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Eurovision News Review:

* BBC launches Eurovision assault
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* D-Side – Stronger Together
* The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los Angeles
* Switzerland: Sebastian Bürgin leaves MusicStar
* Planners lead Flatley a merry dance
* Bitchiness? You’re a Star, Linda
* West Bank gays more at home in Israel West Bank gays find social life…
* ‘I’d never even heard of chick lit’
* Elegy to Ilan Ramon
* Andorra: Terra to second round

BBC launches Eurovision assaultBBC News
Former Fame Academy student James Fox says he was “sceptical” when first approached about becoming involved, but felt the new format was a winner. “I felt my song was great, and this year there’s music industry support, and it’s going to be a big Saturday night show,” he told BBC News Online. “Eurovision is a sleeping giant, and hasn’t been exploited for a while,” said the 27-year-old, who will perform Hold Onto Our Love in the final. Fox feels his experience on Fame Academy will be an advantage and should avoid a repeat of Jemini’s poor performance… Other countries have devised new formats to choose their Eurovision representative. Spain’s Operacion Trifuno is the country’s equivalent of Pop Idol and Fame Academy, giving contestants a chance to peform on the Eurovision stage. In the last two years, Spain has finished comfortably in the top 10. During the early 1990s, the UK chose well-known performers for Eurovision, such as Sonia and Michael Ball – but they narrowly failed to bring home the trophy.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
com has now received confirmation that all the remaining shows will be held on Saturdays. The grand final of Mision Eurovision will be held on Saturday the 24th of February. The time of the show moves back 30 minutes, and they will now all begin at 22:30 CET. Mision Eurovision the grand extravanganza show to elect the Spanish representant and song to represent Spain in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest has changed its schedule from Tuesdays to Saturdays. This is to provide better prime time viewing and is expected to see a large rise in viewing figures. The show will be aired at 22… The grand final of Mision Eurovision will be held on Saturday the 24th of February. The time of the show moves back 30 minutes, and they will now all begin at 22:30 CET. Mision Eurovision the grand extravanganza show to elect the Spanish representant and song to represent Spain in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest has changed its schedule from Tuesdays to Saturdays. This is to provide better prime time viewing and is expected to see a large rise in viewing figures. The show will be aired at 22. 30 hrs CET,after the weekly news show " Informe Semanal". We exclusively bring you the new dates and schedule:GALA 4 Saturday 3rd February (4th Qualifier)GALA 5 Saturday 10th February ( Semi Final)GALA 6 Saturday 17th February ( Special Gala)GALA 7 Saturday 24th February ( Grand Final)Mision Eurovision wil be aired live every Saturday at 22.

D-Side – Stronger –
The tunes are catchy, with even Eurovision-type songs like the title track, ‘Stronger Together’, sticking in your head. This album may convince those who are cynical about the boyband phenomenon to do a double take. There’s vocal talent, a variety of styles and cross-genres, and effective musical accompaniment. If D-Side was a racehorse I suspect their words of “The favourite won’t win.

The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los AngelesJewish Journal of greater L.A – The Jewish Journal of greater L.A
"Neshama," which is funded in part by the Tel Aviv-Los Angeles Partnership, a Jewish Federation beneficiary, uses music, song, visuals and narration spanning the time of creation until present day. With six gold albums to his name in both the classical and popular genres, D?or is a perfect candidate to bring Jerusalem to life. Last month, the angelic singer was selected to represent Israel at the 49th Eurovision, the international song competition. Although Eurovision is often scoffed at internationally, and virtually ignored in America, a number of stars have gotten their start from the contest, like ABBA, Celine Dion and Julio Iglesias. Since it began competing in 1973, Israel has won the contest three times, most infamously with transsexual Dana International in 1998. D?or?s upcoming performance in Los Angeles is par for the course. He has often collaborated with other artists, beginning in the army and later at Habima Theater, with such artists as Habreirah Hativ?it, Shlomo Bar and Zubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

The organisers will then take some time to collate the results before announcing the winner later in the evening. It is also possible to vote by phone, text or through the television. There are points allocated for each voting country using a system similar to that of the Eurovision song contest. Each country gives ten points to the country for who they have the most votes, which can include themselves, with nine points for the second placed nation, eight for the third and so on, all the way down to one point for the country with the tenth highest number. The theory behind using this system is that there should be no advantage given to those with the higher populations, meaning that the winner is the favourite from all the interested nations, from all around the world. Although 108 contestants made the trip to Hainan at the beginning of November, there will only be fifteen entrants in the final itself. Five of these are predetermined and we know the identity of four.

