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Agadoo don’t don’t

The News Review:

– Agadoo don’t don’t
– A touch of fizz to revive Euro show.
– Norwegian wins World Idol crown
– Trivial pursuits

Agadoo don’t don’t
Times Online – Jan 2, 2004
Separate the song from the video and you have a classic R&B ballad not something suitable for sniggering. The fault lies Horatio not in our deeds but in our presentation of them. Same goes for Bucks Fizz’s Eurovision-winning Making Your Mind Up which seemed to get the knockback because of the bit where the skirts were ripped off revealing not-bad-at-all female legs. I’m sorry but I don’t see the problem here. If on the other hand people voted for it because it was a bad song then they obviously failed to understand the raison d’être of the Eurovision Song Contest where it is your duty to win with a song that flies in the face of so many pop verities that Pete Waterman would be in a strop for a week. Frankly to condemn a song on the grounds of its accompanying video is like saying you don’t like a chocolate because of the wrapping. Anyway those who grew up in the days of Pan’s People on Top of the Pops would be inclined to suggest the yoof of today think itself lucky it has videos at all (the Peeps’ routine to Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Get Down involving wagging peremptory fingers at a row of bemused dogs on a sofa lives on in the memory especially after a late-night supper consisting mainly of cheese).

A touch of fizz to revive Euro show.
Free with registration – Europe Intelligence Wire – – Jan 1, 2004
A touch of fizz to revive Euro show. (01-JAN-04) Europe Intelligence Wire. This follows the embarrassing and unprecedented "Nul Points" total for the.

Norwegian wins World Idol crown
BBC News – Jan 2, 2004
They all sang on the show on Christmas Day with the Eurovision-style voting results being broadcast on New Year’s Day. “This is totally amazing” Nilsen said telling the other 10 competitors: “I love you guys. A father of two Nilsen had the biggest-selling Norwegian single of all time in his home country with She’s So High his debut release after winning Pop Idol. His album then went platinum on its first day of release. The show’s creator Simon Fuller said he saw Pop Idol as a “global concept” from the start.

Trivial pursuits
Guardian Unlimited – Jan 1, 2004
One in four Britons ranked the American illusionist as the top flop for his starvation stunt above the ousted Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith (15%) and the Eurovision duo Jemini (13%) in a poll for McCain Foods – report in the Times. Of the making of silly surveys there is no end. But never before have they swamped us as comprehensively as in the year just concluded when the torrent of nonsense broke its banks and cascaded all over the media. Some of that was inspired by the new thirst for inclusiveness based on the view that if people are offered the chance to participate they are going to feel involved and valued. The BBC’s relentless drive for participation now extends even to Radio 3 which rarely loses a chance to solicit listeners’ opinions though its most spectacular essay this year was The Big Read in which JRR Tolkien came top.

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