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– She’s still shouting
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She’s still shouting
ic – Mar 22, 2004
“Five decades whatever. It’s such a long time I never sat and thought about that until it was mentioned. “Die-hard fans may be disappointed to learn Lulu won’t be singing her Eurovision-winning Boom Bang-a-bang or the ditty I’m A Tiger at the City Hall – the latter didn’t even make the greatest hits album despite being one of her biggest hits. “Lulu is now an award-winning songwriter her greatest success being I Don’t Wanna Fight which was a worldwide smash for Tina Turner. “For a long time I was reliant upon other writers. Thank god at this point in my life when I’m not the top-selling artist in the world and the best writers do not put you as a priority on their list I can write my own songs. “Lulu feels for today’s young pop pretenders and worries they don’t have the support she did when starting out.

Sport: Screen Break with Martin Kelner | Sport |
Guardian Unlimited – Mar 22, 2004
It was eight hours before Murphy was asked to slap on his trilby and provide light relief. The kidnappers chose Cosgrove to go to a hotel where bizarrely he was to be contacted under the name Johnny Logan. Of all the false identities they could have picked this was about the shakiest Johnny Logan being the name of the freshfaced balladeer who had won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland and to whom Cosgrove incidentally bore an uncanny lack of resemblance. The mission ended in farce as well it might being akin to asking Sol Campbell to go to a hotel pretending to be Britney Spears. Chief superintendent Murphy meanwhile was holding another press conference to announce that he had enlisted the help of “clairvoyants and other psychic persons” because let’s face it if Russell Grant can’t find Shergar who can? I think I spotted a sprig of lucky heather stuck in the chief’s hat band as well. If all this were not comedy enough there were cameo performances by Derek Thompson and John McCririck in archive footage from 1983. Thompson was one of three journalists led on a wild-goose chase to the Europa Hotel in Belfast to act as intermediaries between the kidnappers and Shergar’s owners.

The Eyes have it
The Observer – Mar 21, 2004
Nonentity would cancel out nonentity; the kitsch of the real world would destroy the kitsch manufactured in the Stars in Their Eyes studio; the series would implode in a blast of sequin mascara ballad smile and tears. Then again Stars In Their Eyes could well be the cockroach of light entertainment and even survive a general Saturday night TV nuclear blast. It could last longer than the Eurovision Song Contest which like Stars is becoming more and more tiring. Or at least it’s getting harder and harder to muster up the belief that it is engaging kitsch rather than something that is picking at it’s own corpse. Stars has always been beyond fashion outside style the other side of dignity and the programme’s essential queerness and epic pointlessness might see it carry on for years. Even after the reborn Matthew Kelly dazzles and darlings himself to showbiz death even after the sixty-first Ronan Keating and the forty-third Madonna Stars in Their Eyes can carry on as a demented satire of celebrity. The way it both celebrates and diminishes the specialness of fame both worships the voice and loathes it the way it turns sheer professionalism into blank amateurism can mean that the show carries on as long as there are singers and songs.

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