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* Culture & Lifestyle | 19.03.2004 German Eurovision Bid Gets…
* Eurovision Song Contest 2004 list complete!
* Norwegian junior selection on 12th June
* Sally Ann Triplett Sally Ann Triplett
* Multi-ethnic flavour adds taste to festival parades
* Western People (printer friendly version)
* Waterford News & Star (printer friendly version)
* Secret Garden
* Achill Island native complains about WLR fm
* Scots are brains of Britain
* The Eyes have it
* Contract Market News – 25/03/04 – Off the record, on the QT, and very…

Culture & Lifestyle | 19.03.2004 German Eurovision Bid Gets…Deutsche Welle
Thumbs down for “Schlagermusik”

But things will be different, and many hope better, this year. As the contest to shortlist a German entry for this year’s Eurovision in Istanbul looms, the country’s competition organizers have decided to depart from decades of German “Schlagermusik,” the sentimental, hand-swaying music often produced by Siegel and often performed one-time Eurovision crooner Michelle, and bring in some new blood instead. In a first, public broadcaster ARD has joined forces with the music television channel VIVA to search for slick young acts to fight it out at the preliminaries, which will be broadcast live on Friday. Eurovision organizer Jürgen Meier-Beer has stressed that the German Eurovision bid needed an image makeover. “We have to win back young spectators who we lost in the last preliminary contest. After all, it’s the younger generation that determines international music trends,” he said.

Eurovision Song Contest 2004 list complete!
com News. com did some statistical research! 15 men have been selected to give a solo performance at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest (7 in the final, 8 in the qualifier round). 11 women have been selected to sing solo for their country (4 in the final, 7 in the qualifier round). 10 groups have been selected for this year’s contest (counting the Austrian entry Piero Esteriore & the Music Stars as group), 6 of them are a couple; Aleksandra & Konstantin for Belarus, Formins & Kleins for Latvia, Linas & Simona for Lithuania, Julie & Ludwig for Malta and Reunion (Paul & Fabrizio) for The Netherlands… Besides these 21 songs, it’s unknown yet if Portugal and Albania sing in their own language or in English. Ivan Mikulić might sing Daje? mi krila in a mixed Croatian-English version, Lisa Andreas might sing Stronger every minute partly in Greek for Cyprus. It’s 52 days to go for the qualifier round of the Eurovision Song Contest, on 12th May. The running order for the qualifier round and the final will probably be decided tomorrow! Find the completed list of participants in our 2004 section! Related polls.

Norwegian junior selection on 12th
com, NRK News. With MGP Junior 2004 Norway selects its participant for the kids’ contest on 12th June. The final takes place in the Oslo Spektrum venue and will be hosted by Nadia Hasnaoui som and Stian Barsnes Simonsen. In November, the Norwegian participants 2U ended up 13th at the first Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Sinnssykt gal forelsket.

Sally Ann Triplett Sally Ann TriplettStage
It has taken me 22 years but now I’m back. ” She has packed a lot into the intervening years. Almost immediately, there was another shot at Eurovision – in 1982, working with her then-boyfriend Steve Fisher, she was part of a duo called Bardo who represented Britain at the competition in Harrogate. “We were pop stars for a good nine months and did two other singles but then it dwindled off. ” She looks back on it with what she describes as really fond memories and great affection. “Though at the time Eurovision was a bit frowned upon, I’m proud now of what we did. But I remember sitting at home one day thinking, ‘I went to college to do theatre work’ but I wasn’t doing it… “We were pop stars for a good nine months and did two other singles but then it dwindled off. ” She looks back on it with what she describes as really fond memories and great affection. “Though at the time Eurovision was a bit frowned upon, I’m proud now of what we did. But I remember sitting at home one day thinking, ‘I went to college to do theatre work’ but I wasn’t doing it. So I bought The Stage – I didn’t have an agent for years – and went to audition for a show that didn’t then happen. However, the MD John Owen Edwards told me he wanted me to sing for something in Leeds and I got the lead role. It was called Alice – Anthony Phillips, a founder member of Genesis, wrote the music and Nicholas Hytner directed it at Leeds Playhouse.

Multi-ethnic flavour adds taste to festival paradesIrish Independent
The entertainment continued in Limerick yesterday long after the parade was over with a special celebration of Irish music and culture at historic King John’s Castle. A highlight of the Waterford parade was a Gulf war tank which won the prize for the best traditional float for the Waterford Military Vehicles Society. Ireland’s Eurovision star Chris Doran, who was the Grand Marshal, was given a rapturous reception by tens of thousands of spectators when he led the parade in an open-top car. Environment Minister Martin Cullen was one of the only ministers not out of the country and observed, with the rest of the crowd, a minute’s silence in memory of the victims of the Madrid bombings. Two circus elephants brought a carnival atmosphere to Sligo’s parade and the visitors from the Daredevil Circus were among the star attractions of the festivities. The parade got a taste of glamour too as 13 females competing to become the Rose of Sligo were transported through the town on pony and trap. A range of old-world farm tractors and a threshing machine from yesteryear dominated the vintage aspect of the annual parade in Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan.

