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It’s Party Time

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– It’s Party Time
– CDs of the week: Adem Janet Jackson and more
– Compulite Vector chosen for BBC production

It’s Party Time
ic – Mar 29, 2004
And what better way of enduring hours and hours of dizzy Euro-pop and turgid eco-ballads than by drinking heavily?Heavily but in moderation of course. For the ultimate in Eurotainment you’re going to need to bring up Ceefax page 888 to squeeze every last drop of pleasure and meaning from the contestants’ lyrics. Then simply get in sufficient quantities of alcohol to keep everyone topped up and ready to play the Eurovision Drinking Game.

CDs of the week: Adem Janet Jackson and more – Mar 29, 2004
The opening title track references colliery brass bands Steve McQueen Jean Seberg and The Magnificent Seven theme and sounds as if its singer is chewing a bag of toffees. The galloping Come Home Billy Bird and the cocktail jazz of The Happy Goth reacquaint us with Hannon’s gift for character-pop. The final Charmed Life an ode to his infant daughter threatens to rival for tweeness My Lovely Horse the song he wrote for the Father Ted Eurovision episode. But Hannon clever songwriter that he is gets away with it. Magically vainglorious stuff. Craig McLean Grey DeLisle The Graceful Ghost Sugar Hill £14. 99Hearing Grey DeLisle’s old-time country music you’d never guess that her performing career began with cartoon voiceovers for What’s New Scooby-Doo? But then raised on welfare by a mother who swapped drug addiction for Pentecostal fervour she might always have been destined to sing the defiantly spooked-out ballads of a little girl lost.

Compulite Vector chosen for BBC production
4RFV – Mar 30, 2004
Dobbs commented: “As a ‘touch screen sceptic’ I was very pleasantly surprised at the clarity accuracy and general ease of use of the large colour touch screens on the Vector. At no point in the day did I curse them while prodding them with a blunt implement! “I have been using Compulite consoles for 12 years and despite the range of new features on the Vector the intuitive graphical user interface and interactive dialogues ensured I was never left struggling to quickly achieve what I wanted. The displays are completely user configurable and a few minutes organising the layouts ensured I could instantly see the information I needed. The desk did what I asked of it without any fuss.

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