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Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | News – New section: The…

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– Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | News – New section: The…
– Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
– Old Fights New Era
– Comedy Greats
– Pop diva returns to Tallinn

Eurovision Song Contest Serbia 2008 | News – New section: The… – Apr 14, 2004
com News. Make yourself at home wave your flags and listen up; we have something to say! On the 21st of this month The Greenroom the name chosen by you will be declared officially open as our first article is unveiled. The Greenroom signifies the same atmosphere heat and tension backstage at a contest where the gossip is at its maximum and the stars can’t help but give their opinions on who’s going to win. The logo in the shape of lips and inspired by the logo of the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest represents the views and opinions being spoken out and shared in the open by a small team of esctoday. com editors every week.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision… – Apr 14, 2004
In The Netherlands two semi finals and one final take place to select the Dutch participant. The semi finals take place on 11th and 18th September the final on 25th September. 12 songs will be chosen in total. Due to the enormous interest AVRO extended the submission period until 16th April.

Old Fights New Era – Apr 15, 2004
Many of the country’s 644000 ethnic Russians feared membership would distance them from Moscow. And small farmers worried about how they would fare under EU quotas and standards and against the union’s subsidized agricultural industry. Still the enthusiasm for a return to Europe was evident not only in referendums but also at the 48th annual Eurovision song contest held in Riga in May. While the business environment improved in 2003 shady links between business and politics overshadowed Latvia’s independent development and the government faced tough tests of its willingness to fight endemic corruption. Rising to power in October 2002 on a crest of popular indignation over bureaucratic fat cats Einars Repse and his New Era party promised to crack down on graft and to return a semblance of propriety to the workings of government. The new prime minister’s platform was long overdue and much welcomed but conflicts of interest and corruption allegations disappointed many in 2003. Latvia also energetically supported the U.

Comedy Greats – Apr 14, 2004
BBC Worldwide’s Comedy Greats series gets four new titles with compilations of the best work of Spike Milligan Frankie Howerd Tommy Cooper and Les Dawson. Thrill to Milligan’s Eurovision Joke Contest wince at Up Pompeii! see Tommy Cooper reduce Bob Monkhouse to a sobbing wreck and. if you can bear it… if you can bear it. watch Les Dawson play the piano. The DVDs are released on May 17th and are almost bound to become instant top sellers.

Pop diva returns to Tallinn
Baltic Times – Apr 15, 2004
Petersburg and Helsinki will be the most spectacular indoor concert ever held in Estonia. When she performed for the first time in Estonia at the Linnahall concert hall in 1999 the show completely sold out and so by the look of it will this one. Certainly one might say that “Harem” is a slightly more original sound for Ms. Brightman (perhaps she was inspired by Turkey’s success in Eurovision). Middle Eastern-inspired samples can be found in almost every song on the album. “Harem” is also the name of one of the album tracks a catchy little number driven by a Turkish disco sound and which is as sweet as the talk of a street salesman trying to flog a souvenir to a German tourist somewhere in Hurghada. The song’s video features camels a desert (but of course) the Taj Mahal belly dancing and various other Middle Eastern paraphernalia and is certainly a ripe product for MTV rotation.

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