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* Flop leads to Pop Idol-style Eurovision revamp
* Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
* being prepared in English
* Dundee women’s Eurovision hope
* Blair To Win Eurovision Song Contest
* Doran, Kilbane to contest You’re A Star final
* Showbiz advice? You’re taking the Mickey
* Kilbane – You’re a Star!
* Pride of place for Latvia
* The joy of diversity
* Scarf conundrum grips Turkey
* Chinese transsexual disqualified for beauty contest
* The butcher, the baker and the Hollywood star
* New kid on the box

Flop leads to Pop Idol-style Eurovision revampGuardian Unlimited
Never again must the nation be subjected to another humiliating rout at the hands of the europop army. Today, in its hour of Eurovision need, your country needs you. Jolted into action by last year’s nul points nightmare, the BBC will tonight launch a Pop Idol-style revamp of the selection process that is intended to prevent another embarrassing defeat. In homage to one of Britain’s successes, it is called Eurovision – Making Your Mind Up… Today, in its hour of Eurovision need, your country needs you. Jolted into action by last year’s nul points nightmare, the BBC will tonight launch a Pop Idol-style revamp of the selection process that is intended to prevent another embarrassing defeat. In homage to one of Britain’s successes, it is called Eurovision – Making Your Mind Up.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
be News. For the first time ever, a Eurosong hits the number 1 spot of the Flemish single charts in its first week! Entering the Flemish single charts at nr. 1 is a unique prestation which has only been done before by Elton John (Candle in the wind) and Flemish Idol, Peter Evrard (For you). 000 copies of 1 Life were sold in just one week… 000 copies of 1 Life were sold in just one week. A first golden record for Xandee will be awarded soon. The success of 1 Life among the Eurovision fans hasn’t stayed unnoticed. Russia, the Netherlands, Germany and several other European countries already showed interest in releasing the song. Xandee’s recordcompany ARS is about to shoot a video for 1 Life for the international market. Flemish broadcaster VRT already announced they are willing to make the video the official Eurovision Song Contest preview video instead of the usual national final live performance. Belgium is directly qualified for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 15th May. being prepared in
is being prepared in English Preparations are being made for the english version of the official site of the Icelandic entry for the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest. is, the official site of the 2004 Icelandic entry is up and running and has never before been updated as frequently as now. Daily updates are available in Icelandic and will be too in English in a matter of a few days. A new feature has been brought to the web this year, which gives visitors from all over europe the chance of winning a all expences paid trip to this years contest.

Dundee women’s Eurovision hopeEvening Telegraph
?But Madison has the best voice and the best song and I hope the public can see that when they vote on Saturday. ?She?s very talented and only 18 years old so she?s got a lot ahead of her. ?If she is chosen as Britain?s entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest then hopefully I will be able to go to the finals in Turkey ? that would be another adventure. getTime();

Blair To Win Eurovision Song ContestThe Spoof – The Spoof (satire)
Mr Blair continued his tirade of abuse against Clare Short, in a hastily drawn press conference this morning. ‘Ms Short is singing from the wrong hymn sheet,' Mr Blair mocked. ‘She is completely out of tune with the traditions of the Eurovision Song Contest. '‘We all know that the winner of this year's competition will be decided by tone-deaf Bosnian peasants'. ‘Not even my spin jockeys can change that record,' he wept. The story above is a satire or parody.

Doran, Kilbane to contest You’re A Star
Cork girl Jean Elliott was eliminated in the latest vote as Waterford’s Doran once again topped the poll. Last week 17-year-old Dubliner George Murphy, who had been a weekly favourite earlier in the competition, was surprisingly eliminated. The grand final between Doran and Mayo man Kilbane will now take place next Saturday, with the final result being announced next Sunday evening. The Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Turkey in May.

Showbiz advice? You’re taking the MickeyIrish Independent
In the biography section of his official website there’s no mention of the show that made him famous, instead you’d get the impression that a decade on the acoustic scene – whatever that is – and a couple of Hot Press songwriting prizes won him a place on the Eurovision stage. Mickey Joe’s biography offers boastful statistics concerning sales of his debut single, We’ve Got the World, and the size of the Eurovision audience last year in Latvia but leaves out the fact that You’re a Star sent him there and gave him the song. Nor does it note that he came a dismal 11th place in Eurovision. Last week, however, it seemed Mickey Joe had not so much forgotten his origins as decided to deny them three times. He’d the nerve to suggest this year’s contestants weren’t quite of last year’s calibre – that they were less glamorous, and lacked a special something his gang had in abundance. Which, considering the winner among them was a loser at the job for which he was selected, Eurovision, is really saying something. Not that this year’s finalists – James Kilbane, Chris Doran and Jean Elliott – asked for Mickey Joe’s advice.

