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– Battle of the Baltic bands
– My country: Estonia
– Behind the Festival: Poogy the Producer

Battle of the Baltic bands
Baltic Times – Apr 22, 2004
The “National Music League” will be aired live on LNK in Lithuania with LNT carrying the show in Latvia. The first round was screened on April 21 with the second round to take place on April 28 and the final showdown on May 5. The contest will be broadcast live from the LNK studio in Vilnius and will showcase the talents of Lithuanian groups Skamp and B’Avarija and Latvian groups A-Europa and The Hobos. The boy band B’Avarija which was formed in 1996 quickly shot to Lithuanian stardom in 1997 when it won the award for best debut album.

CNN International – Apr 22, 2004
Eurovision winners in Estonia artists and freethinkers in Lithuania. As they go about their daily business do they perceive that the EU means anything in their lives? Or is it all hot air and fury from politicians?We have heard from those politicians. I believe it is time to see what it all actually means on the ground. I can’t promise not to digress into observations and I ask your forgiveness from the start. But I hear you say "Why are you bothering? What difference does it make? After all like it or not these countries will be in the EU on May 1.

My country: Estonia
BBC News – Apr 22, 2004
00pmDoes your school have any unusual subjects?No. We have also won Eurovision. I see it as a window of opportunity for Estonian tourism culture and youth Travelling to another EU country will be easier so will be studying in a foreign school or university The EU is already funding the fixing of roads in my country (which is a big problem) I can’t wait to see what they do nextPriit 14 Harjumaa EstoniaWhy don’t you write us a Press Pack report – and get it published on the site?! It can be about anything that’s happened in your local area – or your views on the news.

Behind the Festival: Poogy the Producer
Jewish Journal of greater L.A – The Jewish Journal of greater L.A – Apr 22, 2004
"But Poogy’s luck did change. After three albums one North American tour one performance at the Eurovision song contest (they lost to ABBA) and almost four years together the beehive fell apart. And life for Poogy — now back to being Fenigstein — was never the same. "I was disappointed" he says the enthusiasm fading from his voice. "Don’t forget we started when I was in the army so I was pretty young then. " Kaveret was more than just a band it was a creative family — they did sketches ("Poogy Tales") radio television — which in a small country like Israel is a sure guarantee for widespread fame.

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