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– Your views: Eurovision 2004
– Turks deliver Eurovision delight
– Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision…
– Serbia-Montenegro Greece Get Second Third Spots in Eurovision Contes…
– The Eurovision Song Contest – Thoughts Anyone?

Your views: Eurovision 2004
BBC News – May 16, 2004
The song beat spirited competition from the Greek and Serbia and Montenegrin entries but accusations of political bias in the voting may have marred the event. Below are some of your views of Eurovision 2004. Did anyone notice that the small countries didn’t give any points to the three big ones of Europe (UK Germany and France)???!!! But Max (Germany) and James Fox should have been on a better position!!!Diana Stuttgart GermanyBrilliant! I am from Serbia and my wife is Ukrainian what better result could we hope for!! 2 great Slavic songs Slava Ukrajini! Zivela Srbija!Mihailo and Olja Bristol UKIt was a hilarious show as always. The presenters were priceless and the voting entirely predictable.

Turks deliver Eurovision delight
BBC News – May 16, 2004
Istanbul’s Abdi Ipecki stadium is usually a sweaty basketball stadium but was transformed into a stage fit for one of the biggest musical events in the world. With an enthusiastic capacity crowd flying flags of many nations the atmosphere was electric – clearly this contest was shaping up as a night to remember. Last year’s Turkish victor Sertab Erener set the stadium ablaze with a rousing rendition of her winning song surrounded by a coterie of gold-dusted nymphs and then the magical whirling dervishes. Presenters Meltem Cumbul and Korhan Abay followed the Eurovision tradition for elaborate costumes indulging in cheesy banter and slightly stilted delivery.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006 at | your daily Eurovision… – May 16, 2004
com News. com correctly predicted that the Ukraine would win the contest and closely predicted the placing of Serbia and Montenegro Greece Cyprus and Sweden. Ruslana won the contest with 280 points as the Big Poll predicted. Serbia Montenegro who was the runner up was predicted to come 3rd by the Big Poll and averaged 8.

Serbia-Montenegro Greece Get Second Third Spots in Eurovision Contes…
Southeast European Times – May 16, 2004
Greece’s Sakis Rouvas the favourite for the top spot took third place. The winner of the night was Ukraine’s Ruslana. Turkey’s youthful Athena band which plays a mixture of ska and punk music placed fourth. Other Balkan nations that did well in the finals were Cyprus (fifth place) Albania (seventh place) Bosnia and Herzegovina (ninth) Croatia (13th) Macedonia (14th) and Romania (18th) out of 24 finalists.

The Eurovision Song Contest – Thoughts Anyone? – May 16, 2004
Oh how we giggled where do they rake these people up from. I am avid fan of this programme and Terry Wogan is the king for me. His commentry is spot on and im sure the guiness is in full flow in his litte tower. Xena princess warrior came through as the winner and boy if she was suprised I don’t know what the hell I was. I mean come on if you can dance to that your welcome at my pad anyday. I was a tad upset for our James the guy was clearly the best singer on the night and for me he outperformed the lot but as we all know that really doesn’t matter in this contest.

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