on a definition of this goal that is politically acceptable to all. The WEMF sessions, which end on Friday 12 December, are being broadcast worldwide through the Eurovision network.

Pensioner injured in Dublin blazeIrish Independent
Elvis jumpsuit still rockin’ ELVIS Presley’s jewel-encrusted white jumpsuit has been voted the greatest and most memorable rock outfit of all time. Kylie Minogue’s gold hotpants came a close second in a poll. The 14,000 people surveyed gave a huge thumbs-down to the rip-off dresses worn by the Bucks Fizz girls in 1981’s Eurovision, branding them the worst ever. Confusingly, Christina Aguilera’s leather chaps made it into both best and worst lists. Tribute to Irish Antarctic hero LAST year, Kerryman Tom Crean became a household name because of a Guinness advert. But this Tuesday, on RTE 1 at 10. 10pm, the documentary Tom Crean, Antarctica’s Forgotten Hero attempts to put the explorer’s adventures on Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance expedition into an international context. – GAA Football & HurlingGAA Football & Hurling
And weren’t the reception plans engineered to the finest degree? In a mirror image of Mickey Harte’s modus operandus nothing was left to chance by the organizers of the reception for the great O’Neills. The Tyrone team coach was led through the streets of ’Blayney by the St. Macartan’s Pipe Band, Lisnagrieve to the accompaniment of Mickey (Joe) Harte’s Eurovision anthem ’we’ve got the world tonight. ’ The welcoming party included Jimmy Cunningham, Chairman of Castleblayney UDC, Gary Carville Chairman of Monaghan GAA County Board plus local politicians, Mayor of Monaghan, Councillor Rosaleen O’Hanlon, Councillor Sean McCooey, Castleblayney UDC, Joe Brennan, Castlblayney UDC, Councillor Brendan Hughes, Castleblayney UDC, Jackie Crowe, Castleblayney UDC. Several officers of Monaghan GAA County Board were also part of the welcoming party. All the above must have felt like proud parents at their children’s wedding as smiles and cheers abounded. In extending a warm welcome to the Tyrone panel and management, Chairman of Castleblayney UDC Jimmy Cunningham, a native of Armagh was fulsome in his praise for the newly-crowned champions.

Nicki Chapman and Dave ShackU.TV
The album features guest artists such as Charlie Landsborough and Tommy Flemming. Phil performed Maple Leaf Rag on the show. He also had a chat to Gerry about the tragedy of loosing five of his siblings and one of his sons and, on a more upbeat note, about the latest Eurovision show her is working on and his desire to write a musical.

Norway: same selection procedure as last
However, the broadcaster insists that \”the national character of the Melodi Grand Prix must be retained\”, and this is expected to influence the final choice of songs. Furthermore, some established Norwegian songwriters have been invited to submit songs directly to the competition. Like last year, a special quality control audition will take place in Oslo where the shortlisted songs will be performed live in front of a grand jury before the NRK makes its final selection.

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