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RTÃ reassessing You’re A Star show

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– RTÃ reassessing You’re A Star show
– Joe Grima`s Point of View — Monday May 17 2004 — 11:45CEST
– SJ Super 7
– Villa boss’s own goal
– Sakis rocks TV viewers stirs bishop
– Complacent stereotypes

RTÃ reassessing You’re A Star show – May 18, 2004
An RT?spokesperson said the broadcaster was reviewing the series to ensure that Ireland performs as best it can at next year’s Eurovision. The spokesperson added that ‘You’re A Star’ is a hugely successful programme for the national broadcaster. Tonight Ireland’s Eurovision entry Chris Doran will perform at a free open-air concert in Waterford to mark his return to the city.

Joe Grima`s Point of View — Monday May 17 2004 — 11:45CEST – May 18, 2004
Under these circumstances the EBU has a real problem on its hands. A system has to be devised whereby these extraneous influences will no longer remain a threat to the huge investments put up by the winners each year and the following of one hundred million viewers who follow the contest year after year. These antics will lose the Eurovision Song Contest masses of viewers and the loss of viewers will affect the kind of investment that the winning country will want to put into its effort especially if it finds that dwindling figures will affect its ability to recoup the investment through advertising. Insofar as Malta is concerned under these conditions we do not have hope in hell of seeing the first places of the ESC and therefore we should be the ones to lead the protest against these malpractices. Dramatic situations call for dramatic gestures if the EBU eggheads are to get it into their thick skulls that the Eurovision song contest is about music not about Geography and even less about Faiths.

SJ Super 7
Something Jewish – May 18, 2004
Ukranian Odyssey: now that Ukraine have shot to victory in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest could the former Soviet country become the next big Jewish tourist destination? It certainly has the credentials ? quite aside from the country?s Jewish history which goes back thousands of years it has the fourth largest Jewish community in the world (after the US Russia and Israel) ? over half a million Jews live there with the biggest community being in the capital Kiev. Even more Eurovision: Israel might have given us some good songs in the past but this year?s entry by Israeli performer David D?Or was not one of them. The song Leha?amim went from poor operatic to camp rock ballad and it came as no surprise when it got knocked out at the semi-final stage. That said D?Or only narrowly missed out on a place in the final coming 12th in the semis. ?We are very disappointed we did believe in the song? said a spokesman for the singer. Better luck next year! 5.

Villa boss’s own goal – May 18, 2004
1m top-up to his pension last year. His projected £452000 a year should do the trick. Sobering time on Eurovision A final update on Paul Austin IG Sport’s md who abandoned his. Now he’s on the wagon he failed to back Saturday’s winner Ukraine so for the first time in nine years he’s lost money on the event.

Sakis rocks TV viewers stirs bishop
Kathimerini – May 18, 2004
A record 5 million people or 86 percent of those whose TV sets were on watched at least 1 minute of the show on state channel NET according to the ratings. Overall after TV channels cultivated the expectation that Rouvas would win 34. 2 percent of people in Greece watched the show or 75. 5 percent of those who had their TV sets on.

Complacent stereotypes
Kathimerini – May 18, 2004
We dragged it out from our store of stereotypes to put an ideological spin on an event that belongs to the sphere of the market and spectacle. It all came back to us that we are a “brother-less nation” (it matters little whether this was heard on a state channel or trash TV as the state television networks treated the Eurovision song contest as a major national event). It all came back to us: the Cold War language the Iron Curtain and the anti-Greek conspiracies which are as obvious to us as the fact that the sun rises in the East. As Albania began giving the lower points to other countries we made snide remarks. But when they gave us top marks we bit our tongues. The only thing that did not came back to us was geography.

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