Switzerland: Sebastian Bürgin leaves
Switzerland: Sebastian B?rgin leaves MusicStar Sebastian B?rgin was voted out of MusicStar yesterday. MusicStar is the Popidol-like show of German-speaking Switzerland. The best four singers of this competition will participate in the Swiss national final for the Eurovision Songcontest 2004. 17-year old Sebastian B?rgin had to leave the competition in which five artists remain now. Next sunday we will know the four participants for the Swiss National final. The winner of MusiStar will be known on February 22nd. The five artists who are still in competition are Daniela Brun, Piero Esteriore, Carmen Fenk, Sergio Luvualu and Mario Pacchioli.

Planners lead Flatley a merry danceIrish Independent
While I’m sure that some valuable battlements might have had to make way for his jacuzzi, or whatever, it is respectfully suggested that the folks at An Bord Pleanala aren’t really seeing the bigger picture here. Michael himself is a monument of national importance. He made Irish dancing sexy (sort of) and helped provide the first watchable bit of the Eurovision in the competition’s history. Long before Beckham, he made impossibly tight T-shirts and headbands acceptable attire for straight men. And only when cajoled to breaking point by the most skilled and persistent of interviewers would he pay proper tribute to his own genius. And what did he ask in return? The freedom of the city? A statue in Stephen’s Green? No, all the Lord of the Dance wanted was permission to build a crib worthy of his god-like status. One that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to show MTV around.

Bitchiness? You’re a Star, LindaIrish Independent
She saw charm and worth where others saw none, and battled hard to convince audiences that where we saw big ears and a long nose, she saw beauty. Where we heard braying, she heard a beautiful voice. Until You’re a Star series two, that is, when Linda seemed to realise the contestants are no waifs and strays but cocky kids with the self-belief that they should go to Eurovision. They have mammies already and they know well how to look after their careers, thank you. Maybe Linda Martin realised it was time for her to do the same, to do a Simon Cowell, become the series bitch and, thus, its real star. Last week, on You’re a Star , Linda Martin didn’t pull her punches. The theme of the night was Irish songs and, much like many at home, she was frustrated by the contestants delivery, all opting either to drone or do the boyband-out-of-breath thing.

West Bank gays more at home in Israel West Bank gays find social life…San Francisco Chronicle
The Supreme Court has ruled that gay couples are eligible for spousal and widower benefits. “Nearly all mainstream television dramas in Israel regularly feature gay storylines. When transsexual Dana International won the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest as Israel’s representative, 80 percent of polled Israelis called her ‘an appropriate representative of Israel. ‘ ” At Shushan, gay Israelis and Palestinians mix freely and go home together, although Freddy observes that the broader state of Israeli-Palestinian relations has created tensions that didn’t exist before. “Times have changed,” he said. “These days I feel the hatred between both sides even in the gay community. ” But compared to gay Palestinians who don’t make it to Israel, Freddy and Nawal are among the lucky ones, said Haneen Maikey, coordinator of the Palestinian Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Project at a Jerusalem gay center.

‘I’d never even heard of chick lit’Guardian Unlimited
getElementById( ‘frameId354015’ ). She seems shy, sincere and hopelessly adrift on a tidal wave of publishing hype, until you remember that she was once a teenage panto star and Eurovision song contest hopeful. Then her sister, Georgina, married Westlife singer Nicky Byrne in Ireland’s “wedding of the year” and sold the pictures to Hello!, with Cecelia as bridesmaid. This gave way to an improbably glamorous Ahern presence on the celebrity party circuit, given her father Bertie’s image as an ale-loving working-class Dubliner. She wrote her novel in longhand on a pack of A4 refill pads. She wrote all night, between 11pm and 7am, for three months while her mother did all her washing, cooking and cleaning, and recommended an agent through a golfing friend.

Elegy to Ilan RamonIsrael Insider
He didn’t even focus attention on the State of Israel. He understood that what he really was, and what he represented, was first and foremost the Jewish people. We have become accustomed to the appearance, in all kinds of international events, of Israeli representatives who wish to appease the barely disguised anti-Semitism of their hosts: A delegation to the Eurovision contest, which persists in waving the Syrian flag, a well-known conductor who makes a point of playing compositions of the spiritual father of the Third Reich, or just an ordinary Israeli “artist” who presents in Sweden a “creation” justifying the murder of Jews. Israelis who have been brought up to deny that they are different from others, who reject their unique Jewish identity, and who lack a religious basis, inevitably attempt to assimilate when they go abroad. This is what happens at best, but at worst they identify with anti-Semitism. “I am really a successful Israeli. I display no signs of Judaism.

Andorra: Terra to second
Vine, written by Jordi Vidal, won the televoting and qualifies for the second round. Previously, the songs Jugarem a estimar-nos and Vine already qualified for that. Next week two other songs, No esperis amor en Crec, will try to get to the last six songs in the Andorran preselection.

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