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Eurovision Song Contest: Top 10

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– Eurovision Song Contest: Top 10
– 50 years of Eurovision memories
– Latvia basks in Eurovision glory
– ‘New Europe’ flexes its muscle at Eurovision song contest
– Eurovision is set to make song and dance in the US
– Estonia wins Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest: Top 10
BBC News – May 13, 2007
Now that the competition is over for another year it is time to assess how well they did. The panel’s members included former contest winner Sandra Kim (Belgium 1986) and dedicated Eurovision enthusiasts from across Europe.

50 years of Eurovision memories
BBC News – May 20, 2005
This year’s event is the biggest yet with 39 countries taking part. Some famous faces who have taken part in Eurovision talk about their memories from the big night – and why it has lasted so long.

Latvia basks in Eurovision glory
CNN – May 24, 2003
Up to 600 million viewers across Europe watched the small Baltic state’s first victory in the contest propelling Latvia into the limelight and offering it the chance to promote its culture and tourist attractions as 2003 host. As the foreign minister of the previous winner Estonia said in a news release: “Eurovision in Estonia — a billion-dollar advertisement for a tiny state. The Latvian government and its host capital Riga can look forward to seeing £5 million (7 million euros) roll in from the record number of visitors expected to watch Saturday’s contest. “It will introduce Europe to our country.

‘New Europe’ flexes its muscle at Eurovision song contest
Christian Science Monitor – May 23, 2008
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Eurovision is set to make song and dance in the US
Times Online – Jun 5, 2006
–>By Adam Sherwin Media Correspondentdiv#related-article-links p a div#related-article-links p a:visited {color:#06c;}IT IS a byword for disasters both musical and sartorial but now the Eurovision Song Contest is going global with a prime-time remake on American network television. Executives are desperate to find a challenger to the Fox television network’s American Idol the talent show that generated 63 million votes for last month’s final more votes than any US president has received. The furore caused by the Finnish metal-monsters Lordi who swept to victory in the 51st Eurovision this year has convinced the NBC network that the answer lies in “old Europe”. Under a deal with the European Broadcasting Union NBC will adapt Eurovision as a state-by-state song contest. It is the first time that the Geneva-based network of national broadcasters has licensed the format outside Europe.

Estonia wins Eurovision Song Contest
CNN – May 13, 2001
The pair who follow in the footsteps of Abba Celine Dion Gina G and Nana Mouskouri comfortably headed the 23-nation field with 198 points. This year’s 23 countries took part in the contest staged in Copenhagen Denmark in front of a live audience of more than 40000. An estimated 200 million people in 30 countries were expected to have watched the contest on TV. Padar was part of the backing vocals for the Estonian artist Ines who previously represented Estonia at the contest.

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