Western People (printer friendly version)Western People
Dana then travelled to Mulranny where she visited St Brendan’s village complex for the elderly. She was welcomed by Dr Jerry Cowley TD and became an instant hit with the staff and the residents. She was persuaded to give a rendering of her Eurovision winning song “All Kinds of Everything” and joined in an impromptu concert, with star turns provided by the residents. Dana spent two hours in St Brendan?s and promis-ed to return again to the “village” before she left to continue her campaigning in Achill and north Mayo. JUNIOR C?IL?A Junior C?il? will take place in Newport Community Hall next Friday nigh, 19th March, at 7. Proceeds from the evening will go to “Enable Ireland”, and all support will be greatly appreciated.

Waterford News & Star (printer friendly version)Waterford News
Again, a sincere thanks for your generosity. Patrick?s Day, the members of the Porlaw Kickboxing Club which is affiliated with the Waterford Kickboxing Club, will be marching in the Parade in Waterford, which will be led by ?You?re A Star? winner and Irish Eurovision entry, Chris Doran, who is also a member of the Waterford Kickboxing Club. DAFFODIL DAY Daffodil Day will take place on Friday, March 19. Come and join the March for Radiotheraphy for Waterford Regional Hospital starting at SEHB building, Cork Road. Your support is needed. NEW HARDWARE HIRE STORE Congratulations to Brian Tobin, who opened a Hardware and Hire Equipment Store in Brown Street.

Fionnuala Sherry revealed the secret to their longevity to Eoin Cameron : whilst they’re together intensively when they’re making music, Fionnuala says that Rolf spends his downtime in Norway while she’s at her home in Dublin. Sounds like a drastic solution to a common problem , but the musical results are soft, melodic and lovely. Fionnuala told how she and Rolf first met at the Eurovision Song Contest. She’d been classically trained and had worked extensively in that field before doing session work with Van Morrison, Sinead O’Connor , Chris De Burgh, Bono, & Wet Wet Wet. When asked whether there was anyone at large that she was keen to work with, Fionnuala was momentarily stumped before naming the great English violinist Nigel Kennedy.

Achill Island native complains about WLR fmWaterford Today
? Deise AM and James Kilbane: So, to my own show; I have made no apologies for the fact that -objectively and even if Chris Doran wasn’t from Waterford – that I felt that he is the singer I want to represent Ireland in Turkey on May 15th. He has performed consistently well. Had the best song for The Eurovision Song Contest and that is what viewers had to keep in mind when in came to voting in the final. I also said that I felt that in the country music field James Kilbane has a huge future ahead of him and I wish him well in that. Daniel O’Donell better look out!?.

Scots are brains of BritainU.TV – UTV
A further 67,000 members of the public tested themselves simultaneously online and 25,5000 texted with mobiles phones to pit their wits against the groups of celebrities, tour guides, accountants, truckers, chefs, B&B landladies and `record-breakers` who took part on the BBC One show. With a score of 51 out of 75, Jenni beat musician Myleene Klass and Casualty actor Chris Colquhoun, who both scored 49 points, into second place. Ex-Fame Academy and Eurovision hopeful James Fox scored 48 points, BBC sports presenter Clare Balding and chef Paul Rankin each got 46 points, The Bill actress Roberta Taylor guessed 45 questions correctly and ex-England cricket captain Adam Hollioake came last of the celebrities with 42 right answers. Both the celebrity team and the tour guides had the highest average team scores of 47. The over-all studio winner was trucker Simon Dean, who correctly answered 63 of the questions. Men just pipped women to the post in their general knowledge know-how, with an average of 38 points to 36. The brainiest age group was the 55-69 years group, with 44 points, compared to teenagers (16-19 years) who scored an average of just 32 correct answers.

The Eyes have itThe Observer
Nonentity would cancel out nonentity; the kitsch of the real world would destroy the kitsch manufactured in the Stars in Their Eyes studio; the series would implode in a blast of sequin, mascara, ballad, smile and tears. Then again, Stars In Their Eyes could well be the cockroach of light entertainment, and even survive a general Saturday night TV nuclear blast. It could last longer than the Eurovision Song Contest which, like Stars, is becoming more and more tiring. Or at least it’s getting harder and harder to muster up the belief that it is engaging kitsch rather than something that is picking at it’s own corpse. Stars has always been beyond fashion, outside style, the other side of dignity, and the programme’s essential queerness and epic pointlessness might see it carry on for years. Even after the reborn Matthew Kelly dazzles and darlings himself to showbiz death, even after the sixty-first Ronan Keating and the forty-third Madonna, Stars in Their Eyes can carry on as a demented satire of celebrity. The way it both celebrates and diminishes the specialness of fame, both worships the voice and loathes it, the way it turns sheer professionalism into blank amateurism, can mean that the show carries on as long as there are singers and songs.

Contract Market News – 25/03/04 – Off the record, on the QT, and very…Contractor UK
And I?m sure you?d pass the first stage of the interview. If you?re thinking of becoming the next James Bond, don?t bother looking for contracts that contain MI5 or MI6 in the search criteria. You would get as many hits as England?s effort in last year?s Eurovision Song Contest. Mention GCHQ and you will either be taken away for questioning or, worse, find only one or two contracts. Even putting the word secret gets you fewer than 20 postings per month. But what about the people who protect us from the nasty beasties that can attack us via the Internet? The guardians of firewalls (am I getting a little too LOTRs now?). What can they expect? Well, firewall contract requirements have been increasing, from mid-thirties in September last year, to over 100 this month.

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