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* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* Denmark: 10 songs for Melodi Grand Prix 2004
* ‘Albanian national final this Saturday’
* Albanian semifinals finished
* Letdown Syndrome
* The Chief Editor’s column (1)
* Labrokes Aims for Finnish License
* RÚV delays announcement Icelandic entry
* Highbury is home, says Henry
* If Michelle wins Pop Idol is braced for some heavy criticism
* VegasBeat — Timothy McDarrah: Horn, Lewis return for the holidays
* Latvia: Eirodziesma 2004 CD released

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
Gon?alo, Katiliana, Sofia and Andr? were invited by the jury not to continue in the academy but Katiliana was saved by the teachers and Gon?alo by his colleagues. Next Sunday, we will know who is going to leave the academy: Andr? or Sofia.

Denmark: 10 songs for Melodi Grand Prix
Among the known names is S?ren Poppe, who appeared on the Eurovision stage in 2001 for Denmark as one half of the duo Rollo & King, who sang Never ever let you go (with Signe Svendsen as co-vocalist) and ended second. Mette Mathiesen co-wrote the 1995 Danish Eurovision entry, Fra Mols til Skagen, performed by Aud Wilken. The song ended fifth… Among the known names is S?ren Poppe, who appeared on the Eurovision stage in 2001 for Denmark as one half of the duo Rollo & King, who sang Never ever let you go (with Signe Svendsen as co-vocalist) and ended second. Mette Mathiesen co-wrote the 1995 Danish Eurovision entry, Fra Mols til Skagen, performed by Aud Wilken. The song ended fifth. Also Helge Engelbrecht tries to reach the European stage – first time he pulled it off was 1987; En lille melodi, sung by Anne Cathrine Herdorff, gave Denmark a fifth place.

‘Albanian national final this Saturday’
Albania is the first country to select the song and singer for the 2004 contest. Although the RTSH website does not report about the event, on the website of the Finnish broadcaster YLE it\’s written that the Albanian national final will take place this Saturday. Entertainment magazine Svet named Gaxha as the singer who would perform the first Albanian Eurovision entry. At that time, the offer was being played down by Gaxha\’s management.

Albanian semifinals
Adi Krasta and Ledina Celo, the show\’s hosts, announced that last year\’s Eurovision Song Contest winner Sertab Erener will be the special guest in the final, which is going to be held this Saturday. 29 songs, all sung in Albanian language, were presented. The songs of the first heat were:

1. Orges To?e: Eja (Come)
2. Fazile Syla: Jeto jet?n t?nde (Live your Life)

The only missing feature supposedly common to both musical and pret-a-porter shows is the artistic credentials of the music writers (melodies and lyrics) and dress designers respectively. Indeed, as far as the Malta Song for Europe is concerned, the abysmal lack of genuine music underpinned by artistic value is backfiring upon the whole native set-up of musical activities. Instead of a real showcase, the local Eurovision qualification round has degenerated into a pitched battle of well-entrenched self-serving interests. More often then not, the winners are already known afore-hand with no real sense of antagonistic competition except for the votes incoming from the viewer’s preferences via phone-ins or sms. All this ultimately translates into a death throe of musical exchanges that does not beckon the best of prospects for Maltese music. Though less pedantic the Malta Music Awards are also quickly evolving into a parallel bi-annual event where all nominees are winners and there are no recriminating losers since everyone is bound to obtain some silverware whenever these minuscule MTV awards duplicates are held. Such events are merely diverting marketing funds and other know-how so desperately needed by any young singer or band, bold and willing enough to engage on his or her own career path.