Kilbane – You’re a Star!Western People
? Around Achill Island and neighbouring areas, they raised their glasses to the local man who is enjoying a phenomenal run in the popular television series to select Ireland?s Eurovision singer for 2004. Kilbane finished second in the voting last night, up from fourth the previous week, hinting that he is peaking just at the right time. He carries the good wishes of the province as he seeks a place in the ?Grand Final? next Sunday night where he will battle it out with the other two contestants, Chris Doran from Waterford and Jean Elliot from Cork.

Pride of place for
Last year, in the same arena, the hapless British pop duo Jemini competed in the Eurovision Song Contest and came away with nul points. There are many who believe an identical fate awaits Latvia when they take their bow.

The joy of diversityGuardian Unlimited
We were ‘bottom of the pile’ on church-going and ‘doing badly’ when it came to saying our prayers. The Nigerians, by contrast, where religious conflict frequently costs lives, were always ‘at the top’. Not since Eurovision have I been so proud of our under-achievement.

Scarf conundrum grips TurkeyBBC News
It’s a separation which many here in Turkey are keen to show the world. They want to present a country which is secular, modern and Western. It was an image captured perfectly in last year’s Turkish winning entry in the Eurovision song contest. Sparsely-clad Sertab Erener’s song “Every Way That I Can” fused Eastern rhythms and hip-hop and became the country’s first-ever winner.

Chinese transsexual disqualified for beauty contestPeople's Daily Online
“The most egregious human rights violations around the world happen to transgender people, so I’m surprised that officials are open to this possibility. ”
Araujo believes other transsexuals in and outside China have paved the way for Lili to be as out and accepted as she is. Araujo cited Jin Xin, an award-winning Chinese choreographer and dancer who has used her success as a platform to speak out about being transsexual, and Dana International, the transsexual.

The butcher, the baker and the Hollywood starIrish Independent
Or perhaps, the rigid teeth-grinding smiles on the faces of the losers, masking their dismay that their bankability has not just sky-rocketed. Whatever the reason we can’t help watching. And in the past two decades, there have been so many Irish possibilities in the running for an Oscar, and indeed some winners, that it has become as much an Irish award ceremony as the Eurovision Song Contest. Even George Bernard Shaw shared an Oscar for the screenplay of Pygmalion. I believe he is the only Oscar winner to also get a Nobel Prize. And in spite of what you might think about Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, to say nothing of Katherine Hepburn and the various producer, directors and screen writers who have all received multiple nominations, the person who’s name appeared most on the outside of the envelope over the 74 seasons is, or rather was, Walt Disney with a total of 64 nomination of which he actually won a staggering 26. In spite of the Lord Of The Rings being the never to be repeated, never to be equalled blockbuster of all time; or Master and Commander being the most exiting; if I were a betting man and there was one in the running, I’d put my money on the cartoon, whatever it is.

New kid on the boxIrish Independent
You can’t help thinking that Curran, at 37 RTÉ’s youngest ever managing director of television, is an ambitious, capable and talented man in a no-win situation. RTÉ’s staple diet of ratings pullers – Prime Time, Winning Streak, The Late Late Show and Fair City – are the same programmes that the station has always relied on, as long as anyone can remember. When are we going to see something new? And when we do see something new, will it work – or will the ship break up on the rocks like the one in Cabin Fever? Curran is younger than Pat Kenny, Gerry Ryan, Joe Duffy, Miriam O’Callaghan and Marian Finucane, and has built his reputation in current affairs and Eurovision 1996 (going on to marry the winner, Eimear Quinn). “I watch everything,” he admits. “I even watched I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here. ” He’d want to keep watching everything. Noel Curran may have landed the top job in Irish television, but his appointment comes at a time of huge competition, where nearly four in every five homes in Ireland receive stations from outside the State, every second household appears to have a satellite dish and where there is a perception that the RTÉ dinosaur is in steady decline.

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