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Olympic Games: Livingstone hits out at Scott’s claims that London…

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– Olympic Games: Livingstone hits out at Scott’s claims that London…
– Fame at last!
– Leader: Olympic bid | Politics | The Guardian

Olympic Games: Livingstone hits out at Scott’s claims that London…
Guardian Unlimited – Jan 14, 2004
Scott who also led two failed Olympic bids for Manchester said Paris had a much better chance. He said Britain’s track record at winning bids for events such as the World Cup and the Rugby World Cup did not bode well for the Olympic bid. Interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live Scott said the fiasco over the 2005 World Athletics Championships bid had damaged London’s credibility and even the Eurovision Song Contest failure showed the UK’s unpopularity abroad. “They’re all indications that we’re not really a deeply popular nation” he said. He claimed London’s bid is unlikely to get past the voting stage. “There’s a sort of not a built-in resistance to London but Paris has consistently revealed in its two bids that there is a large consistent 20 or so who will vote for Paris whatever happens. ” Scott said it is unlikely that Britain’s leading role in the war against Iraq is “going to help us”.

Fame at last!
ic – Jan 17, 2004
She said: “Going on Stars In Their Eyes was fantastic. Matthew was lovely and brilliant and kept everyone calm even though it was very nerve-wracking. “I don’t know how people who’ve never sung in public before do it. “Tracey aged 37 who will sing Not That Kind by Anastacia faces competition from fellow “star” guests Sinead O’Connor Don Henley and Roberta Flack.

Leader: Olympic bid | Politics | The Guardian
Guardian Unlimited – Jan 16, 2004
The attractions of London have been boosted by the Millennium-funded projects one of the reasons (as yesterday’s figures show) London had 11. 6 million overseas visitors in 2002 compared with under 9 million for Paris – London’s strongest European rival for the games of the nine countries in the frame. Paris also has considerable political clout at a time when the Iraq war – not to mention the UK’s disastrous showing in the last Eurovision song contest – has made Britain less potent abroad than ministers presume. The government also has to shake off the failure of the Millennium Dome and the aborted bid to host the 2005 World Athletics Championship. The organisers have created some eye-catching posters and have a strong card in the way the bid involves regeneration of the eastern side of London. But it will not be easy. It will need strong political involvement.

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