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Europe prepares for cultural boost

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– Europe prepares for cultural boost
– BIA spokesman takes off for JCB
– Israel deserves appreciation with weeklong celebration

Europe prepares for cultural boost
BBC News – Apr 26, 2004
Tallinn has a small but comprehensive photography museum and another that recreates the historic old town in the days when Estonia was run by Hanseatic traders. Its Old Town is also one of the most complete in Europe recognised by UNESCO. Like Latvia Estonia recently hosted the Eurovision Song Contest.

BIA spokesman takes off for JCB
ic – Apr 26, 2004
“The airport has played its part because when these events occur the airport is the first and last impression and it’s important we get it right. “Highlights include “an amazing two weeks” in 1998 with the Eurovision Song Contest one weekend closely followed by the G8 summit of the world’s most powerful politicians. “I got into areas I didn’t expect to get involved in like mediating between Government agencies” he remarked. The fact that the airport handled G8 so well was a key factor in US President Bill Clinton’s plans for his farewell visit to the UK. “He spoke finally at Warwick University and because we had a good relationship with the Americans with our handling of the presidential plane Air Force One they agreed to bring it up from Heathrow. “His final departure as president from the UK was from Birmingham International Airport.

Israel deserves appreciation with weeklong celebration
UCLA Daily Bruin – The UCLA Daily Bruin – Apr 26, 2004
Israel is an oasis of freedom and progress for all people inthe Middle East. It guarantees equal rights to its citizensregardless of race and assures them freedom of religion. While gays are put to death in Saudi Arabia and imprisoned forup to three years in Syria Israel proudly sent Dana Internationala transvestite to represent the country in the Eurovision SongContest in 1998 (and she won by the way). Israeli women don?t have to ask their husbands forpermission to travel (a laughable thought if you?ve everheard one) as women in many of the surrounding countries arerequired to do. By the way beware of publicly criticizing religion in Egypt orIran but in Israel the freedom of ideas is so blatant and commonthat Israelis have developed a stigma for being too up-front abouttheir thoughts. For Jews Israel has been nothing short of a haven. After WorldWar II it absorbed hundreds of thousands of Europe?sHolocaust survivors who until then were being held in displacedpersons camps many of which were simply renovated concentrationcamps.

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