The Chief Editor’s column (1)
On a weekly base he will discuss the latest Eurovision Song Contest news and background information with you!. com this week: Svante Stockselius, supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), has informed OGAE Norway that the EBU is considering a completely revamped voting system for the semifinal and final in Istanbul. The aim is to give all 36 active participants the chance to take part in the voting of both shows without overrunning the time limit for the show of 3 hours. According to the EBU\’s plan, a computer will add up the lower scores (1 to 7) from each country during the interval act… The exact distribution of the lower scores will be made public after the show by the EBU. In my eyes, a voting procedure of nearly two hours is far too long. Although most of the Eurovision Song Contest fans wouldn\’t mind, the average television viewer would probably choose for his or her bed, patient enough to check the internet the next morning for the outcoming. Imagine the people in – for example – Latvia, where it\’s 22:00 when the contest starts. with a two-hour voting procedure the winner will be known around 2:00 in the night!

\”How can we save time without tempering the excitement?\”, the EBU officials probably asked themselves.

Labrokes Aims for Finnish LicenseCasino City Times
President, or who’ll score first when Helsinki Jokerit meet Espoo Blues in the Finnish Ice Hockey League?
“And now the British bookmaking firm of Ladbrokes will even accept your bets on when the company is going to secure its own gaming licence in Finland. “…`One of these days Ladbrokes will be running betting operations in Finland and elsewhere in Scandinavia. Of that you can be sure’, says Douglas Roos, the MD of the company’s Nordic operations.

RÚV delays announcement Icelandic
The entry was originally supposed to be publicly announced at the beginning of this month. However, according to R?V they are in no rush and if everything goes as planned, the announcement will be made before Christmas. So, we can perhaps expect an early Christmas present from the Icelandic broadcaster!

The official number of entries entered for the Icelandic internal selection is 117.

Highbury is home, says
The strength of their devotion is being tested and Real’s covetous eyes followed the Frenchman’s every move yesterday. Henry was given a glimpse of a possible future, rubbing shoulders with Real’s finest, Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane, at the FIFA ceremony, a musically surreal event flitting between Verdi’s homage to fickle women, La donna e immobile, and a rap-song about a chihuahua. Henry, who finished second to Zidane with Ronaldo third, has always been more La Scala than Eurovision Song Contest, which is why Madrid are so interested. Jorge Valdano, so often in the vanguard of Perez’s discreet raiding parties, was also present in Basle. The polished brogues of Bernabeu’s powerbrokers left their elegant imprint on the red carpet here but not on Henry.

If Michelle wins Pop Idol is braced for some heavy
“In last year’s Pop Idol, a 30-stone contestant, Rik Waller, was forced to leave the show after he came down with a throat infection, setting off rumours that he had been bribed to leave. Pop Idol came in second place (after Big Brother) in a poll of senior academics published yesterday on television programmes which they considered the most damaging to British culture. One academic described it as an “insipid music industry conveyor belt” which made the Eurovision Song Contest “seem positively subversive”. This week, the soprano Lesley Garrett criticised the show for encouraging young singers to believe they can shortcut any training and “go straight to fame and fortune”.

VegasBeat — Timothy McDarrah: Horn, Lewis return for the holidaysLas Vegas Sun
ReunitedIt ain’t John, Paul, George and Ringo, but it isn’t bad nevertheless. Producers of the ABBA musical “Mamma Mia!” are trying to get the four principals of the group — Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Anna-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Faltskog — to reunite, for at least a short time. Seems that the fifth anniversary of the show’s London opening coincides with the 30th anniversary of the group’s rise to fame as winners of the Eurovision song contest. The group split somewhat acrimoniously in 1982. A production of “Mamma Mia!” opened on Broadway in 2001 and in Las Vegas last February. Producers are hoping to get the quartet to at least appear on the show’s Broadway stage, and they say they will try to get the group to tour all the show venues, which also now include Toronto, Hamburg, Dublin, Edinburgh, Seoul, Utrecht, Tokyo, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. VegasBitsFan: Mike Tyson took in the Mariah Carey show at the Aladdin on Saturday night.

Latvia: Eirodziesma 2004 CD
It was December 3 when 10 final songs as well as 3 backup songs were announced. The Eirodziesma fans have received a pleasant Christmas surprise because the compilation of the final songs is in the shops earlier than it had been expected. The Latvian National Final Eirodziesma 2004 is taking place on February 28.

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