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Bryan’s reverse takeover of Europop and daytime TV

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* We need Eurovision girl power
* Talent sidetracked on the Eurostar express
* I want to be a real solo artist, says former Westlifer Bryan
* Bryan’s reverse takeover of Europop and daytime TV
* Like mother like daughter
* Another record as Worcester move closer to the Premiership
* Worst takeaway ever? [page 2]

We need Eurovision girl powerIrish Independent
Presumably, the young boys are too busy scraping their knees and fighting and interfering with themselves. Take poor Jean Elliot. Jean is perfect Eurovision material. She even tried to do what is known in Eurovision circles as “sexy dancing”. But in fairness to the poor girl her innocence shone through a bit on the sexy dancing. Technically she had all the moves but there was just something unconvincing about her hip-grinding. Her sexy dance was reminiscent of the dancing of Elaine Bennis in Seinfeld… Jerky I think is the word. But jerk as she might, Jean was never going to get it because mna og na hEireann only vote for the lads. We have a traveller doing Eurovision. Let that be just the beginning. And when we’ve exhausted all other downtrodden minorities perhaps we could look to the most downtrodden of them all. We’ve had a woman president. Let us now lead the way yet again and have a woman Eurovision contestant.

Talent sidetracked on the Eurostar expressIrish Independent
Walsh then sedulously promoted Chris for the remainder of You’re a Star. On Tuesday night his protege sang his winning song which was penned – oh happy coincidence – by Bryan McFadden of Walsh’s boy-group Westlife. Chris thanked his fans and vowed to bring the Eurovision home to Ireland. It was a night for hyperbole. Doran’s triumph was marred by controversy and allegations by runner-up James Kilbane of deals, intrigues and studio-based skulduggery. But as last year’s winner Mickey Harte pointed out, Kilbane was saddled with the worst song of the three picked for the finals.

I want to be a real solo artist, says former Westlifer BryanIrish Independent
“Kerry is my wife and offers did come in. But I want to be involved in music and she wants to be on TV and that’s it,” he says. “I want to be a songwriter and I dreamed of going to Eurovision to represent Ireland. Now, it’s something I am very proud of. ” The father of two spoke out at his Portmarnock home on Friday night as the remaining Westlifers turned up on the Late Late Show to perform for the first time as a foursome. They insisted that Bryan’s departure was amicable and there were no hard feelings on their part towards him. Bryan confirmed this.

Bryan’s reverse takeover of Europop and daytime TVIrish Independent
Some men wonder why he ever leaves the house at all. If you had those little angels to play with at home why would you be going anywhere? Bryan has clearly had his head turned by his own recent successes and that of his wife. Funny thing is that there was a time when people would have looked to the Eurovision as a stepping stone to a career in the real music industry. Macker has gone at the whole thing from a crazy new angle which is that he’s using his career in the biggest boyband of our times to launch himself into the Eurovision. Then again, as Ro Keating would tell him, if you want to make money in what they all no doubt refer to as “The Business” you need to start writing your own songs. And because you have the looks and the charm to be in a boyband of course automatically means that you are also a great songwriter. Or something like that.

Like mother like daughterGuardian Unlimited
Worse, their constant tapping on laptops leads you to suspect that this is all going to come out as a book. Gunpowder, Treason and Plot (Sunday, BBC2) is, it says here, a programme of the European Union. Nothing, including the Eurovision Song Contest, leads you to find this encouraging. As many of the cast’s names end in u, you suppose it was shot in Romania. If you had to guess the writer, it would never be Jimmy McGovern, but it is. The young Mary, Queen of Scots, has arrived to claim her kingdom, a country where no door goes unslammed. It is soon obvious that McGovern has cast Bothwell, an honest Scot with a drink problem, as the hero.

Another record as Worcester move closer to the
It is difficult to feel sorry for a man who sold his heating business for nearly £100 million and was in from the cold at his Barbados holiday home yesterday. But Duckworth has been on the brink of rugby’s big time for so long, he wears crampons. The Warriors will swap places with last year’s National One champions Rotherham, the Yorkshire club already relegated and rock bottom of the Premiership with as many points as a Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest entry. As they pass each other on the elevator, Worcester will not gloat, for history, and the ludicrous iniquity of central funding that financially benefits the top Premiership clubs at the expense of pesky newcomers, suggest they will pass each other in the opposite direction next year. But you sense something different at Worcester. The excellent facilities at Sixways have passed an interim audit by England Rugby, with no problems flagged. I did notice a stray crisp packet that might contravene health and safety, but surely not even England Rugby can bar Duckworth’s arrival.

Worst takeaway ever? [page 2]London SE1
Cafe Spice Namaste, Prescot Street (over the bridge, in Tower Hamlets). This place is run by the legendary Cyrus Todiwallah, a man with more awards than an Irish Eurovision Song Contest winner. It serves Goan and Parsi food (Bombay specialities such as Dhansak and patrani machli). They do takeaway, and delivery through the Room Service company.

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