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James wins MPs’ Euro vote

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– James wins MPs’ Euro vote
– Review: Agnetha Faltskog’s solo album
– Queer Media: Israel Hong Kong Dr. Laura

James wins MPs’ Euro vote
BBC News – Apr 20, 2004
Welsh singer James Fox got ‘nil points’ of order in the Commons dining room with MPs getting a rendition of his song Hold Onto Our Love. James 28 from Bargoed was invited to give a performance by Caerphilly MP Wayne David. James said it was “surreal but brilliant experience” to play at the House. “I got a great reception – it was an honour to be invited” he said.

Review: Agnetha Faltskog’s solo album
BBC News – Apr 20, 2004
Blonde vocalist Faltskog was a vital part of the Swedish quartet Abba who scored a string of memorable global hits. The music ended for the group in 1982. The enigmatic Faltskog had a brief less successful spell as a solo artist but then fell silent for 17 years. This 2004 comeback with My Colouring Book puts further distance between Faltskog and her Abba past but will none the less be devoured by fans.

Queer Media: Israel Hong Kong Dr. Laura
Windy City Times – Apr 21, 2004
Although there have been some legal advances over the last decade religious ideology has been largely responsible for discouraging changes in personal attitudes. Furthermore portrayals of openly gay individuals remain rare in mainstream entertainment and coverage of gay-related issues is practically absent from news reporting. The case of Dana International the transgender diva who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 constitutes a surprising exception. While it was generally anticipated that her sexuality would earn her the scorn of the political class she has been officially accepted as a success story for all Jews to be proud of and celebrate. Kama offered the following explanation: “Dana always talks about God gives him credit for her good fortune so even orthodox members of government were receptive. As unexpected as such approval may seem it could be argued that it is preferable to avoidance or denial. Many countries in Asia continue to ignore their gay citizens.

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